MSNL Seeds Review, Coupon Code and Discounts [2020]

MSNL Seed Bank is based in the United Kingdom and this makes it a specialist in the UK seed growing industry. They pride themselves on being able to offer their customers with the highest possible standard of growing seeds and, with over twenty years of experience in the marijuana seed growing industry—the company was first founded in 1999—it is safe to say that the MSNL Seed Bank has more than enough skill and passion to be able to provide their clients with the highest possible quality services.

But are the claims that MSNL Seeds makes truthful? Can MSNL Seeds be trusted to provide people with the high-quality seeds that they promise, or are the company worth avoiding when it comes to sourcing premium quality cannabis and marijuana growing seeds?

Company History

The origins of the MSNL Seed Bank are incredibly humble at best. The company, at its very earliest stages all the way back in 1999, was actually started as little more than two friends who had a passion for collecting the highest quality strains and seeds that they could possibly get hold of. The two collected these different seeds from all around the world, traveling between countries in Europe and Australia in order to source the very best products in the industry at the time.

From there, the company that would go on to become MSNL Seeds was formed. The company’s primary goal is to ensure that every customer can benefit from the highest possible quality seeds and strains, which is why they always ensure that every seed which leaves their depot is of the highest possible quality.

Seed Quality

One of the most important factors when deciding on a supplier for all of your cannabis seed needs that you need to consider is that of the quality of the seeds with which you will be provided. Different seed banks can offer different quality seeds and this can impact on the overall result that you get the chance to experience with your choice of seeds. 

No one wants to make the mistake of buying poor quality seeds, and this is especially true when it comes to buying such expensive seeds as the ones found in dedicated seed banks. But what about the quality of the seeds offered by the MSNL Seed Bank—are these of a high enough quality to justify the expense?

One of the many benefits of choosing to buy your seeds through the MSNL Seed Bank relates to the fact that the seeds are grown by skilled and experienced professionals. Not only do the company have twenty years of experience in the industry but their founder is also a geneticist, meaning that you can expect the very best possible quality seeds when you choose to buy through the MSNL Seed Bank. In addition to this, the MSNL Seed Bank also guarantee that the seeds that they sell are from strains that have been carefully and thoroughly tested for quality control purposes; unlike some other seed banks who will sell anything and everything, MSNL will only sell seeds if they truly meet this strict level of quality.

Of course, when it comes to talking about the quality of seeds, you will always get one or two seeds that end up being inferior. However, it is also important for people to remember that the MSNL Seed Bank’s reviews for seed quality are (almost always) exceptional—making them a great company to choose for top quality marijuana and cannabis growing seeds.

Strain Selection

MSNL Seeds offer more than 200 different strains of their own favorite seeds and work to ensure that their customers can always source the most popular seeds on the market when they buy through them. MSNL Seeds, therefore, work with a number of different seed companies in order to ensure that they will be able to meet the demands of their customers.

Not only do MSNL offer an already huge selection of strains for their customers, but they also offer numerous different types of seeds. Seeds can vary between being feminized, auto-flowering, or even regular for people who prefer good old fashioned growing. They also provide medicinal strains for people who might need cannabis for health-related purposes, due to the high number of health benefits that cannabis products can offer.

In order to provide their exceptionally large offering of seeds, the MSNL Seed Bank works with numerous different providers and growers. By stocking products from all of these big and well-known growers they are able to offer one of the best strain selections in all of the UK. Some of the most popular strains on the MSNL website include the Girl Scout Cookies, the Blue Dream, and the Sour Grape Kush.

Customer Service

One of the MSNL Seed Bank’s primary goals is to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with the quality of service that the company can offer. As part of this goal, they strive to provide the best customer service possible. Indeed, it seems likely that this goal is one which the company has managed to succeed in achieving; not only does the MSNL Seed Bank receive incredibly positive reviews about their standard of customer service from previous customers but they also work to make the entire purchasing experience as easy and painless for their customers as possible.

But this isn’t all. Unlike some other companies, the MSNL Seed Bank also offers a number of highly useful and easy to understand FAQs in their specialist FAQ section. This means that the company’s customers don’t even need to get in touch with the MSNL support team for help and advice; they can simply head on over to the help page immediately.

For people who do still need to get in touch with the company, customers can use either the online form—which they aim to reply to queries and inquiries within a period of 24 hours—or one of the local/international phone numbers.

Official Website

The MSNL Seed Bank website is well laid out and relatively straight forward to use. However, despite this, the website does have a few flaws; when viewed in full-screen mode, for example, the social bar (that is located on the central left-hand side of the screen) can obscure the vision of the menu bar; this can make it hard to sort the content and products on the website as the different menu items can be obscured and impossible to read.

On the whole, though, the website for MSNL is still very well made. The menu offers many different ways for users to organize the content of the website, with options available to search for products based on their nature (standard, feminized, and auto-flowering); their strain; and a number of other different features such as High CBD or value packs. Users can also choose to search through the most popular strains on the website if they are unsure of what to go for, or can otherwise even buy seeds as a wholesale ‘bulk buy’ purchase.

The MSNL website offers a large amount of information and content for its users and the company has clearly taken the time to go into a fair amount of detail in order to make it easier for people to make the right decision for their specific needs. Everyone needs different things from their cannabis seeds and this means that this informative nature of the website can be incredibly beneficial, especially for a new cannabis user or grower.

Customer Reviews

Some seed banks can have mixed reviews but, thankfully, the MSNL Seed Bank seems to get generally highly positive reviews. The seeds that the company offer are well rated and people often state that they have excellent germination rates.

In addition to the seeds being of exceptionally high quality, people also seem to be satisfied with the overall delivery policy as well. The orders arrive promptly and any problems that people might face with the seeds are resolved quickly by the company’s support team—although some people do express concerns about the origins of the seeds, as the actual breeders are not mentioned and referenced by the company.

These concerns are somewhat invalidated thanks to the fact that all seeds are categorized and sold under the company’s own name. This means that every seed will have been tested prior to the sale in the company’s own exclusive laboratory; as such, even if the breeders are not known, the seeds can still be expected to be reliable and of high quality.

Overall, the results that people seem to receive when dealing with MSNL seem to be great. The best advertising and most unbiased source of information, of course, is from a company’s customers; as such, this is a fair indicator that the seeds sold by MSNL can be expected to be of an exceptionally high standard, especially compared to some other companies who offer seeds of questionable quality.

Payment Methods

While MSNL seems to be incredibly good in most of the categories on our review, one place that they actually do fall down slightly is with their payment methods. The company accepts payment by credit and debit Mastercards, however, they do not accept Visa cards as most of their competitors do; this can be a bit of a frustration. They do also offer a number of other payment options, though, including a prepaid gift card; bank transfer; bitcoin; international money order; and even cash.

Coupon Code, Promotions and Discounts

The MSNL Seed Bank is unique in the fact that it gives its customers a 10% discount as standard when they make a payment for their products by either Bitcoin or by bank transfer, which can add up when it comes to making larger orders; when it comes to buying high-quality seeds, it is important that you save money wherever possible and this offer is, therefore, a great one for many people.

In addition to this, the MSNL Seed Bank also offers its customers with a large number of free seeds when they choose to shop through them. MSNL gives a minimum of 5 free seeds with every order that is placed with them, but for orders over £100 will get an additional five seeds on top of this offer!

But that’s not all! The MSNL Seed Bank also provides its customers with loyalty points functionality which means that every purchase also helps to build up the user’s point balance—leading to free seeds further on down the line. Points are given for every £1 that customers spend with the company, which means that every order can rack up a fair few points that can be redeemed for future purchases.

Shipping Methods

The MSNL Seed Bank is able to ship their products worldwide and this means that their seeds can be used by a large number of breeders and growers. In addition to this, the company guarantees that the seeds are shipped within one business day; this is far faster than some other companies in the industry.

But how long do the actual deliveries take? Generally speaking, delivery in the UK can be expected within three business days and, for customers in Europe, this is a little longer than five days. Customers in the United States and other countries not previously mentioned have to wait for far longer, with the average delivery time being 6 to 12 days—although delivery can take place up to 25 business days after the order has been placed in some exceptional circumstances.


One thing that the MSNL Seed Bank do well is shipping, and as part of this, they employ great discretion practices as well. All orders are shipped in plain, unmarked envelopes and there are three different delivery options that customers can choose between in order to ensure that their delivery reaches them: standard, stealth (where seeds are hidden), and “guaranteed stealth” (wherein undelivered orders will be reshipped).

Is The MSNL Seed Bank A Good Choice?


  • High-quality seeds
  • All seeds are analyzed by the company
  • Large selection of different strains
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Quick delivery times


  • Doesn’t accept Visa cards—payment options are limited
  • Packaging can be visually unappealing for customers
  • Breeders are not disclosed


While the breeders are not actively disclosed and there is a poor choice of payment methods, the MSNL Seed Bank is a great choice of seed bank for people looking to invest in high-quality seeds, thanks to the fact that every order is tested for quality prior to shipping. There are plenty of shipping discretion options and the delivery times are quick, especially for the UK and Europe shipping. There are also a large number of different strains. If you want to explore other alternatives available in the market, check my buying guide.






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  • Gemination Guarantee


  • Largest Variety of Strains

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  • Accepts Bitcoins


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Brand Reputation


Customer Feedback


Seed Quality


Seed Variety


Shipping Policy



  • High-quality seeds
  • All seeds are analyzed by the company
  • Large selection of different strains
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Quick delivery times


  • Dooesn’t accept Visa cards--Payment options are limited
  • Packaging can be visually unappealing for customers
  • Breeders are not disclosed