Seedsman Review – Can you trust this Brand? (2023 Update)

So, you’ve been thinking about choosing an online seed bank from which to source your cannabis seeds. That’s great – online seed banks can offer a huge number of benefits, especially for people who are not able to get to a physical seed bank store. However, choosing one can be difficult. Indeed, when it comes to online marijuana seed banks, it can be difficult to tell which companies are trustworthy and which are better avoided instead.

Some seed companies offer higher quality service and products than others. And, after all, you want the highest quality seeds for your money, don’t you? This review will focus on a famous online seed bank: Seedsman. We’re here to put your mind at ease and answer questions you may have about Seedsman before you consider placing an order.

What is unique about this Brand?

Seedsman is based in Barcelona, Spain. They’re an older online seed bank and got their start in 2003. Over the past decade and a half, they have built a great reputation for their business. Seedsman introduced their feminized seeds in 2007 and did a great deal to bring feminized seeds into the mainstream marijuana growing culture. Later, in 2011, they released their auto-flowering line.

One of the most notable features of this company is their commitment to supporting pro-cannabis legislation. They donate a portion of their profits for education and supporting cannabis legislation. This is an important aspect to consider for many marijuana growers, as most want to spread the word about the benefits of the medicinal herb. Furthermore, the continuing legalization of cannabis around the world can have benefits not only for breeders but also for seed growers, with this change potentially opening up the world to new strains of cannabis and new breeders – which should help with the development of new, ever better strains for growers!

Seed Selection

Seedsman is known for selling high-quality seeds that germinate without issue for the vast majority of their customers. There’s a bad review here and there, but an overwhelming portion of the feedback is positive in this regard. Despite their stellar reputation, Seedsman does not offer an unlimited germination guarantee.

Due to the sheer size of this online seed bank, the seeds they sell are very reasonably priced. Compared to other, smaller companies they may be able to offer you a better price per seed; this is largely due to the fact that the company is able to benefit from buying seeds in bulk orders from the breeders, due to the sheer size of the Seedsman company. This makes the largest difference for big growing operations. It may be able to offer first-time growers a little leg up by saving them some money.

Strain Selection

Seedsman truly has one of the best catalogs when it comes to strain selection. They offer nearly 4,400 different strains! They’re known for their great selection of limited edition strains. They also carry almost every newly released strain that becomes available. In addition to this, as you might expect from a seed bank such as Seedsman, they also offer auto-flowering and feminized seeds which are great for people who want an easier time growing their cannabis seeds! They also have high THC and medical strains of cannabis seeds, which thus means that there are a huge number of different options for people looking for cannabis seeds.

They have advanced selection criteria, such as the height of the plant and the percentage of THC to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They’re a very beginner-friendly company and offer strains that work well for first-time growers.

A key difference that is worth noting between Seedsman and other cannabis seed banks is that they don’t offer their own in house seeds. This does mean that certain seeds may naturally vary slightly in terms of their quality, as the seeds have been grown by different breeders, however, this does allow them to offer a large strain selection for their customers. As such, when it comes to finding the perfect seeds for your needs, you can be confident that Seedsman will have a seed strain that caters to what you’ve been looking for!

Customer Service

Although Seedsman offers an automated phone line for customer service, it is hard to get a hold of a real person to help you. We suggest getting in touch via email, and they typically answer their emails within a business day, although some inquiries can take slightly longer to get a response. One thing to note is that they only have a 14-day window for returns, so you’ll need to decide right away if you’re keeping everything from your order.

Due to their phone line being subpar, and their short window for returns, you can likely find better customer service at another seed bank. However, Seedsman has relatively few issues reported with their seeds after purchase. It’s up to each individual customer if they’d prefer better service to better selection.

Furthermore, while their response times aren’t anything to shout about, it is worth noting that they are in line with the average for the industry and so Seedsman is still a company that is good and trustworthy to deal with, so long as you are prepared to make any inquiries and complaints quickly after receiving the seeds from them so that you don’t miss the 14 day returns window.

Customer Reviews

Seedsman has excellent overall reviews! One great feature is the reviews are available on the page for each strain. This can be a major advantage if you’re stuck between a decision on which strain to purchase. Customers can put strain-specific information in this area, which can help growers troubleshoot issues. You can trust Seedsman to leave up even the negative reviews, which can save you money.

Currently, Seedsman as an overall company has over 10,000 reviews on TrustPilot. Their average rating is 4.5 stars! While there are always occasional bad reviews, the feedback for the company is excellent overall. Furthermore, the fact that the team leaves both good and bad reviews available on their website is reassuring for the fact that it shows they have nothing to hide; they are honest with their reviews of their products, and so you can likely be confident in the reliability of the reviews.


The Seedsman website is well designed and is relatively easy to use, especially when compared to some other rival companies’ websites. A key benefit of the Seedsman website is that they offer an easy to use navigation system which makes it easy for customers to find the right products when shopping with the company. In addition to this, the website does not use adverts as some other seed bank websites do, which can frankly be distracting when you are trying to find the right seeds and make an order; therefore, it is safe to say that navigating the Seedsman website is easy and effective, which should make it easy for you to find the right strain of seeds for your needs without hassle.

Payments and Packaging

They accept all major forms of payment, including credit cards, money orders, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Like most seed banks, they offer a discount if you pay with Bitcoin and even throw in extra free seeds! Their payment methods are straightforward and simple. The information displayed on the credit card or banking statements will not indicate that your purchase was related to cannabis.

Instead of the standard flat rate shipping, Seedsman will calculate your rate based on your location. This can make it a bit more reasonably priced for shipping compared to other competing seed banks. You can pay extra for shipping insurance, which will cover any problems with shipping or delivery and is recommended on large purchases.

The time for deliveries is quite variable with Seedsman, unfortunately, which is arguably one of the bigger criticisms of the seed bank. The delivery times for customers outside of Europe can vary considerably between 5 and 25 days, which means that you could potentially end up waiting almost a month for your seeds to turn up (or you could be lucky and get them within the space of a week)! However, European and UK customers will typically get a much faster delivery for their seed order, with these customers usually receiving their deliveries within 1 to 3 working days.

Seedsman source all of their seeds from independent breeders and do not breed their own seeds, however, they don’t compromise when it comes to discretion in shipping. All seeds are removed from the original packaging and then repackaged in a stealthy, discreet manner to ensure customer discretion when ordering seeds through the team. They ship all of their customers’ orders in a plain, unmarked envelope. They may also include an item like a CD or DVD, in which case the seeds will be inside the case for additional security. There will be no identifying features on the outside of the package which makes the entire process secure and discrete.


Seedsman offers free seeds as a promotion for spending a certain amount and doubles your freebies for paying with Bitcoin! They also offer a loyalty program based on a points system. You can receive bonus points on your birthday and once you order five separate times.



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One of the key benefits of choosing Seedsman when looking for top quality cannabis seeds is that they offer free seeds for their customers, and the number of free seeds which are offered will vary depending on the amount that you have spent with the company too; therefore if you are making a larger order, you will receive more free seeds! In addition to this, the company also offers a flat rate discount on your order based on the amount that you spend often, for example, with discounts on the purchase being available up to orders valued at €100, excluding VAT.

There are some pretty decent sales available that give you a discount on certain strains. They change up the strains that are on sale fairly often, so make sure to check each time you visit.

Finally, Seedsman also offers a generous loyalty program for their customers, and this is a worthwhile point of consideration for many people looking for the right seed bank to shop with. Loyalty points are available and provided to customers after placing an order, as well as when they refer new customers to the company. Furthermore, 100 points are given to Seedsman customers for free for their birthday, too, as a gesture of goodwill from the team. Each point is worth 2 cents, meaning that 50 points are equivalent to €1 off of your next order! The company is unique in that damaged seeds are reimbursed using this loyalty points scheme as opposed to offering reimbursement of the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Seedsman from?

Seedsman is from Barcelona, Spain. They have customer service phone lines available in the USA, the UK, Poland, Spain, Germany, and France.

Is Seedsman a real company?

Yes! Founded in 2003, Seedsman has been running for over two decades and has amassed a huge amount of interest in that time from their customers. In fact, this makes them one of the oldest seed banks around, and this reputation shows in their strain selection and overall reputation! The company has over 10,300 reviews on Trustpilot. 

What types of promotions does Seedsman run?

Seedsman runs over 40 free seed promotions at a time. They also offer bulk discounts of up to 20% off your order. If you spend more than 30 Euros they include free seeds with your order.  They do double the free seeds when you pay with Bitcoin. They also offer free shipping to Europe.

How long does shipping take?

If you are in the USA Seedsman puts their delivery window between 5-25 days. That’s a rather large window so make sure you order seeds well in advance of when you want to begin growing.


Pros and Cons


  • Huge seed and strain selection, over 4,400 options!
  • Well trusted company
  • Highly rated, with reviews on individual strains
  • Loyalty program and good promotions
  • Accept Bitcoin
  • Low-cost seeds
  • Ships globally
  • Discrete packaging
  • Easy to navigate website


  • Hard to reach a real person on the customer service line
  • Limited germination guarantee
  • Must pay for shipping guarantee

Final Thoughts

Overall Seedsman is one of the leading seed banks available online today! They have a large seed and strain selection and offer more than 4,000 individual options for your seeds. They helped pioneer feminized and auto-flowering plants. A portion of their proceeds goes to supporting cannabis legislation and education.

Their shipping is cheap and discreet and has the option to be insured. Their reviews are available on each strain as well as overall for the company. The company has an average rating of 4.5 stars, based on over 10,000 reviews! Overall, you’re unlikely to go wrong making your first purchase from Seedsman, which is great for new and seasoned growers alike.






  • Excellent Feedback

  • Free and Fast Shipping

  • Gemination Guarantee


  • Largest Variety of Strains

  • Best Stealth Packing

  • Accepts Bitcoins


  • High Quality Strains

  • Best for Bulk Buyers

  • Value packs


  • Best Deals

  • Trackable Shipping

  • Gemination Guarantee

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  • Rare Strains

  • Niche audience

  • Fastest Shipping


  • Discreet Shipping

  • Good Customer Support

  • High Germination Rate

True North Seed Bank

  • Vast Collection of Strains

  • Deals and Freebies

  • Established Player

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15 thoughts on “Seedsman Review – Can you trust this Brand? (2023 Update)”

  1. I have never had any issues ordering from Seedsman and having it delivered to me. I think the reason some of y’all orders don’t get delivered is that you go for Stealth shipping forgetting that not all countries are open to shipping of marijuana. If you have been doing it in the past and succeeding, it’s only a matter of time before you are discovered. Just stick to safe seeds and source for the marijuana strains locally for some peace of mind.

  2. When I read some of the negative reviews here on I wonder if these people are really ordering from the same Seedsman that I have been using for years now. I wasn’t gonna type anything here cos I’m too busy to do so. But I had to step in and let new buyers know that they should try out the company and have their own experience without falling for the bad things people are saying here. I for once never had any issues with their seeds which is why I’ve stuck to them. Don’t know if some people are paid to come on here and say these things to disrepute Seedsman. Don’t be deceived. Try it out for yourself and be the judge.

  3. This is the second time I ordered from Seedsman and got my orders delivered to me on time. I have successfully grown out some seeds I got from them like Jack Herer, Early skunk, Mama mia, Aurora indica, Master Kush among others. I wasn’t very happy with the outcome of the Early skunk but damn I love the Mama mia. The result with the Jack Herer was also not bad but mama mia did much better. And to think that the Mama mia was a free gift from Seedsman to me. There were a few seeds that did not germinate with some growing in an awkward manner. I did contact them to let them know and they included all the seeds free of charge to the second order I just received. What amazed me was that they put a call across to me to apologize and to ask if I got the seeds with the new orders. This really was unexpected and commendable. I just hope they treat all their customers in the same manner until they are satisfied. I live in the US and so got my order within 2 weeks by the way.

  4. I am having problem tracking my order. I have contacted their customer care with the promise that they will revert back to me. And up till now nothing. I really need those seeds. And if I am to ask for refund, I don’t know if it will be possible because I paid with Bitcoin.

  5. Certainly will not use them again. Can’t believe that the order I placed since March is yet to get to me in August. The only reason I’m still a little calm is that I insured the order. But my patience is about running out and I’m going to go all out on them.

  6. I did not get my order. I simply asked for a refund through my Paypal and got my money back. If it looks like you are being scammed, stop and request a refund from your bank or PayPal ASAP!

  7. My orders were shipped and delivered to me discreetly. I got all the seeds I ordered for. The only thing is that it took longer than they specified but getting my orders complete was worth the wait.

  8. My experience is different because I never got my order. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that the tracking number they gave me was real. I am yet to get my order one month after I placed it. I sent them an email after three weeks to lay my complaint and they replied that they are very busy to attend to my emails. They even went ahead to ask me not to send another one since it will make the goods to be delayed even more. I don’t know what to do now. To continue sending email to them or wait? Someone please help me out.

  9. It’s a NO NO for me. No one informed me that I will have problems with custom when ordering Stealth. Now I’m stuck and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting a refund. I’m so pissed right now.

  10. It’s not about getting your orders delivered to you, my major concern is what I have read that their strains can be weak. I want to know if anyone has really grown their seeds and gotten a good result with it? I really don’t think anyone should rate any seedbank until they have grown and gotten a good result. Until then, I will keep sitting on the fence.

  11. What I hate most about Seedsman is their customer care. They are not as friendly as you would imagine after paying for your order and not receiving it. it sucks that I have to always reach out to them to complain of not receiving my order when they should be the one making sure that my seeds arrived safely. This is incompetency at its highest point!

  12. For those of you that have received their orders from the US please what option did you use because I can’t see an option for US when checking out.

  13. It’s nothing but SCAM! Please run away from this company if you are yet to do business with them. I have been burnt by them and will make sure I don’t let anyone I know patronize them. RUN Now! Don’t be left in regret.

  14. Anyone having issues ordering and having it delivered to them in the US should use Bitcoin and source for it locally. You are not only going to be sure that you will be paying for what you can get, it will probably be less expensive because you won’t have to worry about heavy shipping fee. Besides, I don’t think it’s worth it anyone shipping such seeds when it can easily be confiscated for being contraband in some countries.

  15. I was not sure if I will get my order having read so good reviews as well as bad reviews about Seedsman. It was not easy placing my order but I did anyway by ordering little quantity so that I don’t lose so much in case it fails. Here I am today happy that I did because I got my order! Seedsman sent me an email with accompanying text messages on the progress of my order. I was able to track the order until it got to me. I’m happy and will be ordering more from them soon.


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