4 Best 1000W LED Grow Lights for Grow Room[Reviews]

If you’re planning to take care of more indoor plants that cover a bigger area, you need a bigger lighting system. In this case, a good 1000W LED grow light can be your solution to ensure your plants’ good health. Depending on your chosen brand and model, you can also speed-up your plants’ growth and increase their yield. You can also help your plants achieve their full growth potential even without the natural light. All you have to do is set up a lighting system, adjust its controls, and make sure its fans work. With less than $300, you can already find a good one if you follow this guide. So, read on to learn more about our top 1000W LED grow lights that are available on the market today.

#1. RECORDCENT LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Lights for Medicinal Plants Veg & Flower

Designed with advanced spectrum max lights, this Editor’s Choice is certainly one of the best 1000W LED grow lights. Manufactured by RECORDCENT, it has double chips 5W LEDs that are brighter than the regular 1W and 3W LEDs. It is also an energy-saving solution since it consumes less electricity despite its powerful bulbs. Moreover, its high brightness and UV feature sterilize plants by killing any bacteria that can hinder their growth. Thus, rest assured that your plants will be able to produce healthy flowers and more yields. It even has 2 cooling fans which prevent it from overheating to last longer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5 pounds with 12.2 x 8.2 x 2.4 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 1000W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs
  • Covers about 2.5 x 2.8 ft. lighting area with an adjustable height based on your plants and its environment
  • Consumes 120 to 130W power that runs on an 85 to 265V worldwide voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 100 x 5W dual chips LED bulbs that function as hydroponic lights
  • 2 cooling fans keep the entire unit cool to prevent overheating
  • Dual series LED grow light with full spectrum allow it to provide sufficient lighting for plants under the vegetative and flowering stage
  • Developed specialized lenses allow you to direct its light to your plants and increase its penetration

When it comes to leading green, economical, and efficient LED grow lights, we recommend this model from RECORDCENT. It is very versatile and easy to use which makes it perfect for first-time and professional gardeners/growers. It also works in all stages of plants’ growth without overheating and overexposing plants under its light coverage area.


  • Energy-efficient and versatile lighting solution
  • Provides light for every growing stage
  • Ideal for plants with high or low light requirements
  • Produces greener, healthier, and better-looking buds
  • Promotes more yield under the same amount of light


  • The coverage area is not as a wide as expected
  • Some units contain bulbs that are not as they should be

#2. BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Since each bulb plays an important role in your plants’ growth, BESTVA always makes sure their products are on par. Thus, they designed this 1000W LED grow light with a dual-chip that allows it to provide superior lighting power. It is commonly used in plants’ all growth stages while it produces high lumens, yields, and less heat. In fact, it’s a 100% high-quality product that passed 72 hours of aging test and 300 current impact tests. It comes with a complete hanging kit, 6 ft. power cord, BESTVA grow light, user manual, adjustable rope, and grow room glasses. Moreover, you can use this with or without a grow tent with built-in fans.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 6.65 pounds with 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 600W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs with 120° angle
  • 380 to 780nm full spectrum provides sufficient light for indoor veg and lower plants with balanced UV and IR lights for all growth stages
  • Covers about 3.4 x 3.8 ft. lighting area with an adjustable height based on your plants and its environment
  • Consumes 185W power that runs on an AC85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 100 x 10W dual chips Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function under -68 to 104°F working temperature
  • Built to last for years with up to 100,000 hours of lifespan

Designed to replace natural sunlight with its high visible light, this 1000W LED grow light is perfect for professional use. However, we don’t recommend it for those who want a separate switch for veg and flower stages. It can’t be connected with another unit as well which can be its downside for some users.


  • Engineered to keep its high lumen and coverage area balanced
  • Can be operated by a timer
  • Produce high yield while consuming less energy
  • Doesn’t need an extra ballast
  • Ideal for the entire veg and flower stages


  • Can’t be daisy-chained and hanged together with other grow lights
  • Doesn’t include a separate switch for veg and flower stages


#3. HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 12-Band 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

If you are into nurturing hydroponic plants, this unit from HIGROW is a great starting kit. It promotes plants’ maximum growth by producing a concentrated light and reducing up to 30% light loss. It uses its 90° optical lenses to intensify its directed light to your plants. With regards to overheating, it has 3 high-speed fans that work quietly in its upgraded aluminum heat sinks. Thus, your unit can remain cool and in good condition even after using it for long hours daily. Furthermore, its 12-band full spectrum light ensures that your plants will always get all the light colors they need.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 13.6 pounds with 20.1 x 11.2 x 2.6 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 1000W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs with 90° angle
  • Produces a 12-band full spectrum Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(610-615nm), Yellow(580-590nm), Green(520-530nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), UV(380-400nm), IR(740-760nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K)
  • Covers about 4 x 3 ft. core area at 24 inches height and 5 x 4 ft. the max area at 24 inches height
  • Consumes 400±3% watt that runs on an AC100-240V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 200 x 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs that function
  • Built to last for years with up to 50,000 hours lifespan

Another quality product from HIGROW, this LED grow light is sure a strong contender when it comes to efficiency. It offers a selectable veg/bloom switch that makes it more hassle-free to operate. We also like the fact that it has an improved PAR/Lumen output to increase the harvest.


  • Includes balanced UV and IR light
  • Ideal for all kinds of indoor veg and flower plants
  • Provides efficient lighting for all growth stages of plants
  • Designed to be powerful yet energy-efficient


  • Can be a little expensive compared with most grow lights
  • The power cord can be a little short for some users


#4. Dimgogo 1000W LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, White

Constructed with 10W double chips, this unit is specifically designed with a balanced PAR/Lumen output and light coverage area. Despite its performance, it consumes about 185W power only which can help you cut some costs on your electric bill. It is also designed as a plug and play unit so you won’t have a hard time operating it.

Most importantly, its full spectrum light comes with red, blue, white, yellow, UV, and IR light. Thus, it works as one of the best alternatives to natural sunlight for any indoor plants.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 5.5 pounds with 12.3 x 8.3 x 2.9 inches product dimension
  • Replaces 1000W HPS/EM equivalent LEDs
  • Covers about 2.5 x 2.8 ft. lighting area with an adjustable height based on your plants and its environment
  • Consumes 185W±5% power that runs on an 85 to 265V input voltage with 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Contains 100 x 10W Epileds LED chips that function under -20 to 40°F, 45%~95%RH working temperature
  • Built to last for years with 2 cooling fans, 1 huge warmth sink, and up to 50,000 hours lifespan


  • Brighter but energy-efficient than the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs
  • Provides full-spectrum light and high PAR output
  • Shortens plants’ growth cycle and increases plants’ amount of harvest
  • Perfect as an alternative to natural sunlight


  • The cooling fans have the tendency to collect more dirt and debris
  • Can harm plants when placed too close to them


How to Choose the Best one?

Before you put a grow light in your cart, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that not all products are the same. In this case, it’s worth taking note of some things on how you can choose the best 1000W LED grow lights. So, read on and see how each item matters.

  • Coverage Area

Unless you are fine with purchasing another unit again, you better consider the amount of area it needs to cover. Clearly, each unit has a limited range of areas to cover which is why its measurement matters a lot. Depending on the size of your unit, your plants may be covered by a narrow or wide light coverage area. Of course, you need to consider the amount of area that your plants cover in your grow room.

This will help you consider the best unit that can match your plants’ needed light coverage. Regardless, be sure to double-check its features and specifications as well as its customer reviews. Some may not provide a wide coverage area as advertised.

  • Spectrum

An LED grow light that can provide a full spectrum can be a great help to your plants. Whatever type of plant you have there; a full spectrum with balanced red and blue spectrums can be a deal maker. In some cases, your plants may also need balanced infrared and ultraviolet light to grow healthier. If your unit can emit a full range of the spectrum, it can boost your plants’ growth better and last longer. It may also include some IR and/or UV lights depending on your plants’ requirements.

  • Power Usage

Aside from being durable, the best one should be energy-efficient too no matter how powerful they are. The best 1000W LED grow lights should be able to operate for at least 10 to 12 hours daily. Furthermore, its total output should be at least 300W, 400W, and 1000W. The higher you choose the higher power it can have without making your electricity bills hike up. Thus, you can cut costs compared with using traditional grow lights.

  • Light Control

Depending on your plants’ current growth stage, your plants should receive an exact amount of lighting every day. Thus, your unit should have user-friendly controls for adjusting its lighting whether your plants are on a seedling, vegetative, or flowering stage.


  • Does LED grow lights get too hot?

Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights don’t run too hot. Therefore, those units that use LED bulbs don’t produce too much heat that can damage its motor and your plants. If you’re careless, you might even burn yourself for accidentally touching it when it is too hot. In this case, make sure that your fixture is high enough to avoid damaging your plants and burning you.

  • What is its recommended distance from your plants?

LED grow lights are designed with different rates of power which make their performance vary a lot. Low-powered LED grow lights like those with 250W should have a distance of 12 to 24 inches from plants. Meanwhile, those high-powered LEDs with 600 to 1000W should have a distance of 14 to 26 inches from plants. For those with over 1000W, they should be placed 16 to 36 inches away from your plants. This distance can ensure your plants’ growth without harming them for overexposure.

  • Can LED grow lights burn and wilt plants?

Apparently, even the most popular type of grow light can harm your precious plants. It is true that LED grow lights are considered as the coolest and most energy-efficient artificial lighting solution for indoor plants. However, it can still burn and wilt your plants if you don’t know how much light they need. Your plants will not reach their full growth potential if they are either under or overexposed to sufficient light.

  • Do I need a cooling system?

Technically, many LED grow lights tend to overheat especially if you use them for more than 10 hours a day. This is the main reason why your unit should have a built-in cooling system to keep it cool. This will prevent your bulbs from overheating to extend their lifespan and avoid harming your plants. The more powerful your cooling system is, the longer your unit can last even after an extended time of use.


Be sure to take note what’s good and what’s not when using grow lights especially if you are a first-time user.

Regardless, never sacrifice the product’s quality just because it is offered for a cheap price. Take note of its construction and cooling system to make sure that it will last.