Best Cannabis Seed Banks 2020-21 (all ship to USA)

Growing marijuana is not easy for everyone! If it’s not the authorities and nosy people, you can blame the quality of seeds. No matter how excited you are, there are seeds with poor quality that also ruin your day. Other things that customer experiences have in common include unresponsive customer service and missing packages. Obviously, other seed banks just don’t care whether you got the package in its best condition or not. 

When it comes to finding the highest quality marijuana seeds for your growing project, it is (naturally) absolutely essential that you take the time to think about where you are getting your seeds from. 

So, take our advice when choosing a seed bank to ship seeds from. Find one which takes customer service and seed quality seriously—and we can help you make that choice if you take the time to consider our top picks for cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA.

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Editor’s Pick Overall
  2. Seedsman  Largest Variety of Strains
  3. MSNL Seeds (Most Popular in 2019-20)
  4. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds
  5. Crop King Seeds  Rare Strains/Niche audience
  6.  Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)
  7. True North Seed Bank






  • Excellent Feedback

  • Free and Fast Shipping

  • Gemination Guarantee


  • Largest Variety of Strains

  • Best Stealth Packing

  • Accepts Bitcoins


  • High Quality Strains

  • Best for Bulk Buyers

  • Value packs


  • Best Deals

  • Trackable Shipping

  • Gemination Guarantee

    Crop King Seeds

  • Rare Strains

  • Niche audience

  • Fastest Shipping


  • Discreet Shipping

  • Good Customer Support

  • High Germination Rate

True North Seed Bank

  • Vast Collection of Strains

  • Deals and Freebies

  • Established Player

             Full Review

They can make things a lot easier since they know how to keep the transactions safe on both ends. After all, these top-rated seed banks ship their products in the USA using discreet packaging. As a result, the chance of getting caught or being seized by any concerned authorities is very small. So, we’ve already done the research and found the best online seed banks that ship to USA states.

Table of Contents

Top 9 Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

Let’s get started and learn more about these seed banks, shall we? 

#1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

Established back in 2012 by founder, Robert Bergman, a passionate grower of quality cannabis since the mid-nineties, ILGM is an Amsterdam (Netherlands) based seed bank. Bergman’s experience is not limited solely to his business, though; his contribution to the cannabis growing industry, in the form of many popular marijuana growing books written by him, has made him a key figure in the marijuana growing world. The same can be said for his seed bank, ILGM.ilgm logo

Seed Quality & Germination

A key benefit for people looking to buy their marijuana seeds through ILGM—and one of the most notable reasons as to why this seed bank is our top pick overall for seed banks—is due to their germination guarantee policy. This is something that many seed banks do not offer for their customers and goes to prove the team’s confidence in the quality and success rates of their seeds. Indeed, very few seeds banks offer a policy such as this, but if the seeds don’t sprout, you’ll get a full refund from the company with no questions asked. They also offer a similar guarantee if your order doesn’t arrive, whereby they will ship out a new order for free!

In fairness, with nearly three decades of experience in the cannabis growing industry, it’s safe to say that Bergman knows what he is doing—and it is this knowledge that allows his seeds to be of high quality and always germinate reliably.

Strain Selection

The most notable downside associated with ILGM is the fact that the selection of strains available with the seed bank can be a little limited, with only around 80 strains for people to choose between when buying. On that score, though, these 80 strains are all of the exceptionally high quality, and both auto-flowering and feminized varieties are available as well as “mix packs” containing a selection of three different strains, grouped by a certain trait such as bud color or growing conditions.

Customer Service

The team at ILGM provides a rapid response service for their contact us inquiries, as well as a popular forum for troubleshooting with help from other growers. This is particularly useful for people getting started with growing cannabis seeds or looking for other opinions on a particular strain.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

ILGM accepts payment for its products by bank transfer/deposit, card, cash, cheque, or Bitcoin, which means that the majority of customers will be able to order through them. Discreet packaging is available for every order, which is important for giving the seeds the best chance to arrive. Most orders arrive within 10 days of being placed, and shipping is even free to the US! However, shipment tracking ability comes with an additional fee of $25.

If the seeds should fail to germinate, the company will offer a full refund as part of their germination guarantee. They also offer numerous promotions and free seed offers for their customers.


To date, I Love Growing Marijuana has over 4000 reviews on TrustPilot, and with these averaging out at around 4.8 stars out of 5, it is clear to see that I Love Growing Marijuana is an industry favorite brand for people looking to buy top quality cannabis seeds.


  • Germination guarantee
  • Rapid shipping times
  • Free shipping to the US
  • Beginner-friendly seed packs
  • An online forum for members to discuss all of their cannabis growing needs


  • Comparatively expensive seed prices
  • Additional fees for tracked shipments
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Seedsman is a highly popular and well-known seed bank brand among veterans, and for good reason, too. A huge number of people know and trust Seedsman for their cannabis seed purchases, and they are also one of our favorite choices of seed banks for their overall high-quality service and product range. Based in Barcelona, Spain, and originally established in 2003, it’s safe to say that Seedsman is an experienced player in the online seed selling business.

A notable feature of the Seedsman seed bank is that of their passion for cannabis. While some seed banks exist solely to make money, Seedsman is a passionate advocate for cannabis legalization. As part of this goal, a proportion of the seed bank’s profits are donated to causes dedicated toward education about cannabis legislation and the pros and cons of cannabis use. 

Seed Quality & Germination

The seeds offered by Seedsman can be a little variable in some cases in terms of quality, but this is largely due to the sheer number of different strains that the team offers. However, the vast majority of the seeds that the team offers are of high quality and germinate reliably, giving expected yields at harvest time. By doing your research to start with, you can be confident of good quality seed from this seed bank.

Strain Selection

Seedsman is well known for its impressive range of seed strains. They don’t just offer feminized and auto-flowering strains; in fact, they offer a ridiculously large number of strains—well over 4000, giving customers plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right strain. Plus, the size of the team also allows them to get highly competitive rates. Of course, this then translates to cheaper prices for their own customers, too!

Customer Service

Seedsman operates an email-only approach to customer service if you want to talk to a real person, and this can put pressure on the 14-day returns window, so make sure you are confident when placing an order.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

Seedsman accepts numerous different payment methods and all of the major payment forms, including credit and debit cards; bank transfers, and bitcoin! Free seeds are available (as well as discounts) with orders made using Bitcoin. Seedsman is great for providing a discrete service, with information on bank details not indicating the nature of the purchase and all orders are shipped in a plain, unmarked envelope for discretion, often with other items such as a CD for discretionary purposes. Shipping rates are determined based on the location of the destination, which can make the shipping fees highly competitive with this seed bank, although shipping insurance will increase the price tag accordingly. Seedsman also offers a loyalty system for customers and regularly offers sales—however, there is no germination guarantee.


While every seed bank will occasionally get a bad review, Seedsman does have a very shiny reputation with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on over 10,000 reviews by past customers! This means that people can be confident that they are choosing a trustworthy seed bank when shopping with Seedsman. A key benefit of the Seedsman reviews system is also that reviews can be searched based on the specific strain that the seed bank offers, allowing buyers to have full confidence in whether or not the strain they have chosen will be the right type of cannabis strain for them.


  • Huge strain selection—our top pick for most strains!
  • High ratings
  • Reviews available on individual strains to assist selection
  • Loyalty program
  • Good promotions
  • Affordable seed prices


  • Can be hard to get hold of customer service
  • No germination guarantee
  • Shipping guarantee has additional fees

#3. MNSL Seedbank

When it comes to making sure that you find the ideal seed bank, it is important that the seed bank’s experience is a factor that you consider very carefully, and few seed banks have more experience than the MNSL Seedbank. Founded in 1999 by two friends who had a real budding passion for growing cannabis seeds (yes, pun fully intended!) the company specializes in providing top quality cannabis seed genetics. This is backed up by the founders’ professionalism and passion for furthering the quality of modern cannabis strains and with a geneticist on the team, this is a goal that the MNSL Seed Bank is uniquely suited towards furthering the quality of the cannabis seed strains which they offer for their customers. This is backed up by decades of research and study, all of which have been geared towards ensuring that the seed strains are the best that they can possibly be.

Seed Quality and Germination

Arguably the most notable benefit that the MNSL Seedbank offers is that of the quality of the seeds. Their original stock included some strains which included F1 strains, some of the most potent and high yielding cannabis varieties, and these are natural options that are incredibly popular for many people to consider. The team also offers a range of auto-flowering species and feminized seeds. Input in terms of seed and strain development from professional geneticists helps to give buyers confidence in the quality of the seeds. All seeds are analyzed in the lab to make sure that they are of a high standard prior to sale.

Germination guarantees are not actually offered by the company, however, so this should be considered when selecting seeds from MNSL to make sure that the seeds you choose will be right for you. However, germination rates are something that is typically praised highly by customers and so buyers can likely be confident in their orders.

Strain Selection

Unfortunately, strain selection is one area in which the MNSL seed Bank admittedly falls down slightly. There are not a huge number of strains offered by MNSL (although the ones that they do offer are perfected to high quality). 

Customer Service

The customer service through MNSL is widely reported as being very good, with the team offering numerous contact options and rapid response times. They have an international and local telephone number as well as an online contact option and also provide an FAQ section to streamline the customer experience.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

Payment methods for MNSL include Bitcoin or bank transfer, and Mastercard credit and debit cards; Visa cards are not accepted, however. They also offer prepaid gift cards and even accept cash payments for their seeds, which is unique among most seed banks.

Seed orders are shipped discretely, and three different delivery methods are available to give customers maximum protection for their seeds: standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth. US customers also benefit from very rapid shipping.

The MNSL Seedbank offers a variety of other benefits for customers looking to buy seeds through them, including highly competitive prices for seeds (in addition to the large number of promotions that they offer); as part of this, every order is also topped up with 5 free seeds for buyers to enjoy, meaning that the MNSL Seed Bank is a good choice of seed bank for people looking to get the best value for money when it comes to buying their cannabis seeds without compromising on quality products. There is also a loyalty scheme in place and discounts available for bitcoin payments.


With a grand total of approximately 10k+ reviews on TrustPilot, it is safe to say that MNSL is a seed bank that is highly popular among customers. A few customers seem to express concerns about the lack of information about breeders of the seeds; however, the MNSL seed bank breeds all of its own seeds, and so these reviews are simply invalidated. 


  • Rapid shipping for US customers
  • Good selection of promotions on seed orders
  • 5 free seeds with each order or more
  • Loyalty scheme
  • 15% discount for Bitcoin purchases
  • Stealth shipping


  • No germination guarantee offered
  • Limited strain selection compared to other seed banks


#4. Grower’s Choice Seed Bank

When it comes to seed banks and finding somewhere to source your next batch of Cannabis seeds 

from, Grower’s Choice should absolutely be a consideration. Established in 2011, Grower’s Choice is based in Europe but offers worldwide delivery of their seeds, making them potentially a good choice of seed bank that ships to the USA for 2020.

Seed Quality and Germination

Grower’s Choice takes the quality of their seeds incredibly seriously, and it is for this reason that many people choose this seed bank for sourcing their cannabis seeds. The team offers a 90% germination guarantee on purchased seeds, with a two seed minimum, and will replace non-germinating seeds for free at no charge to the buyer. This guarantee is one of the most generous on the market, meaning that—one way or the other—good germination rates are guaranteed.

The freshness of seeds is guaranteed throughout every step of the process by the seed bank, with all seeds picked and inspected by hand to ensure quality prior to being packaged in medical-grade glass vials.

Strain Selection

The strains offered by Grower’s Choice are all of the high quality, however, the range of strains available with the seed bank is not overly diverse. Indeed, the team only supplies approximately 40 strains of cannabis seeds, although these 40 do include 5 strains of medical, high CBD strains for medicinal cannabis growers and users. Autoflowering and feminized seeds are also available for customers.

Customer Service

Grower’s Choice places a large amount of emphasis on providing good customer service, however, it seems from past reviews that this is one area in which the seed bank falls down. Customer reviews on external websites seem to indicate that the support provided by the customer service team, when needed, sometimes is not overly helpful for buyers looking to ask for help regarding orders. However, the team does usually responds promptly to a website form and email queries and also has a telephone number for voice calls if this is more preferable for the customer.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

Grower’s Choice is a seed bank which offers a large number of different payment options for its customers, and this is something that can prove to be popular for many. Some of the payment options include payment by Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards; cryptocurrencies including BitCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum; Zelle, for US customers; Interac eTransfer for Canadian customers, and money orders or cheques.

Shipping is usually delivered within approximately two weeks and shipping fees, when compared to other seed banks, are relatively low; however, the cut off minimum order for free delivery is $500 which is relatively high considering other seed banks. The seeds are packaged in medical-grade glass vials to guarantee the freshness of the seeds. Stealth packaging is even available for free for US orders which can be directly beneficial.

Grower’s Choice is one of the ‘tougher’ seed banks to get discounts from, with promotions being uncommon; however, they do offer a loyalty program that is beneficial for growers who place orders for new seeds regularly. In addition to this, their germination guarantee promises replacement seeds in the event that fewer than 90% of seeds ordered succeed in germinating. 

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The majority of customer reviews for Grower’s Choice are overwhelmingly positive in terms of seed growth and germination, however, it is worth noting that the team’s reviews on TrustPilot are only about 3 out of 5 stars—largely due to the aforementioned lack of support from the customer service team, so this should be carefully considered before making an order for seeds. However, reviews on online forums are generally far more positive than on TrustPilot, indicating that professional growers rate the company highly.


  • Generous loyalty program
  • Quick shipping
  • Good customer service availability
  • 90% germination guarantee
  • 5 strains of medicinal seeds
  • Stealth delivery available


  • Only 40 seed strains—limited strain selection
  • High minimum order for free delivery
  • Limited or no promotions other than the loyalty scheme

#5.Crop King Seeds 

Widely known for its long reputation and many years of providing cannabis seeds, Crop King Seeds has since developed a worldwide reputation for its products. The team as we know it today was established in 2012, after originally beginning life years prior in a humble office—an apartment—and has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular seed banks globally. They always strive to expand and improve their range, providing some truly iconic strains and products for customers. They now have over 200 stores in and around Canada, as well as their online store.

Seed Quality and Germination

The team behind Crop King Seeds traveled the world in their hunt for the highest quality cannabis seeds, and this is reflected in the quality of the seeds that they sell nowadays, many years down the line. The quality of the Crop King cannabis seeds, therefore, makes this seed bank a good contender for people looking for a place to source their seeds from. Germination is guaranteed by the company at 80% or greater, which sets Crop King aside from many other seed banks. Moreover, the seeds have fast growth rates across all strains.

Strain Selection

The current offering of strains from Crop King Seeds is a little limited compared to some other seed banks, with just 40 strains of seeds on offer for customers; however, the team is working to improve on this selection continually. Moreover, it is worth noting that the strains offered by Crop King Seeds are all reliable for providing good growth rates and high-quality plants, with the germination guarantee applying to all strains. Some of the most notable strains to come from Crop King Seeds include Purple Kush, Dark Angel, and White Cookies (which was actually in the top 10 strains of 2015 list by the High Times Magazine)..

Customer Service

Crop King Seeds offer their customers with high-quality customer service and support, including the fact that Canadian buyers can visit one of the 200 stores for face to face support. For US buyers, however, support is still available in the form of either a telephone call, letters, live chat, contact us forms, or by email. The only drawback, however, is that the live chat operators for Crop King Seeds are notorious for being unpleasant and impatient individuals to deal with, on occasion.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

Crop King Seeds offers its customers numerous ways to pay for their orders, including Visa and Mastercards; cryptocurrency payment options are also available. Shipping comes in standard or expresses forms and delivery can take a while compared to some seed banks; seeds are delivered in a discrete, sealed package to keep them fresh during this time.

The prices for seeds through this company can be a little higher than competitor products, as can also be said for the cost of shipping; however, the potency of the seeds and their overall quality can justify this; free shipping is available for orders of $300 or greater, though. The team does offer a germination guarantee, however, their promotions are rarely ‘generous’ and a little more lacking than the promotions offered by other seed banks.


Crop King Seeds has a good reputation among customers, although it has experienced its share of problems. Reviews of the company report that the company occasionally sends out the wrong strain of seeds for customers’ orders, while other reviews report that the seeds infrequently fail to meet the 80% guarantee; while a refund is offered if this is not met, it is still infuriating for a grower to have their seeds fail to germinate successfully.


  • 80% germination rate guarantee
  • Lots of medicinal high CBD seed strains available
  • Contact options are plentiful
  • Helpful and prompt customer service support
  • Dedicated team who work to improve the genetics behind their seeds continually


  • Strain selection somewhat limited compared to other seedbanks with more strains, such as Seedsman
  • More expensive seed prices than other seed banks

 #6.Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)

Known as the Canadian seed bank, Quebec Cannabis seeds is one of the go-to stores for Canadian buyers—but US buyers can also benefit from the high-quality seeds that the team offers. For over fifteen years, the team has never wavered in their dedication toward providing premium quality cannabis seeds, making them a highly popular choice. They share a similar passion for cannabis as Seedsman, which is a popular choice for US residents looking to purchase their own cannabis seeds for 2020.

Seed Quality and Germination

Seeds offered by QCS are widely considered to be of very high quality, and this quality is largely why people often choose them as a place for sourcing their cannabis seeds. They pride themselves on specializing particularly in providing seeds that have interesting phenotypes and which provide their growers with massive yields, and this is something that is directly seen in the quality of their seeds. All seeds undergo strict testing in order to assure this level of quality. They also offer an 80% germination guarantee on their seeds, meaning you can be confident that the seeds will have good germination rates with the seeds.

Strain Selection

Quebec Cannabis Seeds provide a relatively large range of strains, with over 100 strains available for customers to choose from. Each strain sold on their website is carefully selected based on a number of stringent factors by a group of 20 expert seed testers, and the strains are then further analyzed and scrutinized by the team themselves to ensure that only the best strains are available on the site. 

Customer Service

Customer service for QCS is arguably the weakest part of the seed bank, with only two options of communication being available: telephone and email. Telephone is only available as one number for international and national callers and is only available during working hours in the week, which means support may not always be available for customers. The team does try to respond as soon as they can to queries, though.

Payment Methods, Shipping & Refunds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds, in fitting with its role as a highly popular cannabis seed bank, offers a few different payment methods for customers including debit cards, either Visa or Mastercard; credit card; bank transfer; and Bitcoin. While there are fewer payment methods offered than some other seed banks, these methods are usually suitable for most customers.

QCS does not offer free shipping, but shipping is affordably priced at $10 and all deliveries are discrete. Seeds are delivered within about two weeks usually for US customers, and stealth packaging options are available to help ensure the safe delivery of the seeds—although guarantees are not offered with the stealth shipping options.

A key benefit of this seed bank is their generous discounts and promotions, as well as their assured germination guarantee that at least 80% of seeds will germinate. Money-saving promotions are regularly held.


With over 15 years of experience under their belt, it is safe to say that Quebec Cannabis Seeds have a good reputation, both online and as a result of word of mouth promotions. The majority of reviews on TrustPilot are overwhelmingly positive for the experience; however, some customers have reported instances of seeds failing to arrive—as explained previously, QCS do not offer a guaranteed delivery option, although they do try to offer discrete and stealth deliveries, so this is inevitably the case occasionally.


  • Extensive experience with cannabis for over 15 years
  • A highly reputable company which is known as “the” Canadian cannabis seed bank
  • Germination guarantee of at least 80%
  • Affordable shipping rates
  • Rapid US delivery times
  • Affordable prices
  • Common promotions


  • No free shipping
  • Fewer payment methods than some other seed banks, particularly Grower’s Choice
  • Good selection of strain compared to some, but still limited at 100 strains


What to Do Before Buying Cannabis Seeds?

Before you buy cannabis seeds on any seed banks, be sure that you check if they can ship to your country or zip code. Go for a seed bank with a user-friendly online shop so you can navigate their site with ease. An awesome customer support team to contact anytime is also a must. It’s always best to have someone to ask anything about their products and services before you buy. 

Aside from going through their list of products, don’t forget to check the quality of their products and their refund/return policy. When it comes to their accepted payment methods, the more currency they accept the better. Be sure that they also provide on-time stealthy and discreet shipping to protect you and your parcel. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble just because the information on your parcels’ sticker reveals everything inside it. It’s better to be safe than sorry later.

Top Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Buying cannabis seeds online can be exciting, but don’t let yourself get scammed for your next seed purchase—scam companies are out there and will leave you out of pocket for your cannabis seeds order!

What Makes a Good Seed Bank?

There are many factors that can differentiate a good seed bank from a bad one, and it is imperative that you think carefully when choosing a seed bank to make sure your chosen seed bank is reputable. A good seed bank should offer the following:

  • Good strain selection—a good seed bank should offer a wide range of different seed strains. Make sure you check the types of seeds offered if you are after something specific, such as a medicinal strain.
  • Quality seeds—any company should do its best to offer quality products, and this is also true for seed banks. Do your research to make sure that the chosen seed bank prioritizes seed quality and freshness where possible. Ideally, the chosen seed bank should offer a germination guarantee, although seed banks that resell seeds bred by other growers may not necessarily offer this.
  • Credit to breeders—some seed banks breed all of their own seeds, whereas other seed banks buy seeds directly from growers. If the seed bank buys its stock in, make sure that the breeder for each strain is credited.
  • Affordable prices—all seed banks will have varying prices, but a good seed bank should offer prices that are affordable and not extortionately more expensive than similar competitor products. You should also think about available promotions and freebies when making this decision!
  • Good reputation—consider the past experiences of other customers to make sure your chosen seed bank is one that sticks to its promises and provides seeds that meet its assurances and your expectations.
  • Payment methods—different seedbanks accept different payment methods, so if you have a particular payment method in mind, make sure you check that your chosen seed bank will accept it.
  • Customer service—you may need support from the customer service, so check your seed bank offers a communications method that works for you.
  • Delivery reputation—check the delivery time frames and shipping prices. Make sure you also consider the available discretion options and stealth shipping options; some seed banks will offer guaranteed delivery while others won’t. Considering past reviews will help you to get an idea for the delivery success rate of the team. Also, check that the chosen cannabis seed bank will deliver to your country and location!

Checklist for Buying Cannabis Seeds

  1. Choose your strain: make sure you choose a strain that will provide you with the expected results. If you want a potent high, choose a strain that is high in THC content; for medicinal cannabis, choose a high CBD strain instead.
  2. Choose a seed bank: make sure you choose a trustworthy seed bank, as expressed above. A good seed bank should offer affordable prices for customers and have a good selection of high-quality seeds. Always check past reviews from other customers to make sure you’ve chosen a good one!
  3. Consider payment methods: most seed banks accept credit and debit card payments, but not all seed banks will accept other forms of payment. You should also consider that with many seed banks, Bitcoin payments commonly have a discount on the final price which may be appreciable.
  4. Check shipping options: not every seed bank will immediately offer stealth shipping on orders and the like, but there are usually stealth delivery options available that you may wish to choose. Some seed banks even offer guaranteed delivery, where replacements will be sent if the order fails to arrive.
  5. Place your order: pretty self-explanatory—place your order and wait for your seeds to arrive at last!


How Much do Cannabis Seeds Cost Online?

Cannabis seeds have varying prices online. Different seed banks usually vary their rates for products; seed banks that breed their own seeds usually offer lower prices than those which buy in seeds. However, seed banks that buy in seeds often have a more plentiful selection of strains to choose from. Similarly, auto-flowering and feminized strains are also more expensive than standard seeds. Typically, cannabis seeds will cost $5-$10 each; however, this varies wildly based on strain, seed bank, and promotional discounts.

What Types of Cannabis Seeds can you Buy Online?

There are thousands of different strains of cannabis seeds available online. Choosing between these can be difficult! The most generic types of cannabis seeds are standard, auto-flowering (which do not need specific lighting conditions to begin flowering and generally flower earlier) and feminized (only female seeds will produce buds, so male seeds are a waste of energy and effort—feminized seeds are those which have been sorted so that they contain only/predominantly female seeds).

Common Seed Phenotypes

  • Indica—typically shorter and stockier than Sativas or hybrids, and which give huge yields in a cooler climate. They also have a shorter flowering period, speeding up the harvest time!
  • Sativa—taller plants (up to 15 feet!) which give good yields. They have a longer flowering period but are good for outdoor growing as they are resistant to mold and diseases
  • Hybrid—a cross between Indica and Sativa plants, hybrids are the “best of both” options which give average yields and grow to an average height. They grow best indoors, however, can be grown outdoors too.

How to check if your Seeds are Real

So, you’ve got your cannabis seeds… but how can you tell if they are real? Good cannabis seeds should be dark in color (either brown, black, or grey) and should have spots or stripes around the outside of the seed. They should also be covered in a thin waxy coating, which will make the seeds appear shiny. Real seeds will also be hard and able to withstand squeezing without being crushed, nor should they have any cracks or holes in them.

There are a few ways to check that your seeds are real. The most common is to check whether the seeds float or not; place the seeds in a cup of warm water and leave for a few hours. Seeds which sink are either fake or non-viable; good seeds will still be floating.

Otherwise, have a little patience and just try to germinate the seeds! If the seed meets the description of a cannabis seed above and successfully begins to germinate, congratulations—you’ve probably got a genuine cannabis seed!


What’s the best method for payment?

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency/bitcoin, you should it is one of the safest options for buying cannabis seeds online. Most of the seed banks also provide an additional discount or free seeds when you purchase via bitcoin.

Payment methods include debit/credit card, check or postal money order, cash in the mail, and wire transfer. Some seed banks allow Paypal on special requests via the help button.

Do seed banks allow Pre-paid credit cards?

Since you are doing international purchases in most cases (as seed banks are based in Europe, UK, or Canada) USA based prepaid cards generally do NOT work.

Will it show in my bank statement?

Most of the top seedbanks listed here take care of stealth/discreet aspects to make sure that certain keywords such as marijuana, weed, or seeds do not show in your bank statement. You can always double-check with customer care before placing order. Legit seed banks are very careful about the information shown on bank statements.

 Are online payments safe?

Check that your chosen seed bank has the SSL security logo to ensure that your transaction will be encrypted and secured. If it does, then yes, your payment should be safe.

What if my parcel is confiscated during delivery?

Sometimes, seeds can get confiscated when the seed bank attempts to deliver them. If you have guaranteed shipping, the seed bank—when notified by you with reliable evidence of confiscation provided to them—should resend the order for free. Otherwise, you may have to pay for a new order to be sent.

What is the legal status of Cannabis Seeds?

In case you’re wondering, these are the states in the USA that legalized cannabis:

  • Alaska – Medical and Recreational 
  • Arizona – Medical
  • Arkansas – Medical
  • California – Medical and Recreational
  • Colorado – Medical and Recreational
  • Connecticut – Medical
  • Delaware – Medical
  • District of Columbia – Medical and Recreational
  • Florida – Medical
  • Hawaii – Medical
  • Illinois – Medical and Recreational
  • Louisiana – Medical
  • Maine – Medical and Recreational
  • Maryland – Medical
  • Massachusetts – Medical and Recreational
  • Michigan – Medical and Recreational
  • Minnesota – Medical
  • Missouri – Medical
  • Montana – Medical
  • Nevada – Medical and Recreational
  • New Hampshire – Medical
  • New Jersey – Medical
  • New Mexico – Medical
  • New York – Medical
  • North Dakota – Medical
  • Ohio – Medical
  • Oklahoma – Medical
  • Oregon – Medical and Recreational
  • Pennsylvania – Medical
  • Rhode Island – Medical
  • Utah – Medical
  • Vermont – Medical and Recreational
  • Washington – Medical and Recreational
  • West Virginia – Medical

If your state isn’t included in this list, it only means that cannabis is still illegal within your area. But if there’s a blinking Go signal either for medical, recreational, or both, then you’re good to go. Just take note that marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal. This is the main reason why buying cannabis seeds can still a bit challenging for many. For those who are still new in growing marijuana, buying seeds can be really frustrating at times.

Can I sell cannabis seeds in the US?

Just because you can get seeds in certain states where cannabis is legalized does not mean that you are allowed to sell seeds! Just don’t do it.


Final Words

If we are going to choose one seed bank from this list, we would definitely go for ILGM seed bank. Why ILGM? Well, it’s pretty obvious since we intentionally put it first on the list. But to be more reasonable, I Love Growing Marijuana offers a huge variety of strains with the highest quality. After doing our own research, we also encountered a lot of positive reviews about the company which convinced us more.

Their website shares various growing guides from starting, using advanced techniques, and learning the growers’ dictionary. Also, they share valuable information through their YouTube channel to reach more audiences around the world. But what we liked about this company is their passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise in cannabis seeds. Their company wasn’t born just to earn money.

ILGM was born out of love for growing marijuana and helping others get on the right track. In case you want to try other seed banks, feel free to choose from our prepared list above. We already compiled all the best seed banks that ship to the USA in this comprehensive guide.


6 thoughts on “Best Cannabis Seed Banks 2020-21 (all ship to USA)”

  1. I used to buy seeds from other seed banks, but the standard of service at ILGM is second to none to be honest and I don’t think I would want to shop anywhere else, now. Great seeds, great prices, great promotions, and great customer service too.

  2. I have tried MSNL. There are loads of different seedbanks available and I think some might be able to offer more than this one. The seeds themselves were great and germinated well but the delivery was disappointing and the company failed to deliver all of the seeds, a few were missing too.

  3. Really awesome team @ILGM, nothing to complain about, wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again. Great support and seeds are always delivered promptly and without fuss. Discreet packaging too which is an added bonus because I’m not sure what my neighbors (even if it is legal would think if they knew I was ordering marijuana seeds!

  4. ILGM is a very good company for sure, wouldn’t choose any other seed bank to get my seeds from. I have ordered multiple times and have never had any problems. All of the seeds germinate as expected and delivery is timely and discreet. But, their variety of strains bit limited compared to others.

  5. Well, I’m afraid to say that I was a bit… underwhelmed by the service that I got from ILGM. I’d heard great things and the vast majority of reviews also looked awesome, so I figured I would try them out for my next seeds order. However, nothing “wowed” me really. Ordering was quite an easy process at least and that was good, the website was very easy to use. The service was OK—the seeds were delivered a little later than expected, but they were in the discreet packaging that was promised at least. But the seeds themselves were just very unexciting… about an average germination rate, nothing more and nothing less. Think I’ll be sticking to other seed banks in the future, although I suppose I wouldn’t rule out ILGM if I had no other choice. But not my favorite seed bank.

  6. I’ve heard great things about ILGM from friends but always used other online seed banks to order my seeds. But unfortunately, my favorite seed bank let me down on my last order because of the Coronavirus situation, so I thought I would take my friends’ advice and give ILGM a try! My order didn’t arrive when I expected it, which was really disappointing, but the team was helpful when I asked what was going on and quickly realized that the order had been missed. Luckily the seeds then arrived very soon after this—it seems that they were eager to correct the problem! I’ve just planted the seeds so very interested to see how they compare to my favorites from my other seed bank…


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