GreenHouse Seeds Review : Can you trust this Seed Bank?

Green House Seed Company is one of the most recognizable names in the seed bank industry. It is based in Amsterdam, and they have multiple international distribution centers preferred by many. Throughout the years, they have gathered awards and recognition that have helped build their brand’s positive image. However, does Green House Seed Company live up to its reputation? 

In this article, we will take a close look at GreenHouse Seed Company’s history, product quality, discreteness, shipping, payment, promotions, and customer care.

Green House Seed Company History

Arjan Roskam founded the Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. Like other founders of seed bank companies, Roskam took it upon himself to find Cannabis’s best strains all over the world. However, what makes him different is his goal to make unique strains more accessible to the majority. 

Roskam is the poster child for the Green House Seed Company. He has appeared in multiple television shows to talk about Cannabis and its cultivation. In fact, in 2008, he made a full series of documentaries called Strain Hunters. Its premise revolved around how he and his team search for the best Cannabis strain across the globe. 

Aside from that, what makes Green House Seed Company different from others is that their seeds are cultivated without using fungicides or genetic modifications. They have also garnered awards for their constant quest to discover new strains of Cannabis. 

Product Quality

The amount of dedication the people from Green House Seed Company put in their product quality is commendable. They search far and near to find the best strain, and it translates into their product offering. As a testament to their product quality, they have earned 17 Highlife cups and over 40 Cannabis cups.

Furthermore, their seeds are known to have stable genetics and consistency. However, several customers have expressed having issues when it comes to their germination. It is not sure whether this is due to bad seed quality or failure to follow the proper growing of methods. But, these complaints are only a fraction compared to those who are fully satisfied with the high-quality seeds that they receive.

The GreenHouse Seed has a specific germination method that they recommend breeders to follow when growing seeds purchased from them. The comprehensive instruction can be found on their website, but it mainly focuses on germinating seeds using three main factors: darkness, warmth, and moisture. 

Range of Products

Your expectation will not fall short on the variety of seeds offered by the Green House Seed Company. They have plenty of options for you to choose from. Here are some of the popular ones from their selection:

  • Jack Herer
  • Gelato
  • Super Sour Berry
  • Purple Pineberry
  • Blueberry
  • Green Crack
  • White Widow Max
  • Super Lemon Diesel

Aside from a variety of seeds, the Green House Seed also offers CBD Oil, Smoking accessories, clothing, and brand-related merchandise for you to choose from. 


Shopping Experience

The GreenHouse Seed Company has its website. At first glance, it looks very well put together. It has a plain dark background, and the photos of each seed are apparent. 

Upon clicking the strain that you want, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose how many seeds you wish to purchase. You get full details of the genetics, height, and flowering characteristic of a specific variant below. 

Overall, the website navigation of Green House Seeds is above average, and it gives a well polished professional vibe. There is nothing to complain about. 

Discreetness and Shipping

If you live in the US, you will be disappointed that they do not directly ship their products to your location. Due to the volatile political climate in the US, they do not ship their seeds in the area. 

However, the Green House Seed Company does ship in most European countries. You can find the full list of the countries where they ship before you are asked to pay for your order. 

In terms of discreteness, they have a good method of packaging their products that is most effective. If your address is within the Netherlands, expect your packages to arrive with as usually signed deliveries. Their shipping fee is also very fair. Not too expensive, but not something that you would consider ‘affordable.’ 

All orders are shipped a day after payments are confirmed, and the shipping duration depends on your address and the courier’s logistics. However, you can track your order’s progress on their website using their “Track my order(s)” page. 


The GreenHouse Seed Company has competitive prices against other seed banks. In terms of payment methods, they are quite flexible since they have four different options for you to choose from. 

The first option for payment is through direct banking. You can transfer your payment using an online bank that caters to the majority of European Bank accounts. 

The second payment option is through direct bank transfer. The banking details of the company are on their website. If you choose this payment option, it is essential to note your Order ID in the reference of your bank transfer so that it will be credited to your purchase. 

If you want full anonymity, you can opt to pay using cash in envelopes payment options. Do take note that the Green House Seed company only accepts euros. Like the bank transfer method, indicate the Order ID in your payment so it can be tracked and credited quickly. 

The last and most straightforward method of payment that they offer is credit card payment. They use Weldpay, which is a secure anti-fraud system. It accepts most major debit or credit cards across the world. 

The GreenHouse Seed Company used to only have two payment options in 2019, so they get extra kudos for adding more and providing clients with more convenient payment options. 



If you are the type of person who loves getting good deals, then you will like the Green House Seed Company offers several promotions to make their products more affordable. Here are some of their ongoing discounts: 

  • Snapback Spring Discount
  • 30% Athlete Discount

Aside from discounts, they also offer freebies. For example, if your total purchase is worth 150, you will get a free strain hunters adventure pack. You can also avail of free shipping for multi orders. Not only that, if your order is more than €50, you also get 3 Free auto Bomb seeds, and if it’s above €125, you get ten free auto bomb seeds. 

They are pretty generous when it comes to their promotion, especially during special events, so don’t miss out on them if you want to buy on their website. 

Customer Care

If there is anything that the Green House Seed Company can improve, it is their customer care practices. Plenty of recent customer complaints about the unresponsiveness of their communication hotline for multiple types of inquiries. 

There is no question on the quality of seed that the company provides; however, there will still be times that there are particular seeds that are defective. If this does happen to you, do not expect to get in touch with their customer care quickly. 

In some cases, the Green House Seed Company will extensively ask for details and documentation on how you grow their seed. If they deem that you did not closely follow their growing method, they will think the cause of non-germination to be ‘user’s error’ so there will be no resolution on your part. Due to this, the company loses points for not being attentive to customer concerns. At the very least, they can provide consolation to appease their customers. 

Regardless, buying from the Green House Seed Company is still worth the gamble since they have an outstanding track record of providing good quality seeds. 

Final Verdict

If you are an experienced grower, getting seeds from the Green House Seed Company is a good choice. They have a good track record of providing high-quality and unique seeds for over three decades now. However, if you are a newbie, it is better to get your seed somewhere with a more responsive customer service who is approachable and will help you with your growing concern since it is highly unlikely to find that in the Green House Seed company. 

With that said, the Green House Seed Company is a good brand, and they should be in your top consideration of where to buy your seed. However, it is undeniable that they must make improvements in customer care handling.