Best Online Dispensary in Canada 2023 (MOMS)

The advancement in technology and the legalization of marijuana in many countries have made it possible for people to purchase products online including marijuana. One such method is mail-ordered marijuana, also known as MOM. It is lifesaving for many medical patients because they don’t need to go to their local pharmacies. 

Moreover, this is helpful for cannabis users who live far away or have limited transportation. If you are searching for new marijuana strains that are not locally available, MOM is a good choice. Nevertheless, it can be risky to buy marijuana online. This is especially true if the person you are transacting with seems shady and unreliable. Fortunately, there are still reputable sites to purchase mail-order marijuana. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about the legality of marijuana in Canada and some of the great online stores to purchase marijuana.


Where to Buy Mail Order Marijuana Online in Canada

Here are some excellent marijuana mail order marijuana sites in Canada:

#1.Haute Health

Haute Health is a Vancouver-based MOM dispensary, providing the Canadian market with top-quality cannabis sales. The company was founded with the mission being to provide premium cannabis products and supplements to the Canadian market at an affordable price. To this end, if you’re looking for high-quality cannabis products that won’t break the bank, Haute Health could be a good destination for you to consider! Moreover, Haute Health also provides a range of bulk-supply cannabis products, making it an excellent destination for cannabis dispensaries and stores looking for a new supplier.

The Haute Health website features a simple and easy-to-navigate design, with products being sorted in the menu based on their type. Some of the products on offer with the team include cannabis flowers, concentrates, edible products, and vapes. Haute Health also sells a range of mushroom products and CBD supplements.


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In addition, the main menu also provides a direct link to the page’s new products selection and their daily deals, which offer users a generous selection of discounts on their favorite cannabis products. Notably, the team offers incredibly generous discounts as part of their daily deals, potentially as high as 70% off the listed price for the products. What’s more, if that wasn’t a significant enough discount on its own, the brand also offers sitewide discounts regularly with its codes.

Haute Health’s loyalty program is highly valuable for regular cannabis users. Upon signing up with the site, new customers are given 20 credits immediately with a generous value of $20. Following on from this, referrals also provide 30 credits on their first purchase for both you and your friend, offering a further $30 in credits for free. All purchases are also rewarded with free credits, with 1 credit being offered for every $50 spent, as well as for leaving a review; you can leave one review per product for this offer, giving customers a huge number of ways to earn credits and save money on their next orders!

Unfortunately, Haute Health only accepts payments by Interac e-transfer. E-transfers are usually complete within a few minutes after sending, although certain bank accounts in Canada will need confirmation to complete the payment.

Shipping is free on all orders, and orders are delivered vacuum packed and in discrete packaging. Orders under $200 qualify for free expedited shipping, which typically takes up to 7 days; meanwhile, orders over $200 in value are eligible for free ExpressPost shipping which is often delivered within 3 days. Alternatively, customers can pay for Canada Post Priority shipping to receive their order within 2-4 days guaranteed. Shipping is only available to Canadian customers, so customers from elsewhere around the world will have to look for a different dispensary.

So, if it’s a top-quality cannabis dispensary online that you’ve been looking for with excellent pricing and customer service, Haute Health could be a good option to consider. The brand consistently receives highly praising reviews from its past customers, going to prove the quality of its services.


It is one of the most popular among users for last 2 years and is known for its prompt shipping.

BudLyft is very fair with its shipping fees, especially in comparison to some other cannabis dispensaries. Standard shipping fees are $20, although discounted fees of $15 are available for BC, AB, SK, and MB. All correctly completed orders are guaranteed, with the exception of orders to Nunavut and Northern Quebec. The team also offers free delivery for orders over $149; while there are other cannabis dispensaries with lower minimum free shipping requirements, the affordable shipping prices and included guaranteed delivery arguably make up for this.

The BudLyft cannabis dispensary offers a relatively generous selection of promotions and discounts, which many customers reportedly appreciate. Indeed, the number of promotions offered by BudLyft arguably is more generous than many other cannabis dispensaries; so, if you’ve been looking for a bargain on your next cannabis purchase, the BudLyft cannabis dispensary could be a good option to consider.

Pros and Cons 


  • Generous new-subscriber offer of five free pre-rolls with the first order
  • Regular discounts and high-value promotions and sales, offering up to 60% off
  • Friendly customer service team available between 11 AM and 9 PM
  • Large selection of premium-quality cannabis products
  • Professional packaging for all products and discreet delivery with unmarked packaging
  • Regularly updated blog content
  • Rapid shipping times; 


  • High free delivery order value of $149

#3.Green Society

Green Society is a health-centered MOM store in Vancouver, BC. The store made it to this list because of its philosophy on medical marijuana and dependable and sensible shipping in different parts of Canada.

If you are a patient, it is hassle-free to order from Green Society. Customers, including those using the website for the first time, will find it quite easy to make orders on the site. Plus, there are staff recommendations and sales that make shopping here enjoyable. 

Moreover, it has a lot of cannabis strains and its selection is indeed well-thought-of. When we visited the site, it offered hundreds of flower strains with over a hundred edibles to choose from and several vapes.  The last time we checked, the Green Room offered over 400 concentrates. 

Something else that stands out is their packaging. Their packages are vacuum-sealed, unmarked, and packed professionally. The items you order will be labeled clearly so you will not get confused when you receive them.

All the flowers are fresh and cured well. Some of the flowers we liked are Diesel Dough, Greasy Death Bubba, LSD, Tuna Kush, and Ice Cream Cake. 

The extracts are clean, and the high terpene full-spectrum extracts are worth trying. They even include High Voltage Extracts HTFSE Sauce and Green Supreme Northern Lights Diamonds. Overall, the price range is just right for the quality you can get. 

You can check their daily deals and sales section for big discounts.



Unlike most marijuana sites, Weemo offers a large selection of cannabis products including flowers, topicals, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, accessories, and vape pens. You can also mix and match in their store. Thus, you can buy a big batch of flowers or shatter at a discounted price and try different marijuana strains.

Weemo takes pride in its products because of the quality control measures taken during product development. Therefore, it only works with trusted and reputable vendors. You can even ask for lab test reports. 

Moreover, the customer experience and service that this store offers are all positive. Weemo even gives a 10% discount to MMAR, ACMPR, and MMPR-verified buyers. 

Shipping is fast and reliable. Orders that are checked out and paid by noon will be processed and shipped out the following business day. There is a $15 flat rate for all orders that will be shipped by Xpresspost. You can track your orders through email and get an estimated arrival date. If you live far away, you may need to wait for several days. 



Having been in the industry for a long time, Cannabismo is another reliable MOM that you may want to consider. The site has a content-rich blog that showcases their rich experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry. It is worth considering if you are on the search for quality but affordable cannabis edibles. 

The store’s edibles are one of the best products here in terms of choices, strength, and overall quality. Even though products such as hard candies and gummy worms are not extravagant, the effects will knock you out. Better yet, the prices are more affordable compared to other edibles, giving you good value for your money. 

We recommend the mix and match flower packages of Cannabismo. You can choose from 3.5 to 28 grams of different strains. We like the Junior Mints, Sour Amnesia Haze, Platinum Kush, 9 Lb Hammer, and UK Cheese. 


#6.The Grow House

If you are on the lookout for subscription boxes for your marijuana purchase, look no further than The Grow House. This is an online dispensary that has an exceptional feature of cannabis subscriptions every month. This makes it stand out from other MOMs. 

The prices are affordable for either a monthly subscription of 1 or 2 ounces. Moreover, there are also a lot of choices. For 1 ounce, you get a small monthly box for $149.99. For a 2-ounce monthly box, you pay $299.99 every month. For a personalized weed box, the prices start at $89.99 for 14 grams and $799.99 for up to 5 oz.

Aside from the exciting feeling that you get once your cannabis monthly subscription arrives at your doorstep, the most enjoyable thing is that you can choose what is inside yourself. You can choose from all Sativa, all Indica strains, a mix with 1 Sativa, a mix of hybrid strains, 1 indica, or a mix of everything. 



#0.Herb Approach

First on our list for exceptional online dispensaries is HerbApproach. This site is loved by many because of its beautiful design and ease of navigation. Its customer service is fast, attentive, knowledgeable, and quick to answer emails. 

Many recommend this mail-order marijuana store because of its rewards which program benefits regular customers. When you subscribe or write a review, you can earn points for each dollar you spend. 

Its products have great quality and have proper labels and weights. The orders are shipped promptly and are professionally and discreetly packed.

You will never go wrong with its selection such as California Big Bud, Gold Coast Pink Kush, Lemon Skunk, Hell’s OG, and Purple Crack. You can also try edibles such as MOTA watermelon wheels and extra strength bunnies from Mary’s, each containing 100 mg of THC. 

When you accumulate 25 points, you get a dollar off in your next order. In a single order, you can earn a maximum of 2,500 points. That means $100 off in your next purchase. 

#0.Online Dispensary Canada

Formerly known as Blue+Yellow, Online Dispensary Canada is best known for its quality items, client confidentiality, excellent customer service, and trusted shipping. It is found in Vancouver, BC and its dispensary ships are found virtually in all parts of Canada.

One of its greatest advantages is that it guarantees safe delivery of the package without them getting lost or stolen in transit.

You can easily order from its website, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Aside from the product details, there is also several useful information on its blog and updates about the trends in the cannabis industry. Although you will not get a discount when you order for the first time, you can get free Xpresspost delivery through Canada Post when you order a total of $99. 

If your total order does not reach the minimum amount for free shipping, you will be required to pay $15. You may need to wait for 3 to 4 days before you receive your order depending on your location or the weather condition. When we visited the site, we saw several flower strains that all have good quality. Some of these were High School Sweetheart, GG#4, Wedding Cake, AAAA Nuken, God’s Green Crack, and Alien Tangie among many others. 

The store also sells edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and honey infused with cannabis. You can also find other cannabis products such as tinctures, distillate, vape oils, gel capsules, shatter, kief, and RSO. 

All in all, Online Dispensary Canada has great cannabis product selection and good service. 

#0.West Coast Cannabis

 When it comes to mail order cannabis, West Coast Cannabis is an excellent choice for many people. The team is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is a go-to destination for online cannabis orders in particular. Their extensive product range and friendly customer support are largely why West Coast Cannabis has been picked as one of the best MOM dispensaries online.

West Coast Cannabis offers a wide range of different products from their online cannabis dispensary store. Some of the different product types the brand sells include cannabis buds, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, oils, vape, topicals, and more. In addition to this, the brand also sells a range of CBD supplements, making it an ideal choice for medicinal and recreational cannabis users alike. All products sold through West Coast Cannabis are tested and approved by the brand’s own laboratory team, ensuring that customers receive only the best cannabis products on the market.

The West Coast Cannabis website is arguably one of the best among online cannabis dispensaries, with the menu offering easy navigation. Cannabis products are categorized based on their strain type, attributes, product type, and more, making it easy for shoppers to find the ideal type of cannabis for their needs. Looking specifically for AAAA+ craft cannabis? Well, there’s a section for that! What’s more, the product images are labeled with their defining taste and features, making it even easier to quickly search for an ideal type of cannabis for your needs!

Free shipping is available for orders of $150 and over and is always discrete, and there is no minimum order for cannabis. Numerous promotions, discounts, and coupons can be found on the website’s homepage. The only drawback is that the team only accepts payment by email transfers or Bitcoin.

All orders are eligible for points, with 100 points offering a $1.25 discount on future orders. Referrals can also generate points for the customer. Meanwhile, the brand also offers weekly and monthly giveaways, which can be an excellent way to get your hands on some free, top-quality cannabis!



What is MOM and Why is it Popular?

At this point, we need to clarify what MOM is and why it’s a popular choice for many cannabis customers. MOM stands for “mail order marijuana”, and it’s as simple as it sounds. MOM allows cannabis enthusiasts to order their favorite cannabis strains and products online, getting discrete delivery directly to their doorstep.

Mail order marijuana can offer a variety of benefits for cannabis enthusiasts looking for the highest quality products.


The most obvious of these benefits, of course, are confidentiality and discretion. While physical cannabis dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular, many people are still concerned about visiting these destinations to buy their cannabis, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Indeed, despite cannabis being legalized in many regions nowadays, many people are still nervous about purchasing cannabis products – and so anonymity can be highly beneficial.

To this end, choosing mail-order marijuana dispensaries can allow cannabis customers to get discreet delivery of their cannabis orders. MOM dispensaries ship their products in packaging that does not reveal the contents. This ensures that buyers can source the cannabis they need without having to worry about being recognized in doing so.

Greater Selection

Another benefit of purchasing cannabis through a MOM dispensary is for the greater selection. Indeed, physical cannabis dispensaries and stores are limited in the amount of stock they can keep to the size of the store. However, because most mail-order marijuana dispensaries keep their stock in storage as opposed to on a shop floor, they’re able to supply a far wider range of products. As such, if you enjoy having a wide selection of products, MOM could be a good option to try!

Affordable Pricing

The third benefit of choosing mail-order marijuana is the affordable pricing these solutions can offer. As with the stock supply, not having a physical store can save MOM dispensaries a significant sum of money in terms of rental prices and staffing. In turn, these online dispensaries can potentially transfer savings onto their customers, making mail-order marijuana potentially cheaper than the same products sold through physical cannabis dispensaries. Alternatively, this can sometimes allow MOM dispensaries to provide more generous promotions and discounts.

Can Stay at Home

A fourth benefit that’s worth mentioning is that MOM allows customers to order cannabis products from the comfort of their own homes. We’ve already mentioned that this can offer anonymity perks. However, it can also be crucial for medical marijuana patients who are unable to or otherwise struggle with, leaving the house. The same is the case for patients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, for whom the concept of leaving the house might be daunting.

It’s Legal!

As a final benefit, we absolutely need to point out that mail-order marijuana is completely legal – assuming cannabis use is legal in your region and you are of an appropriate age. So, before buying any cannabis products with a mail-order marijuana team, make sure you check first that mail order marijuana is legal where you live. Fortunately for Canadians, cannabis has been fully legalized for those who are of age, making MOM an excellent option for marijuana enthusiasts.


How MOM in Canada Works

Put simply, MOM works by delivering your cannabis order online in any part of Canada. For cannabis, it is not limited to flowers. You can also order edibles, infusions, concentrates, and topicals among many others. Purchasing weed online is just like doing online shopping for other items. You need to find an online store that you like, check out the products, add them to your cart, look for discount codes, and make your purchase. However, the main difference happens in the mode of payment. 

Payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and online money transfers such as PayPal are not options for MOM. That is because many of these companies do not consider marijuana as a legal product to order online. Nevertheless, you can pay using e-transfer methods such as Bitcoin. The process of paying is simple. Here are the steps to do it:


  1. You access your bank account online.
  2. Pick the option where you can send money, choose the account you want to use, and withdraw money.
  3. Enter the shop information of the MOM into the fields. You can enter the shop’s name and contact details.
  4. Choose the amount you want to send. You must get the total and correct amount. After doing it, you submit it.
  5. Wait for the confirmatory message of the e-transfer. 


On cryptocurrency websites like Bitcoin, the instructions are clear on how to do these. After you place your order, you now need to wait for the MOM to ship it. For the quality MOM websites, the packages are discreet. You can expect your package to be vacuum-sealed and not labeled. Therefore, you do not need to worry about other people seeing it. 



Although the legalization of cannabis in Canada has had a long history, getting weed has now become very convenient. You just need to go online, order the cannabis products you want, and wait for them to be delivered. 

The MOM we listed here are the finest ones we found. We hope that you find the perfect store for you.