How Long is THC From Vaping Detectable in a Drug Test?

How Long Does THC From Vaping Last in Urine?

 When it comes to vape, you’re in great company – indeed, marijuana is arguably the most popular drug on the market, despite the fact that it’s still federally illegal. There has been a recent movement to legalize cannabis and marijuana, and many states have now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes on a state law level. Some states have even legalized cannabis as a recreational drug. However, despite the fact that the consumption of cannabis is now legal in many states, it’s still important to consider that your employer is perfectly entitled to request you undergo a urine test to find out if you’ve been taking cannabis.

Is My Employer Allowed to Ask for a Urine Sample for THC?

Arguably, this is something that’s incredibly distressing for many people. Indeed, many cannabis users do so discretely, even though it is legal, for the stigma that can be associated. So, the privacy invasion is something that many people take great offense to – but, for the time being, at least, your employer is still entitled to request this information. Drug tests are common aspects of modern employment regulations, and if you’re asked to provide a urine sample to test for THC in your urine, you’ll still need to comply.

This can, of course, raise numerous questions in and of itself. One of the biggest questions that people have regarding providing a urine sample is, how long will THC remain in my system? How long after consuming cannabis – be it vaped or otherwise – will THC be present and detectable in my urine sample? And how does THC even end up in a urine sample, to begin with, since it’s surely meant to work in the brain to produce the beneficial psychological effects of cannabis such as relaxation, a sense of euphoria, and the like?

Will Marijuana Vape Cause Drug Tests to Show Positive Results?

If you’ve recently ( from a few hours to 90 days, depending on how much marijuana or how often the person has been using) vaped with marijuana that contains THC, then a urine drug test will almost certainly come back positive for THC. Vaping may alter the way in which your body takes up marijuana and cannabinoid compounds, but it doesn’t prevent THC from getting into your bloodstream – after all, it’s the THC that causes cannabis’ predominant effects.

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Do CBD Supplements Give Positive Drug Test Results?

CBD supplements are often made from hemp plants, a strain of cannabis that contains no – or virtually no – THC content. This is different from many recreational cannabis plant strains, which can easily contain over 20% THC content. Moreover, high-quality CBD supplements will have been rigorously tested for any impurities or THC contamination. As such, CBD supplements shouldn’t result in a positive drug test result for THC.

Why is THC Present in Urine?

This is the first question we should tackle when it comes to understanding urine samples and THC testing. In fact, this is quite an important question, and the answer may surprise you. In fact, THC isn’t actually present in a urine sample – which seems like it should complicate the whole “THC testing” procedure to a degree.

A urine sample for THC isn’t testing for THC, the cannabidiol compound derived from cannabis plants. Instead, during a urine sample, the test is looking for evidence that the body has consumed and used THC. This is done by looking for a compound called THCCOOH.

THCCOOH is a by-product of THC metabolization that remains in our bloodstream (and is excreted from the body via urine) for a period of time following cannabis consumption. The presence of this compound in a person’s urine would indicate to the tester that the body is still actively metabolizing THC – thereby indicating that the marijuana was consumed (or vaped) not so long before.

Unfortunately, everyone’s metabolism works at different speeds, and this means that these by-products of THC metabolization will be present in the urine in different concentrations for different lengths of time. For people with a fast metabolism, for example, THCCOOH will not be detectable in the urine sample sooner than for people with a slow metabolism. This makes it difficult to know how long THC will last in the urine sample, so if you know that you might have a drug test for THC coming up, you should try to avoid cannabis consumption at all for a generous period of time to ensure that you won’t get a positive result.

How Much THC is Present in the Urine?

The amount of THC present in the urine will impact your drug test results. Indeed, the drug test is used as an estimate for how much cannabis or marijuana a person has consumed. This is determined based on the level of THCCOOH that’s present in your urine sample. The level of THCCOOH isn’t set, though, and the amount present in your urine sample could differ depending on numerous factors.

Bud Potency is a Significant Influence!

It is believed, according to researchers, that up to 20 percent of THC from a dose of cannabis is passed in your urine. However, the exact amount of THC that will be present in your urine will be dependant on the potency of the bud that you’ve vaped (or similar).

Naturally, if you choose a very low THC bud, you will likely experience lesser effects from the cannabis, but you will also show less THCCOOH contamination in your urine sample. Alternatively, if you vape a very high potency bud (such as one from a plant that has a 30% THC content), you’ll experience much more powerful effects from the vape, but the amount of THCCOOH in your urine will also be considerably higher.

How Often You Vape Also Plays a Role!

But that’s not the only factor at play here. Indeed, bud potency is arguably one of the biggest influencers as to how much THCCOOH is present in your urine sample. However, your cannabis usage habits will also affect your drug test results. People who vape regularly will have higher levels of THC metabolite in their urine, giving them higher positive results than for someone who has vaped for the first time.

Think about it this way – let’s say you vaped on Monday, and then vaped again on Wednesday. Following this, you had a THC test on Thursday morning. The results of this drug test would come back higher for THC concentration in the urine than if you’d only vaped on Wednesday. As well as recording THCCOOH from the recent vaping session, some THCCOOH would also be present in your urine from the original vaping session too – upping the final THCCOOH concentration, and resulting in a higher reading compared to someone who had allowed the THC to be fully metabolized before vaping again.

The Type of Cannabis You Consume is Also Significant!

When it comes to thinking about THC, you probably don’t consider how the type of cannabis impacts your results! However, the type of cannabis can actually have an impact on how long – and how much – THCCOOH will be detectable in the urine.

Cannabis edibles can result in your urine sample testing positive for THCCOOH for a day or two longer. While the difference isn’t necessarily significant, it’s worth noting that edibles will take longer to be fully excreted from your body. By contrast, vaped cannabis will be fully excreted from your body a little sooner, and this means that you’ll test clear more quickly with vaping than if you choose a cannabis edible.

As we mentioned earlier though, the potency of your chosen product will have an impact. CBD edibles, for example, shouldn’t cause any positive results as they should be free from detectable levels of THC! Moreover, if you only have a very small cannabis dosage from your edibles, this may also lower the readings that are taken from your urine sample. However, if you consume the same level of THC by vaping and edibles, the former will be fully metabolized more quickly.

How Long Does THC Remain Detectable in Urine?

So, we’ve clarified that the amount of THC – or, rather, its metabolized product THCCOOH – present in a urine sample will be dependant on how often you vape and the potency of your chosen bud. Moreover, edibles will take longer to be fully metabolized from your system than cannabis vape, which is important to consider too.

But how long can you likely expect THC to remain detectable in your urine sample? There are a few rules of thumb to follow here – although if possible, it’s always better to be generous with your timelines, as everyone metabolizes THC different and at different speeds.

First Cannabis Use

If you’ve recently used cannabis for the first time – or the first time in a long period of time – then you’ll have shorter withdrawal times for the THC. For people who are just vaping their first cannabis, your body should metabolize the THC within about 5 to 8 days. This is quite significantly quicker than for regular cannabis users since regular cannabis users will already have a “build-up” of THCCOOH in their bloodstream.

2-4 Uses a Week

If your normal cannabis use is between two and four times a week, you’ll probably be looking at about 11-18 days for your body to fully metabolize and excrete the THC. Once these 18 days are over, you should test clear for cannabis use – but again, everyone’s metabolism is different, so it’s ideal to give yourself more time before a potential cannabis test if possible.

Almost Daily

If you normally vape cannabis about 5 to 6 times a week – so almost daily, but not quite – then you will suddenly be looking at substantially longer times until your urine is completely free from THCCOOH. Most people who vape 5 to 6 times a week will test clear for cannabis within 48 days, but the normal time will be 33 to 48 days for someone who follows this usage frequency to test free from THC in their urine.


If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who vapes daily then you will be looking at a significant time until your body is completely free from THC. Potentially, it can take up to 77 days for your body to excrete the last of the THCCOOH, but most people will still need between 50 and 65 days to fully metabolize the THC they have consumed.

Can the Times Be Reduced?

Let’s imagine now that you’ve been caught out, and your employer has told you that you’ll need to complete a THC drug test next week. But you’re a regular cannabis vaper, and you now know that there will be more than enough THCCOOH in your urine sample for the result to be a clear positive. Is there any way of removing THC from your body, so that you can get a quicker turnaround time?

Well, yes! THC detoxes may be effective for removing THC from your bloodstream. Even daily vapers – assuming you take a break from your vaping while detoxing – can drastically lower the levels of THC in their body by investing in a high-quality THC detox kit. This can help them avoid a positive result on drug tests.

After all, even though drugs are legalized on a state level in many states, they are still federally illegal, and many employers don’t like the idea of their staff being regular cannabis users. So, expecting a drug test at some point isn’t a bad idea, and THC detoxing could be the quick fix you need.

How to Cleanse the Body of THC

If you want to cleanse your body of THC content, then there are a number of different options you might want to consider. The most obvious method of THC cleansing from the body is a THC detox. But do THC detoxes actually work to clear your urine of THC prior to a drug test?

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What is a THC Detox?

A THC detox is a little bit misleading. Indeed, detox sessions are designed to remove toxins from the body – but THC isn’t really classed as a toxin. With that being said, THC detoxing can still be an effective way to clear your body of THC as a last-minute solution if you need to partake in a urine test for THC and know that your results are likely to come back positive (for example, if you’re a regular cannabis vaper).

There is a misconception that detoxing is as simple as drinking lots of water to flush toxins – or, in this case, THC – from the body. This isn’t true, and if you rely on owning a large amount of water prior to your urine test to try and remove the THC from your bloodstream, you’re likely going to end up disappointed.

Instead, THC detox kits are designed to genuinely help flush out THC from your system. These products are specially designed to serve this purpose, and as such, they can be incredibly useful in many applications. And, if you choose the right type of THC detox, you can actually expect results that will be highly effective – even if you’re a regular cannabis vaper!

How do THC Detoxes Work?

THC detoxing isn’t as simple as drinking a large amount of water just prior to doing your urine sample text. THC detoxes that actually work help remove THC from your bloodstream (and, in turn, detoxify your body of THC so that a urine test will come back as clear from THCCOOH). However, they’re not the most glamorous of procedures, and you’ll likely find yourself spending a lot of time on the loo!

THC detox kits are generally either 5- or 10-day intensive courses and are designed to help remove (“flush”) THC and THCCOOH from your body. In turn, this will mean that you’ll have good odds of passing your urine sample test without difficulty. Intensive THC detox kits typically combine detox fiber, liquids, and pills in order to give your body the boost it needs to flush out the THC. They’re effective, but you do need to be ready for the consequences before starting them – because you’ll be spending a lot of time in the toilet!

Why THC Detox Kits are Effective – Understanding How we Get Rid of THC!

A drug test for cannabis is usually done with a small urine sample, which detects the presence of THCCOOH – a product of THC metabolism in the body. However, a large amount of the THC that we consume is actually excreted when we defecate. And that’s exactly what THC detox kits take advantage of and why they’re such an effective solution!

THC detox kits speed up the movement of food through our digestive system. So, while they will make you need the loo far more often than normal, they are incredibly effective at removing THC from your body!

5-Day or 10-Day Kits – Which is Right for me?

It’s always worth noting that you need to be realistic with your expectations from THC detox kits. These kits are incredibly effective at speeding up the process of removing THC from the body, however, they can’t perform miracles. So, if you’re a regular user of high-potency cannabis buds with your vaping, you’ll almost certainly need a 10-day kit. The 5-day kit simply won’t be effective enough to remove the THC from your body, unfortunately! However, if you’re a less regular user of cannabis buds for vaping, the 5-day kit may be enough to clear your body of THC.

Being honest with yourself and realistic about your expectations will allow you to get the best results from your THC detox kit. A THC detox isn’t necessarily the nicest experience – but if you’re genuinely serious about clearing your body of THC before your drug test, it’ll do the trick if you’re dedicated.

Are There Other Detox Options Aside from THC Detox Kits?

Don’t think that THC detox kits are right for you? Well, another option that some people try is THC detox drinks. These may be effective for lowering your body’s THC and THCCOOH levels to a degree, but they won’t necessarily give you the full detox experience that you need. They may be a good option as a last-minute detox backup plan though. It may be enough to keep your urine free from THCCOOH for a few hours.

So, while they may help to reduce the THC levels in your body, you’ll still probably be passing a lessened amount of THCCOOH in your urine sample. This will absolutely show up in a drug test. So, if you want the best chance of passing your drugs test as clear, you’ll either need to wait long enough for the THC to naturally pass out of your system (which, as we’ve clarified, can take almost three months in some cases!) or otherwise invest in a genuine and reputable THC detox kit.

A final option is to try synthetic urine if you’re really desperate – but this is far from honest, and something we wouldn’t recommend if you value your job. The consequences from your employer, if found out, could naturally be serious.

What is the Best THC Detox Kit?

If you think that a THC detox kit could be the right solution for your needs, then it’s important that you invest in the right kit. Indeed, not all detox kits are created equal, and you’ve only got one shot at the THC detox – so you’ll want to be sure that you buy the right detox product, the first time.

Fortunately, there’s one particular product that offers almost incomparable results for THC detoxing, and that is the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Program from TestClear. But what makes the Toxin Rid program so effective for clearing your body of THC compounds, and could it be the right solution for your needs?

What the Toxin Rid Program Contains

The Toxin Rid detox program is a 10-day detox course that’s designed to rapidly help your body pass any THC that might be lingering in your bloodstream. Indeed, if you know that you’ve got a drug test coming up, this might be the last-minute solution you need to clear your body and pass your drug test. It’s not a pleasant experience, don’t get us wrong – but it is effective, and it’s the number one choice of THC detox kit if you are serious about passing your drug test clear.

Included in the Toxin Rid THC Detox program are:

  •       150 pre-rid pills (for promoting urination)
  •       One ounce of dietary fiber (a natural laxative)
  •       One fluid ounce of detox liquid (mineral control)

If you have a test, you may try Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Program from TestClear.


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What is Included in the Pre-Rid Pills?

The pre-rid pills are an essential part of the THC detox program. They are made from herbs, minerals, vitamins, and diuretics and serve to increase the rate of urination, which will help you start to get rid of the THC from your body.

Of course, more regular urination will mean that you’ll need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated while on the detox course; the pre-rid pills also contain vital electrolytes to keep you healthy and hydrated despite the increase in urination. Some of the electrolytes provided in the pre-rid pills include chloride, potassium, and sodium.

As well as this, they also contain minerals to help keep you feeling well, despite the rapid loss of minerals from the body while following the course. This is essential for promoting health and preventing users from becoming anemic as a result of the mineral losses from their diet. These minerals include boron, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

What is the Dietary Fiber Made From?

The dietary fiber contained within the Toxin Rid program comes in the form of psyllium husk powder. This fiber is a natural and powerful laxative, which will encourage your body to increase the rate at which food passes through your digestive system, increasing the amount of time you’ll spend on the loo. This will massively help to excrete THC from your system.

What is Included in the Detox Liquid?

The THC Detox Liquid provides a further dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to promote good health. Your body goes through a lot on an intensive THC detox such as this, so it’s important to get the minerals in.

Optional Extras in the Toxin Rid Detox Program

There are also longer detox options available for 12, 14, or 16 days, depending on how much time you think you need to purge your body of THC. As well as this, TestClear – the company that makes the detox product – also provides free home tests to check whether the program has completely worked, and additional tests are available. A flush drink for test day is also available for the utmost control over the results of the test.

How to Use the Toxin Rid Detox Program

The Toxin Rid Detox program is a 10-day intensive detox that’s ideal for even heavy cannabis users, although additional days can be purchased if you need extra time to clear the THC from your body. However, we’ll be focusing on the standard 10-day detox program for this guide. However, the guide still works for the additional days – the extra days simply increase the number of pills you’ll need to take.

It’s worth mentioning at this point – the THC detox program will only work if you stop using marijuana vapes during use!

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Take Your Pre-Rid Pills Daily

The first step in your THC detox program is to make sure you take your pre-rid pills. There are 15 pills to take every day, and these should be taken at a rate of one an hour along with eight ounces of water. This is essential to replace the water that you will lose from frequent urination.

The pre-rid pills are the main part of the THC detox program, and they will make you need the loo a lot. Naturally, you’ll need to focus on eating a healthy diet that’s fully balanced with minerals and vitamins in between.

For the 10-day THC detox, you’ll be provided with 150 pills in total. Longer detoxes will have an additional 15 pills per extra day, and you’ll need to continue taking these extra pills on the 15-a-day rate, once an hour until they are finished and you’re ready for the drug test.

On the Final Day of your Program

Once you’ve reached the last day of your program and you’ve taken the last of your pre-rid pills, you’ll then need to take the detox liquid. You should drink half of the detox liquid, mixed into sixteen ounces of water and orange juice. Following this, it’s important that you don’t eat or drink anything else for the next two hours. Once the two hours have passed, you’ll need to make up the same mixture again and take the remaining half of the liquid. Again, refrain from eating or drinking anything for the next two hours.

Once this time has passed (a total of four hours after taking the first half of detox liquid), you’ll be able to go back to your normal diet. What a relief!

On the Day of the Drug Test

The pre-rid pills primarily increase urination, but on the day of the drug test, you’ll need to take the dietary fiber laxative. Mix the fiber into a glass of eight ounces of water and drink this one hour before your drug test is due. The drink must be finished within two minutes of being made up for the best results.

You’ll need to drink sixteen more ounces of water, 15 minutes later. It’s important that you drink the correct amount of water to prevent a dilution effect from being seen, though!

In the hour prior to the drug test, you’ll need to urinate two (or ideally three) times. This will help to pass any remaining THCCOOH that might be lingering in your system, leaving you as ready as you’ll ever be for the drug test.

Final Thoughts

THC drug tests are incredibly sensitive. Many regular marijuana vapers find that they might test positive, even if they haven’t consumed any marijuana in a while.

As such, for these individuals, getting rid of the THC from the body can be important – and THC detox kits can be the best way to achieve this! They’re an intense detox, and you’ll be spending a lot of time chained to the toilet, but they can provide exceptionally effective results!


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