Marijuana Grow Box: Build or Buy?

In this article we will be talking about what grow boxes are and how they are made. We will also be looking at the pros and cons of building your own grow box compared to buying a ready-made one, so that you can make an informed decision as to how you want to grow your own weed at home.


What is a Grow Box?

A grow box is a fixed structure that can hold everything you need to grow your own marijuana. This includes a hydroponics system, grow lights, reflective lining, ventilation, humidity, temperature and (sometimes) pH monitoring, and odour control. A grow box is a more permanent fixture than a grow tent, and is usually made for a home grower.


They come in different shapes and sizes depending on how many plants they can fit inside and what sort of system they use to grow the plants (most grow boxes come with some kind of hydroponic system, but some will allow for soil growing too).

Many grow boxes are designed to be stealthy. This means that from the outside they might look like regular filling cabinets or cupboards, and internally they don’t use up large amounts of energy so that your utility bills remain unsuspicious.


It is possible to build your own grow box or cabinet by buying the equipment you need separately and assembling it inside an old cabinet. You can also buy ready-made grow cabinets in any size you need, and each model will come with varying levels of technology and automation. The more advanced the grow box, the more expensive it will be, but the easier it will be to run. It all comes down to personal preference.


Why Build Your Own Marijuana Grow Box?


Building your own grow box usually works out cheaper, as you can scan the market for the best deals on hydroponic grow systems and grow lights to find the ones that suit you for the best price. This way, you can spend as much or as little as you like.


Making your own grow box also means making the most of your grow space. If you have limited space or awkward dimensions, then making your own grow box ensures that you are using all the space you have to grow your marijuana, and none of it goes to waste.


Using old furniture to make a new grow box is a great way to recycle. If you or someone you know is about to throw away a perfectly useable cabinet or chest of draws, this is (in our opinion anyway) the best way to repurpose it!


Finally, making your own marijuana grow box is a good way of starting a small project without getting too invested. Start small and see if you enjoy growing. If not, then you haven’t spent a huge amount of money of something you won’t use again. If you find you really enjoy growing marijuana, then there is no reason not to expand your grow box or make a second one to house more plants!


Why Buy a Pre-made Marijuana Grow Box?


If DIY projects aren’t your thing, then perhaps you would me more interested in buying a ready-made, all-inclusive marijuana grow box. This way all you have to do when it arrives is plug it in and plant your seeds and you’re all set!


Whilst ready-made grow boxes tend to be expensive, they are usually far more efficient and less time consuming than home-made grow boxes. The more automated it is, the less time you will have to spend checking your plants and monitoring their growth.


Another bonus to buying a grow box is that you already know that all of the components will work well together. There is nothing worse than thinking you have finished building your own grow box, only to switch it on and have all your fuses blow from too much current being drawn to your box.


If you are choosing to grow with a grow box for stealth reasons, then factory made grow boxes tend to be more reliable, as there will be no gaps for the odour or light to seep out. This will also benefit your plants, as no light will seep in when they are in darkness.


Factory made grow boxes are designed to be efficient. This means two things; one – that your marijuana plants will grow lots of big buds very quickly, and two – they won’t require huge amounts of energy to power, which will save you money in the long run.


Finally, DIY projects take time. First, you have to do your research on each individual component, and then you have to spend time actually building and assembling it. The huge bonus with buying a grow box is that they are quick and easy to set up and run, allowing you to grow more marijuana faster and with less effort.

Buying a Marijuana Grow Box

Here is a quick list of some of the key features you will need to look out for when buying a grow box:

  • Wattage (how much electricity will it require?)
  • Type of grow light (HID, fluorescent, LED – we suggest LED grow lights as they won’t overheat in the confined space of a grow box, they last a long time and are highly efficient)
  • Dimensions (will it fit your grow space?)
  • Is it light proof?
  • Odour control (does it have carbon filters?)
  • Automation (how much monitoring will the machine do and how much will you have to do?)


A Couple of Grow Box Suggestions to Help Get You Started

There are plenty of options out there, so do lots of research before spending your money. Here are three marijuana grow boxes and cabinets that we have picked out to share with you, all of which are discreet and good for beginners.


SuperCloset SuperLocker 3.0 Stealth Marijuana Grow Box

The SuperLocker measures 66 inches high by 15 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and comes with a Kind LED K3 L300 full spectrum grow light (as well as T5 fluorescent additional side lighting), and a 3-year warranty. It has the external appearance of a simple locker, and wouldn’t look out of place in your house or garage, for example.

There is enough space inside to grow up to 8 marijuana plants, and there is also a separate chamber with fluorescent lighting for cloning or growing seedlings. This way you can keep a continuous growth cycle so you will never run out of bud.

The ventilation system and air filters control odour and are quiet, helping you avoid suspicion and keeping your plants well ventilated. The entire box is airtight and light-tight, benefiting both you and your plants.

To get started with the SuperLocker, all you have to do is plug it in, fill the reservoir with water and nutrients and check and adjust the pH balance. The controls on the back of the locker allow you to completely automate the growing process, which makes this grow cabinet perfect for beginners and those who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands.


SuperCloset SuperBox CFL Grow Cabinet

The SuperBox measures 30 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and comes with a 200W Warm Spectrum Feliz CFL Lighting System and a 3-year warranty. This grow box is smaller than the previous one, but still made by SuperCloset, one of the leading brands in marijuana grow box technology. It is just as low maintenance as the previous grow box, with a control panel at the back to fully automate your marijuana growing.

You can still grow up to 8 marijuana plants inside the SuperBox, but this one doesn’t have a cloning chamber. However, it is still as powerful and high yielding as the above grow cabinet, just smaller and slightly cheaper.


Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0 LED Hydroponics Grow Box

The Cash Crop 5.0 measures 27.75 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 11.25 inches deep, and comes with a 20W full spectrum LED grow light and a lifetime warranty and tech support. There is enough space inside to grow up to six marijuana plants, and it arrives fully assembled and ready to go – all you need to get are the seeds or clones.

The grow lights, ventilation system, carbon filter (for odour control) and hydroponics system all work quietly and coolly, saving you on energy and from suspicious neighbours. It is not fully automated, meaning you will have to do a little more maintenance, but this does mean that it is cheaper than other models like the SuperCloset SuperBox above.

It is available in two different heights, so you can buy the one that best fits your grow space dimensions. Finally, it is easy to operate and even comes with instructions, making it perfect for any grower to use.



Overall, we think that buying a grow box or cabinet is the best way to grow your weed. They come in different sizes with different levels of automation, and at different prices. If you don’t mind spending a bit more on a more advanced grow box, then you won’t have to do as much maintenance. If you like putting the extra work in, then a cheaper grow box will work great for you. There is something out there for everyone.


If you still fancy having a go at building your own grow box, then make sure you do all the necessary research before starting your project. In the long run, the cheapest option is a small ready-made grow box, but if you like to challenge yourself and don’t mind a bit of trial and error, then building your own grow box could be a creative use of your time.


Either way, good luck with your purchases, and happy growing!