ilovegrowingmarijuana Reviews [2024] – Is ILGM Seed Bank Reliable?

Review Summary:

What I like most about ILGM

ILGM(short for ilovegrowingmarijuana) is one of our top-rated seed banks in the 2020 list (especially for newbies) due to its high-quality seeds backed by germination guarantee, top-notch customer service, and ultra-fast shipping(4-6 days) to the USA. They offer a relatively huge collection of strains, attractive discounts, and free growing resources. Keep in mind that they do  NOT ship to UK or Canada.

2021 Update: Note that they have recently moved their store to ILGM.COM though the blog is still active at

Pros of ILGM Seedbank

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Fast (5-9 days) and Free shipping to US & Europe
  • High-Quality seeds with germination guarantee
  • Overall positive Word of mouth on Reddit, Trustpilot, and other forums
  • Video review of strains by the owner himself. You can check on their Vimeo Channel.
  • Discreet packaging Option
  • Beginner-friendly packs to try out with a smaller quantity of seeds
  • Community to interact with other growers. Highly Recommended!
  • The VIP program offers access to special strains, discounts etc
  •  Additional 10% discount if you pay via Bitcoin


  • Seed prices are expensive compared to other seed banks
  • Don’t ship to Canada or UK
  • $25 extra fee if you want your shipment tracked

Who is ILGM for?

If you can afford to pay a little extra price for great customer service, fast shipping, and a germination guarantee, ILGM is a great option for you. I would strongly recommend using their growing e-book and forum even if you end up not going for ILGM.

Who is ILGM not for?

If you live in Canada or the UK, then I would recommend using MSNL seeds, Seedsman, or Crop King.

Buy 10 Get 10 Free!

Full Review

It can be difficult to find a seed bank that is reliable and discrete. Many different factors go into what is considered a “good” seed bank. It can be hard to find the one that strikes the careful balance of offering quality products as well as customer service. We are going to go into detail about the different factors of ILoveGrowingMarijuana Seed Bank (ILGM) and answer questions about the quality of the shopping experience as a whole.


ILGM’s Background

The company is based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Amsterdam is famous for its cannabis coffeeshops and Dutch strains of marijuana are popular all around the world. ILGM has a total of nearly 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average of 4.8 stars. 

ILGM got its start as a humble blog by Robert Bergman in 2012. It ended up attracting seed breeders and developed over time into a fully functioning seed bank. Robert Bergman runs the company in an attempt to share his knowledge from decades of experience with growing marijuana. One of the prime reasons for the popularity of ILGM seed bank is its reputation as an expert growing resource and helpful community. They send a detailed growing guide with each order to help beginners.

Seed Quality

One unique feature of ILGM is its germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t sprout, you get your money back! It’s not just any seed bank that can offer a money-back germination guarantee, in fact, most explicitly state that they offer no guarantees at all. 

The guarantee is a testament to the quality of the seeds at least their confidence in their quality of the seeds. They also have their website owner, Robert Bergman hand-select their seeds. He has over two decades of experience growing marijuana at home and on a large scale. He uses this knowledge to choose the very best seeds to add to the ILGM online catalog.

Strain Selection

While the seeds are very high quality, the strain selection is relatively limited. There are only about 80 options at a time to choose from. You can certainly find an acceptable strain in their collection. If you’re looking for a specific strain they may or may not carry it. They offer feminized seeds, as well as auto-flowering and fast flowering varieties. You can easily browse their site based on the type of weed you want to grow or based on your growing needs such as climate, yield, indoor/outdoor growing. Popular categories include  Sativas, Indicas, high CBD/low THC ratios, Medicinal weed, and ultra-high THC content.

They also offer nicely priced mix packs of usually three different strains. They’re themed by things like flavor, name, the color of the buds, and growing conditions. If you’re not sure which strain to buy and have room for multiple plants the mix pack may be a good place to start. That way you can start to refine your taste and preferences. 

You must check Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain, which is available in auto-flowering and feminized seeds.


6 Best Sellers in Feminized Category

If you want to try the best of all of the above, you can try their Best Seller feminized mix pack (Highest THC) called “SUPER MIX“.


6 Best Sellers in Autoflowering Category

If you are a beginner, the auto-flowering category is your best bet as it is low maintenance and grows around the year without specific light cycle management though plants from these types of seeds are generally smaller than regular ones.


Customer Service

Customer service is another area where ILGM excels. Their phone number does not provide customer service, and you should use their ‘contact us’ form instead of the phone line with any questions. You can also choose to email They will respond within 24 hours on weekdays. 

They also have a forum that is very popular that can help you troubleshoot issues you may run into throughout the growing process. There are subforums for talking about hydroponics, soil building, and beneficial microbes. There’s a ton of information available from growers all over the globe.

User Reviews

ILGM has nearly 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average review of 4.8 stars. The website itself has plenty of feedback from marijuana growers. It’s set up so that each individual variety of strain that they offer can be reviewed separately. This way you can read feedback on growing conditions and tips from people who’ve grown that exact strain. 

You can view images for each individual strain as well including photos directly from growers who use ILGM seeds. These photos can help you spot potential issues with your own crop. Overall, the reviews for ILGM are incredibly positive! Most often remarked upon are the quick delivery time frame and the high quality of the seeds. 

Payments and Packaging

ILGM offers simple, step-by-step instructions for every type of payment they accept. Accepted payment methods include bank transfer/deposit, credit, cash, check, or Bitcoin. Like many other seed banks, they offer a discount on orders placed with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin discount, in this case, is 10%, which is less than some competing seed banks offer.

ILGM ships to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Western Europe. Shipping is free to the United States and the European Union. If you spend more than $150, shipping is free to Australia and New Zealand. For a trackable shipment and any other shipping, it will cost $25. 

One excellent feature of ILGM is that if your order doesn’t arrive, they will ship a new one, free of charge! This is excellent in case your shipment is seized at customs or destroyed during shipping. If your seeds have not been received in 25 days, you can put in for a new shipment. 

Their packaging is discrete and there is no identifying information printed on the envelope. They value discretion and have been successfully shipping marijuana seeds across the globe for several years. This experience helps make the entire purchasing process go smoothly. 

Discounts and Promotions

ILGM offers several promotions and deals. One of their most popular is their 10 + 10 seed promotions. They offer ten free seeds (with the purchase of ten) of certain strains. They offer this deal on their most popular strains and have a selection of about 10 strains to choose from for this particular promotion. 

You can find all deals here.

Another popular money-saving option is their mix packs. They offer a discount over buying each of the strains individually. You can usually save upwards of $50-60 when you choose one of the mix packs. 

You can also choose a complete grow kit, which comes with ILGM’s signature line of plant food and plant protector along with seeds. The kit contains enough supplies to grow a full cycle of 5-10 plants. This is an excellent option for beginners and people who don’t like to fuss too much with their plants. 

There is always the option to pay with Bitcoin and receive another 10% off your order. Due to Bitcoin’s secure nature, many seed banks offer discounts for paying with the cryptocurrency. ILGM also has a VIP program that allows its members to access certain discounts not available to the public. 

Buy 10 Get 10 Free!


ILGM Frequently Asked Questions

Is ILGM a trustworthy company?

Yes! ILGM has been successfully breeding and selling marijuana seeds for several years now. They have a rating of 4.8 stars overall on Trustpilot. 

Where does ILGM ship from?

They generally ship from Europe and list their address as in the Netherlands. But they do have a warehouse in the USA for fast shipping (4-6 days) to USA based customers.

Where does ILGM source their seeds from? 

ILGM breeds its own seeds! They also partner with select seed breeders for certain strains. Either way, they are handpicked seeds by Robert Bergman, who has decades of experience growing marijuana. 

Is it true that ILGM sends a free shipment if your previous order got confiscated or lost in transition?

Yes, it is true! They have a guaranteed delivery feature that allows you to request new seeds if you haven’t received your order within 25 days. They will replace your seeds free of charge! 

Final Thoughts

ILGM is an excellent company! They have the highest quality seeds that include a germination guarantee. The strain selection is slightly limited but all the seeds are of the highest quality. They guarantee delivery and ship free to the EU and the USA. ILGM has a responsive and reliable customer service team. The forum on their website is an excellent resource for all growers to learn and troubleshoot issues. ILGM is a trustworthy company overall and a great resource for marijuana growers everywhere. You can check their official website here. If you want to check other alternatives, check my full seed banks round-up post here.





Weed Seeds Express

#Overall Best Seed Bank

  • Excellent Feedback

  • Free and Fast Shipping

  • 80% Gemination Guarantee

  • 10% Off with Bitcoin. More details here.

Crop King Seeds

#1 Canadian Seed Bank     (Ships to  USA/Worldwide)

            Crop King 

  • Rare Strains

  • Fastest Shipping

  • High Germination Rate

  • PayPal, Bitcoin,Venmo,CC, Cash App,Moneygram

Full Review

10% Off Coupon Code KING10


 #1 UK Based Seed Bank 

  • High Quality Strains

  • Best for Bulk Buyers

  • Value Packs

  • 15% Off with Bitcoin

Extra 15% Off Coupon Code VCS-msnl1

 Most affordable Pricing

  • Largest Variety of Strains 

  • Best Stealth Packing

  • Slower Shipping to USA/Canada

  • Accepts Bitcoins

  • Fast US Shipping 

  • Rare Strains

  • 90% Germination Guarantee

  • Relatively Cheaper

             10+10 Offer

                                                       Full Review

      Popular in 2022 

        Herbies Seeds

  • 70% Germnination Guarantee  

  • Good Strains Collection

  • Ships to USA & UK

  • Based in Spain

        Buy 1 Get 1 Free


  • Best Deals

  • Trackable Shipping

  • Gemination Guarantee

Pioneer of many popular feminized variants

  • Pioneer of many popular feminized variants

  • Great Pricing

  • Old Spanish Brand

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Good for Bulk Order

  • Fast Discreet Delivery

  • High CBD Strains

  • Decent Brand

             Full Review

  • Discreet Shipping

  • Good Customer Support

  • High Germination Rate

  • Vast Collection of Strains

  • Deals and Freebies

  • Established Player

             Full Review

Customer Reviews from Users

★★★★★ First-time grower

I have been very impressed with the service, delivery, and resources available with ILGM!!!!


★★★★ Returning customer

Every time on time good genetics, great deals, and information on growing.


★★★★ the place to buy!

Easy payment, super fast delivery, 90% germination rate. Not too shabby.


★★★ Fast but found a DUD

Relatively easy to order and came promptly. Tried to germinate 4 seeds but 1 of the 4 didn’t crack. Added another seed and left the seed in question in for another 2 days. The seed I added cracked but the first still hadn’t cracked after 4 full days so I tossed it. Hoping I don’t continue having this problem with the rest I’ve ordered


★★★★★ Ilgm best seeds, best service on Earth

Ilgm is the best seed bank I have ever done business with and I’ve done business with many. They are 100% reliable, their genetics are unmatched. 99% of their seed germinate overnight. Delivery time is almost uncanny I’ve never waited longer than 7 days. I highly recommend ilgm not only do they have the best seeds available, but they also have Specialists willing to help you out if you have any problems. I give them six stars not five.


22 thoughts on “ilovegrowingmarijuana Reviews [2024] – Is ILGM Seed Bank Reliable?”

  1. Just recently ordered girl scout cookies extreme 10+10 and California dream 10+10 good delivery time great germination on the cookies but the Cali dream were a bust 2 out of 15 germinated used the same process with both strains the recommended process by ILGM not very satisfied with half of my 300$ order hope everyone else has better luck than I did with my first order

  2. Just wanted to say I thought all seed companies on internet were scams I was wrong got my seeds with in 10 days then when some did pop I emailed them bamm they got back with me in couple hours gave me store credit for seeds I bought and new seeds are on way most incredible company will always do business with them

  3. I would just like to say that I’ve had nothing but excellent service from ilgm. From the shipping to the lungs, everything has been perfect. I’ve already recommended ilgm to several of my friends. Great job ilgm.

  4. I’m not really sure what to think about ILGM to be honest. I’ve purchased seeds from them a few times, and get different results. The first batch was brilliant but the next two batches have been average at best and lots failed to sprout. Disappointed but at least delivery was quick and on time.

    • Just recently ordered girl scout cookies extreme 10+10 and California dream 10+10 good delivery time great germination on the cookies but the Cali dream were a bust 2 out of 15 germinated used the same process with both strains the recommended process by ILGM not very satisfied with half of my 300$ order hope everyone else has better luck than I did with my first order

  5. ILGM is now my favorite seed bank for sure! Quick and discreet delivery and strong and healthy seeds. Germination happened very fast and I’m now looking forward to my next harvest, should be an awesome yield, thanks again guys, keep it up!

  6. I’ve always had a great experience with I Love Growing Marijuana in the past and ordered a new batch of seeds recently… the seeds arrived on time but they weren’t all there, and the ones that I did get didn’t perform overly well like normal either… disappointed compared to how good ILGM’s seeds normally are. I wouldn’t recommend them anymore.

  7. Well, I’m afraid to say that I was a bit… underwhelmed by the service that I got from ILGM. I’d heard great things and the vast majority of reviews also looked awesome, so I figured I would try them out for my next seeds order. However, nothing “wowed” me really. Ordering was quite an easy process at least and that was good, the website was very easy to use. The service was OK—the seeds were delivered a little later than expected, but they were in the discreet packaging that was promised at least. But the seeds themselves were just very unexciting… about an average germination rate, nothing more and nothing less. Think I’ll be sticking to other seed banks in the future, although I suppose I wouldn’t rule out ILGM if I had no other choice. But not my favorite seed bank.

  8. I bought some seeds from ILGM recently. Seeds arrived on time, but not necessarily in an impressive time, and germinated well. Worth a try if you’re looking for somewhere new to get seeds, although some other seed banks may be worthwhile trying too.

  9. I tried sprouting some seeds for the first time and was pretty impressed with how well they did. I only planted 6 seeds and 4 of these seeds sprouted successfully, which I am really pleased with to be honest (considering I’m no expert!) Would definitely recommend the company—if I can get good success with the seeds then I’m sure everyone else can also do well, if not a lot better than I did! I’ll definitely be ordering again in the future, thanks so much!

  10. The team at ILoveGrowingMarijuana are great, I really can’t recommend them highly enough! I’m a new user of cannabis seeds and don’t normally grow my own but with the current situation, I thought I’d give it a shot. And wow, am I impressed! I was a little concerned to start with to hear about delays due to the situation but my order arrived promptly and I was really happy with the entire ordering process to be honest. Plus, the seeds that I planted have already begun sprouting and I’m expecting excellent results! Thanks again ILGM, awesome company!!

  11. Do not trust this company, they are an absolute scam! I ordered seeds weeks ago from ILGM and waited expectantly for my order to arrive but it never did! That’s fine, with the current situation I get that mistakes are gonna happen, so I contacted the team and they tried to find out what was wrong and assured me that the order would be sent out again (don’t know why it wasn’t in the first place still though, I guess they just forgot). So, eventually my second delivery of seeds arrived… and I was appalled with how badly they have done. So far, only two seeds have germinated! What is this nonsense? Will not be ordering again, very disappointed!

  12. Can’t complain with anything really, I love Growing Marijuana are genuinely just a great team! Seeds sprouted quickly and had nearly 100% successful germinations with my last batch of seeds. I will definitely be buying again from this team.

  13. DO NOT order from this company, very disappointed! Seeds didn’t even arrive the first time and when I tried to ask the team where my order was, they couldn’t find them! They were apologetic about the matter in fairness but it’s simply not excusable for a product to not be delivered. I’ve finally got my delivery, weeks later than expected.

  14. I placed an order not too long ago, can’t remember the exact date, and they arrived within a few days—excellent service! Of about 20 seeds all but three have germinated in a week and are looking really good. Very happy with the service, congrats guys, keep up the good work!

  15. Not much to say about this seed bank to be honest. They offer a good standard of service and the team were very helpful with my questions, and about half of the seeds germinated which is OK. Would buy from them again, although ILGM may not be my first choice.

  16. I’ve tried a huge number of different seedbanks but honestly, I don’t think I would try anyone else ever again! The team at ILoveGrowingMarijuana were really helpful with helping me to place my order for seeds and nothing was too much trouble. The seeds themselves arrived in excellent discreet packaging and you wouldn’t have a clue what was inside the packaging! The only real concern that I have is that the order took a few days longer to receive than I had initially expected, but everything else was awesome.

  17. Don’t waste your time or money with this team! I tried to germinate some of my seeds and only one has even started to sprout in well over a week, what is this madness? Do not buy from ILGM, choose another seed bank instead with better seeds.

  18. Awesome seed bank will never shop for seeds anywhere else! A huge number of my seeds germinated and I’m really excited to see what they yield. The team couldn’t have been more helpful either, and the seeds arrived before the given delivery time!

  19. You NEED to try I Love Growing Marijuana! Oh my god, I can’t believe how much I love this seed bank! I used to use other seed banks and sometimes even local seed stores but I will never be going back to them now that I know how great ILGM is. The website was really easy to use and the seeds arrived pretty quickly in discreet packaging which is so important for me—don’t think the mailman would be very impressed if he knew what was in the package! The seeds themselves did really well too, no faults and very few failed to germinate. In short, this team is awesome—and I’m really excited to get my first ILGM harvest too!


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