PlatinumLED Platinum Series P600 Review

The PlatinumLED Platinum Series P600 is a powerful and efficient LED grow light with excellent coverage. It is a top of the range grow light for those looking for extremely high quality and aren’t afraid to pay for what they get. Read on to find out why!

Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM


Durable Build

The panel of the Platinum Series P600 has a solid, sturdy build, and is very easy to set up. Once hung above your plants, it will stay in place and provide all the light you need to grow your cannabis, or even your tomatoes or flowers, indoors.


Light Spectrum

The Platinum Series P600 emits 12-band full spectrum light, including ultraviolet and infrared, to provide your plants with everything they need to grow successfully. There is also a variable switch programme for both the vegetative and flowering stages, giving you ultimate control and flexibility.


One thing to note is that the P600 emits powerful light, so to prevent shocking your plants with your new grow light, it is recommended to hang it a little higher than normal to avoid this. Once your plants have adjusted, you can lower the light again for maximum effect.


The Light: Intense but Cool

This light has a high PAR value, which can be seen with the naked eye as it will even penetrate the leaves of your marijuana plants. It is about two to three times more powerful than most LED grow lights currently available. For this reason, we recommend buying protective glasses to wear when you go to check on your plants to prevent you from damaging your eyes.

Even with all this power, the Platinum Series P600 runs very cool. The built-in cooling fans run quietly and effectively to dissipate heat, reducing the electricity costs of running the light, and keeping it from burning your plants and overheating your grow space.



The Platinum Series P600 has a maximum coverage of 6 feet by 3.75 feet when hung 18 inches above the canopy. During flowering, you will want to lower the light to increase its intensity, at which point the coverage becomes about 5 feet by 2 feet.

This is perfect for a medium sized grow space, and there is always the option of buying an extra light if you have more plants to grow.



The warranty for the Platinum Series P600 is five years and includes exceptional customer service which is provided directly by the owner. Considering the long-term energy savings of efficient LED bulbs, this light will have practically paid for itself by the time the warranty runs out.


Final Thoughts

There is no way around it, this grow light is expensive. It is for the serious grower with a medium grow space and a larger budget. However, taking into account all of its features and the high power, high-quality light that it puts out, we think it is highly recommendable.

If you prefer to focus on the quality of your end product over the amount you spend on obtaining it, then this light is well worth it. It will last you a long time, and the running costs won’t break the bank.

Not to mention the 5-year warranty and the owner-provided customer service. What are you waiting for?!


Happy growing!