Best Cannabis Seed Banks 2020-21 (all ship to USA)

Growing marijuana is not easy for everyone! If it’s not the authorities and nosy people, you can blame the quality of seeds. No matter how excited you are, there are seeds with poor quality that also ruin your day. Other things that customer experiences have in common include unresponsive customer service and missing packages. Obviously, … Read more

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Canada [2020]

When it comes to buying marijuana seeds in Canada, the choice that you’ve got can be a little bit limited and this can impact the number of choices that you. Fortunately, though, there are still some great cannabis seed banks in Canada that you can choose from all the same for buying your cannabis seeds. … Read more

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia 2020 – Review

In recent times, there has been a massive global push to get cannabis – particularly medicinal cannabis – legalized. This change is something that is also being seen down under in Australia, with more and more pressure being placed on the Australian government to implement changes in the law that would allow for medicinal and … Read more

KandyPens Coupon Codes & Discounts [2021]

Kandypens offers some of the highest quality vape pens and premium dab pens on the market today. You can browse their store for the latest models from many different lines, as well as browse for tanks, batteries, and various accessories. Kandypens can meet all your vaping needs, no matter the scale. And with a Kandypens … Read more

Golden Goat Cannabis Seeds – Where to Buy [Sale]

Choosing the right strain of cannabis seed can be difficult, and with so many different options available for you to consider, the choice is further compounded. Indeed, it’s no surprise that people can feel a little overwhelmed when presented with seemingly endless lists of different strains. There are many different factors that you should also … Read more

How to Harvest Marijuana Step by Step

When it comes to harvesting weed – especially if this is your first time growing cannabis – it’s hugely important that you know how to harvest weed properly. Even if you’ve grown and used your own cannabis before, there’s always the potential to improve your harvesting technique; this will allow you to get the best … Read more

How to Grow Weed in a Closet

When we think about growing cannabis, we often think about a tent or a carefully controlled cannabis growing room – however, would you have considered that growing cannabis in a closet is also a good possibility? Indeed, many professional cannabis growers wouldn’t even consider this method, let alone recommend it – however, if you want … Read more

Dr Dabber Coupon Codes & Discounts [2021]

If you are in the market for vaping supplies, machines, and accessories, Dr. Dabber has you covered! Their diverse stock covers both regular vaporizers as well as CBD ones and all the many accessories you may need. The SWITCH and Boost: Black Editions are just some of the many examples of outstanding vaping devices available. … Read more

Grencoscience Coupons – G Pen Promo Codes & Discounts

When it comes to finding the ideal solution for all of your vaping needs, Grenco Science has the offer. Priding themselves on being the first company in the world to be able to market a specially made tank system, designed for aromatherapy regimes, the team offers a wide range of innovative products that are great … Read more

PuffCo Discount Code- Verified Coupons[2021]

The High Times thought that Puffco offered the very “best vape pen” in the industry, and that is why they are one of the top choices for suppliers of all of your vaping needs! Puffco offer a wide range of different vaping products, from specialist and innovative portable vaporizers to a wide range of wholesale … Read more

Arizer Coupon Codes & Discounts [2021]

Arizer is a specialist provider of high quality herbal vaporizers, and the company have earned a reputation for being one of the most premium choices in the industry. With their primary motivation being to offer vaporizers that are the ultimate choice in terms of portability and discretion, as well as a number of other types … Read more

Pax 3 Coupon Codes & Discounts [2020] – Updated Review

Latest PAX Discount Codes & Coupons  Best Offer Verified on 15th Nov’20 Pax 3 Vaporizer Review Manufactured by Pax Labs, the Pax 3 is the brand’s newest vaporizer release which introduces several upgrades to the Pax 2. This vaporizer heats in less than 30 seconds, has four preset temperatures, one custom-temperature setting, a larger battery, … Read more

Crop King Seeds Coupon Codes, Promo & Deals [ Nov 2020]

Verified Deals. Known as one of the first companies that started selling high-quality marijuana seeds online, Crop Kings Seeds had a humble beginning. Before they were known for selling world-class marijuana seeds from professional marijuana growers, the company started with a single employee. After selling and shipping seeds from just an apartment, the operation was … Read more