Crop King Seeds [Review 2020] Should you trust this brand?

If you’ve been looking for a reliable seed bank for high-quality seeds, you might be thinking about giving Crop King a try. Seeds offered by Crop King are said to be potent and high-quality and could be a good choice of seed if you’re looking to start up your own new enterprise.

Crop King is surely one of the better-known seed banks, but what is it actually like to buy seeds through them? Are the seeds offered by Crop King worth the money, and how do they compare to the seeds that are offered by rival seed bank companies? Does it really stand up to its reputation? 

Company Details

Crop King is a Vancouver, Canada based company that sells high-quality seeds all around the world. Founded originally all the way back in 2005—fourteen years ago now—the company has made it its mission to provide high-quality seeds for every one of its customers. Crop King established their first-ever retail partnership seven years ago, back in 2012, and have since progressed and expanded their operations so that they now provide seeds to over 100 unique retail partners.

Crop King Seed’s Goals

Crop King seems to pride itself on offering its customers the highest quality of seeds in the market. They offer a wide range of different seeds and have made it their goal to be able to provide their customers with seeds that represent the epitome of modern cannabis genetics.

The Crop King’s website explains that the company’s mission is to not only provide quality, however, but to also improve on the quality of exiting genetics and strains; through the use of careful breeding selection, the company helps to encourage its partners to continually improve the genetics and genetic potential of the seeds that are sold.

By working to source and produce new, high-quality varieties of cannabis, Crop King claims that they are able to offer consistently superior quality and more diverse range of seeds. It is this goal toward quality that has helped many people to trust in Crop King, but are they a trustworthy company?

Seed Quality & Selection

Crop King offers a number of different types and varieties of seeds, and of these, they can also offer feminized cannabis seeds (ideal for people who want a flower that will mature more rapidly) and auto-flowering cannabis seeds (which can be a good choice for those people who don’t want to have to go about the act of interfering with light cycles in order to get their plants to flower—thereby resulting in more harvest opportunities from a single growing season).

Crop King offers some of the most potent seeds on the market from their 200 stores in and around Canada or from their online store. These strains include the following varieties:

  • Purple Kush
  • Dark  Angel
  • White Cookies
  • Crown Royale
  • Candy Cane


Crop King also offers two special seed packs: the feminized Mix Pack and the Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack. These two different products are said to be the best value for money for customers and offer high-quality plants that will fit the grower’s specific requirements.

One of the biggest criticisms of Crop King is generally that the company has a somewhat limited supply of seeds, however, the high-quality of the stock that is available generally makes up for this.

Shipping And Delivery Policy

Crop King Seeds is based in Vancouver, Canada, however, the company is happy to ship their seeds to any country world. For their Canadian customers, their seeds are packaged in their standard product packaging; for other countries, the products will be available in a container of some other description. In every instance, the packaging in which the seeds are delivered is discreet and sealed; this helps to ensure that the seeds stay as fresh as possible during shipping, giving customers the very highest quality potent seeds once the delivery has been made. 

Shipping fees for Crop King’s products can be rather steep, with a $10 fee being placed on deliveries for products that are being sent anywhere other than Canada itself. In addition, this $10 fee only covers standard shipping; the actual delivery of the seeds could take as long as 25 days.

Alternatively, Crop King offer their customers an express shipping service, which includes tracking for the product. The price for this service ranges between $30 and $60, the price of which is determined based on where in the world the seeds are being delivered to. The delivery time for Crop King’s express shipping option is 5 to 7 days.

One important point of consideration is the fact that approximately one in every twenty packages will be seized by customs; there is only one way to ensure that the product arrives is to choose the more costly express delivery option.

Crop King also offers a free shipping option for customers who make orders of over $300. All Canadian deliveries are made in an unmarked envelope, for the ultimate discretion possible.


Pricing And Payment

Crop King offers numerous different ways to pay for their customers, which is a necessity for a company which operates on such a global scale. The company accepts both Visa cards and Mastercards, as well as having the ability to accept payment by digital currencies.

The prices for the seeds sold by Crop King are generally higher than the prices charged for seemingly comparable products by Crop King’s competitors. However, the seeds that Crop King sells are almost always more potent and reliable, and this makes them arguably better value for money than some cheaper varieties that you might find.

Crop King does sometimes offers special discounts and promotions for subscribers to their newsletter. However, these promotions are often not overly generous in terms of size.

Official Website And Customer Service

The Crop King website has been something of a mess for years, with the original design being used up until recently. Thankfully, the company has finally upgraded its website; this now means that the Crop King website is easy to use and navigate, especially when compared to its predecessor which was uninviting, ugly, and somewhat hard to wrap your head around.

The customer service that is available for Crop King customers is incredibly impressive. Not only do Crop King take the highest level of care during shipping in order to ensure their customers’ satisfaction and discretion—a step which many seed banks simply cannot be bothered enough to take—but Crop King also make it possible for their customers to get in touch with the company quickly and easily.

The majority of Crop King customers seem to report that they are fairly happy with the customer service offered by the company. Not only can Crop King work to provide their customers with many different solutions to problems, thereby helping to ensure that everyone can try out Crop King’s incredible range of seeds, but the company also replies quickly and considerate to every request.

For people living in Canada, there is—of course—also the option of heading into one of the two hundred different seed bank stores in the country in order to get one to one advice from a member of the shop team.

Different contact options are available for people buying through the company, including a toll-free telephone number; a physical address for mailing letters; a live chat service on their website; and a contact form as well, for messaging them by email. The company has numerous professional employees and representatives who can help you to make the right decision for your needs. However, it is notable that some previous customers have pointed out that the live chat services can be something of a chore; the operators seem frustrated at having to help with your concerns and have been known to tell people to “move along” if they have no other requirements in a blatantly rude manner.

Seed Quality And Strain Selection

The seeds offered by Crop King are among the highest quality in the industry, and these seeds are therefore a great basis for anyone looking to grow their own cannabis plants.

On every seed page on the website, Crop King offers reviews from previous customers, thereby helping customers to ensure that the seeds which they are ordering will be of the highest quality. The company offers a guaranteed germination rate of 80% or better, which is an impressive claim to make by a seed bank and one which is often not given to customers. In addition to this, the seeds generally grow well and quickly and, with the numerous different strains available on offer (including the feminized and auto-flowering varieties), a rapid growth rate from the cannabis plants sourced from Crop King can be relied upon.


However, while Crop King generally has a very good reputation for being able to offer their clients with the highest standard of seeds, they are not perfect. In the past, reports have been made of the company sending out the wrong seed varieties to their customers or otherwise not being overly efficient in terms of sending out replacement seeds when they are requested. Additionally, despite the 80% germination guarantee, some people have reported that they have seen a number of their plants failing to germinate.

Generally speaking, complaints with the company are overshadowed by the larger number of positive reviews. However, it should be noted that Crop King is not perfect and does sometimes have some issues, arguably despite their best attempts. The best approach to take, therefore, is to read the reviews yourself—especially for the specific strain that you are looking to buy—so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not Crop King is the right company for you to buy seeds from.


Crop King offers a number of different types of seeds for their customers. Along with their feminized and automized varieties, customers can also choose between high CBD or even CBD only strains of seeds, which are ideal for patients who need the seeds to grow their own medicinal cannabis plants. However, Crop King has less strains than most of its competitors.

Crop King Seeds Pros and Cons

There are a number of reasons why Crop King is favored as one of the best seed banks out there, however, there are also drawbacks to their services that should be considered.


Crop King is one of the oldest established seed banks and their experience is clear to see in the impressive products which they offer.

  • They give customers the guarantee of 80% germination rate and, failing this, will work to rectify the situation.
  • Customers have a great choice of seeds that they can choose between when they buy through Crop King, including feminized and auto-flowering seed versions. 
  • The Crop King seeds are particularly suited to medicinal cannabis users, thanks to their special seeds that are especially high in CBD.
  • Numerous different contact options.
  • Customer service is generally helpful and prompt.
  • The team behind the company has been in the industry for many years and continually work to improve the quality of the seeds that they offer to their customers, through careful genetic selection.


  • While Crop King offers a number of different strains of seeds, it is undeniable that the company’s offering is somewhat limited when compared to the offerings provided by its competitors.
  • The prices of Crop King’s seeds are quite often higher than other strains, which might put many people off buying seeds through the company.
  • Customer support can be a little rude, at times.


Crop King is one of the oldest seed banks and is well known for being fair to its customers. Its customer support services might be a little rude but responses are at least prompt and the company tries its best to help out wherever possible.

Crop King is not perfect, but when it comes to seed banks, it is a good company that is definitely worth considering for your next purchase of high-quality cannabis seeds.






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