Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review & Coupon Codes: Is it legit?

Due to the restrictions enforced by many countries when it comes to the production and growing of cannabis, it can be difficult to find a seed bank in your locality. This is why many growers turn to online sellers for their seeds.

However, it can be difficult to find a legitimate seed bank that can ship to your area, especially considering that anyone can put up a website. 

With that said, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the few European online-based seed banks that can ship seed orders to almost anywhere in the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at this online seed bank and go in detail about who they are, what they offer, and more. 

Let’s begin.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds: Who Are They

As the name suggests, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that is located in the heart of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. They are a purely online-based seller, with no brick-and-mortar store you can visit.

As such, all transactions are made online such as checking out their available strains, contacting their customer service, and of course, placing your orders. They have been in operation since 2002, a good 18 years as of writing. 

It was established by a man going by the name “Joe Green” and boasts of over 20 years of experience in growing and producing cannabis. Despite the purely online nature of their shop, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is fast becoming one of the more established cannabis seed banks online.

Since their goal is to provide cannabis seeds for both beginner and veteran growers, they offer an extensive range of seed strains, enabling their customers to find almost anything they need.


What They Have to Offer

With over 120 strains to choose from, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer an extensive range from which their clients can choose. On their website, you can check out and find almost any strain of cannabis you need.

Their website has also been optimized and organized well to make your search easier, allowing you to filter your search by the following categories:

  • Seed Type – You can choose to narrow your search by its seed type – auto-flowering, regular, and feminized.
  • Growing Climate – Filter your search by choosing either outdoor or indoor strains.
  • Strain Type – Choose among Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.
  • Plant Size
  • Yield
  • THC Levels
  • Growing Difficulty Level
  • Flowering Time

You can narrow your search as much as you can so you can find your ideal cannabis strain. If you’re not sure, you can also check out the latest trend via their “Hot” section which details which strains are most popular at the moment.

This advanced search function makes it easy for veteran growers to find exactly what they need while providing more information for novice growers. 

What’s more, is that they offer combo packs for those still in the midst of their perfect strain search and offer discounts for some of the most popular strains. Aside from cannabis seeds, they also offer related products such as accessories and paraphernalia. 


Features of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Seed Bank

In this section, we will go into more detail about the different aspects of this seed bank such as the quality of their strains, which strains are available, and others. This will give you a clearer idea of what this particular seed bank has to offer.

  • Quality of Their Seed Selection

Joe Green founded Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds with the intention being to help everyone access premium quality cannabis seeds. This has remained true to this day, despite the seed bank growing in size to become one of the largest online marijuana seed banks.

The seeds sold through Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are always quality checked and tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality for all customers. Moreover, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds invest in new strain development and improvement to further enhance the quality of cannabis seeds available to their customers, be it for medical, recreational, or educational purposes.

According to their clients(Both from online forums and our community), Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer high-quality seed strains with high germination rates, resulting in strong and healthy plants. While there have been complaints about the germination of their seeds, this may easily be because of how the customer grew their seeds. 

Overall, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer superior quality cannabis seeds that have enabled them to solidify their reputation as one of the better seed banks online.

  • Range of Strain Selection

As mentioned, they offer over 120 strains of cannabis, including but not limited to the most popular strains you can find. This extensive range of their selection allows them to cater to different types of growers – from casual ones to enthusiasts. 

Some of the more popular strains on their site are:

    • Blueberry 420 Auto-Fem
    • White Widow Auto-Fem
    • AK 47 XTRM Auto-Fem
    • Mother of All Buds Feminized
    • White Widow XTRM Feminized
    • Blue Dream XTRM Feminized

… and many more. Overall, the extent of their selection is wide enough to cater to almost all types of cannabis growers, giving them a solid score in terms of selection.

  • Web User Experience and Website Usability

Considering they’re a purely online seed bank, the experience of which their website has to offer web users is an important aspect to consider. With that said, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ website does not disappoint. 

Their site is overall user-friendly, and even non-tech-savvy users can easily find their way around the site and find what they need. Upon visiting their site, the hottest and most popular seed strains are displayed and they offer an advanced search feature that allows you to narrow down your search to the perfect seed strain.

This easy navigation, along with their extensive range of strain selection, allows their clients to find exactly what they need whenever they need it.

Customer Service & Reputation

When choosing a cannabis seed bank, it’s always important to consider the company’s reputation and past customer reviews in order to get an unbiased opinion of the brand. Fortunately, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have achieved highly positive customer reviews on a number of review websites, with most reviews on Trustpilot falling around the 4 out of 5 stars mark. The reviews themselves were – for the most part – overwhelmingly positive towards the seed bank and the services it provides. Of course, there are a few negative reviews here and there, but these serve to give a balanced insight into the company.

Most users report that their customer service is top-notch, with a team that’s overall amicable and responsive to any concerns their clients may have. Any negative feedback or concerns are immediately answered and swiftly resolved by their customer support team.

A notable feature of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is that they publish accurate customer reviews on their website. There are brands who’ll only post positive reviews on their website to try and make their seeds and services seem like something better than they actually are. However, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds post the good and the bad alike – something that can give customers confidence in the legitimacy of the seeds they’re buying.

In terms of customer service support, the company also gets good ratings and feedback. Great customer service is necessary in case something goes wrong with your cannabis seed order – it happens, unfortunately. However, AMS is generally quick to reply to customers’ concerns and suggest solutions. They actively engage with reviews and forums too – something that other seed banks don’t necessarily do.

They can be contacted using the online contact form from their website, which is found just below their FAQ section, by mail, or by e-mail. They try to reply within 48 hours to all customer queries.

Their customer service can be contacted via email but they do have a handy FAQ section that provides answers to some of the most common questions and concerns their clients may have. As such, many of their clients are more or less satisfied with how they handle things.

Pricing and Available Methods of Payment

In terms of price ranges, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer some of the most affordable prices which is pretty impressive considering that the quality of their seeds is considered high-quality.

They offer discounts and other promos but unlike other seed banks, they don’t advertise them on their website. Nevertheless, some customers have reported enjoying freebies and discounts with their orders.

When it comes to available payment methods, there are a lot of options available. You can choose to pay in cash, via bank transfer, Western Union, credit cards, or even Bitcoin. Of course, each method has different processing times – something which is posted on their website as well. 

Among all of them, cash takes the longest, relying on the speed of the air carrier. Nevertheless, the numerous methods available for payment make it easier for their clients to get their seeds and other products.

What’s great about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ payment methods is that they don’t mention anything about cannabis in the description, allowing their clients to stay fairly anonymous when shopping. 

Shipping Policy 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the few seedbanks that offer worldwide shipping. This allows them to cater to a larger customer base compared to other seed banks.

Which countries do they ship to frequently?

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer free shipping to the majority (although not quite all) countries globally. The only countries that they do not ship their seeds to include those with stringent regulations at customs. This is because the seeds would likely not be allowed through. Some such countries include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, although this is not a definitive list, and there are others. You can find the complete list of countries that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not ship to here.

Delivery Times

In terms of delivery time, it depends on where you are located. Upon the receipt of your payment, your order will be shipped within the next available working day. Their shipment of your order is usually quick enough but the actual delivery depends on the courier. It can take anywhere from 7 to 28 days, depending on the speed of your local postal services.

For countries that the team ship to, an expected delivery time is within 9-15 business days for European countries and 15-21 business days for orders being delivered outside of the EU. With that being said, the company allows up to 31 business days for delivery. This is timed from the date that the order was shipped; as such, delivery times may be a little longer than expected.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are happy to help if an order has not turned up after 31 business days have passed. However, they request that customers don’t contact until this time to keep things running smoothly and ensure they can reply to customer queries in a timely manner.

The only drawback is that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do not currently offer a track and trace system for their cannabis seed orders. However, this is something that the team is looking to include in the future. In the meantime, they request customers wait 31 days for their seeds to be delivered. If the delivery isn’t made by this time, AMS will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you as soon as possible.

In terms of receiving your order, some have complained that they never received their seeds. This, however, isn’t the fault of the seed bank but of your local regulations about importing agricultural items. 

In case you encounter this issue, you can contact the seed bank and they will help you deal with it. Nevertheless, they still have had more success in delivering their customers’ orders worldwide.

  • Discretion

All orders made through Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are shipped discreetly. When it comes to discretion, they pack your orders as discreetly as they possibly can. Each order is packed in a way that bears no indication of what it actually contains. Nevertheless, some orders still didn’t make it past customs but these cases are very few compared to the success. 

 Seeds are contained within a durable, crush-proof envelope to ensure that they don’t get damaged during shipping, which could be a risk and could prevent the seeds from successfully germinating. The envelope has a neutral return address to not be directly attributed as coming from a seed bank. Moreover, on bank statements, a selection of payment processors is used to ensure discretion.

Some seed orders may be delivered with another complimentary item – such as a CD or t-shirt – to help improve the order’s stealth and discretion.

There are a few reports of the discretion of AMS being a little lackluster, with seeds being visible in the packaging. Thus, you should consider this when placing an order. However, the majority of orders still make it through customs the first time. So, this is presumably a minor detail from a few unlucky customers.

We should note at this point that AMS takes a significant risk with their shipping policy, as they offer guaranteed delivery on all orders. Therefore, it’s also in the brand’s interest (as well as the customer’s) to provide discrete shipping so that they don’t need to send out replacement seeds.

Overall, they provide enough discretion in packing your orders, allowing them to provide their customers with high-quality seeds anywhere in the world.


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is well known for its generous guarantees policy on all orders. What’s more, the brand doesn’t actually ask any extra on top of the standard shipping price for guaranteed shipping. This is included as standard, which is something many other seed banks don’t offer. Usually, guaranteed shipping is an optional extra.

The company guarantees that any order placed with their website will arrive safely. If the order doesn’t turn up in the post – for example, if it gets seized at borders and customs – then they will send out a new replacement pack of seeds to the customer for free. They need to be notified of the order not turning up within sixty days of the order being shipped in order to send free replacements.

What’s more, they apply the same generous shipping policy to any damaged seeds. All seeds ordered with AMS are inspected for quality prior to shipping. The company packages them in a crush-proof envelope to provide the most protection possible, too. However, damage cannot be 100% prevented in every case. If this is the case for your seed order, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will replace the damaged seeds so long as photographic evidence of the crushed or damaged seeds can be provided.

The company also gives a germination guarantee to customers on their AMS cannabis seed orders, in keeping with the brand’s commitment to high-quality seeds. If the provided germination instructions on the website do not result in high germination results, the company is happy to provide a free replacement for ungerminated seeds following testing.


Discounts and Promotions

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds doesn’t offer a huge selection of promotions or discounts, which is a direct contrast to the majority of large seed banks. This is likely due to the already generous nature of the company’s guaranteed shipping policies. However, discounts and promotions are still available. Large orders typically receive a small number of free seeds, and discounts can also be hard when buying a combo package of different seeds.

Moreover, the company also has a sale and cheap seeds section on their website, meaning that you can find great discounts on their top-quality strain selection.


  •       Wide selection of different cannabis seed strains! Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers a selection of over 120 different seed strains to choose between. They even stock seeds that are especially suited to beginner cannabis growers, plus feminized and autoflowering strains.
  •       Easy to navigate website. AMS sells a generous number of strains, but their website is made easy to navigate thanks to the easy search functionality and strain categories. The website also offers plenty of help and advice for new customers.
  •   Free delivery to many countries globally! AMS provides free shipping for all orders placed through its website. Free shipping is also available to many countries around the world.
  •   Every order is guaranteed to arrive – if not, it’ll be replaced for free! Most cannabis seed banks offer some form of guaranteed shipping. However, this is usually a paid extra on top of the standard delivery. By contrast, AMS offer this guaranteed shipping service for free with every order, so you know your seeds will always turn up once you’ve paid for them.


  •       Not many promotions or discounts compared to most seed banks. Unlike the majority of cannabis seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds don’t regularly offer cannabis seed discounts or promotions – although they do offer free seeds and sale seeds occasionally.
  •       There is no “standard” stealth shipping option. Some people prefer the cheaper delivery option and to take a degree of risk – the generous guarantee policy is likely why the company offers too.
  •       Long shipping times, when compared to some seed banks. The company offers shipping times of up to 31 working days and requests that customers don’t contact to ask where their delivery is until this time has passed. As such, delivery times can be slower than with many others.
  •       Seeds are not available in all countries worldwide. Because some countries (such as Australia) have incredibly stringent customs policies, AMS doesn’t ship worldwide to all countries. This is likely due to their generous, complimentary guaranteed delivery policy.






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Final Verdict about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Overall, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the better and legitimate online seed banks out there. They have a high level of reliability and offer a swift response to any concerns their clients may have about their products and services.

These, combined with their high-quality products and a wide range of strain selection, allow them to offer their customers excellent services – something which can be seen in the many positive reviews of the seed bank.

While they come with their fair share of issues, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds still manages to maintain its positive reputation through quick and efficient response to feedback and concerns.

With that said, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a seed bank that’s worth checking out and their ability to ship almost anywhere worldwide makes it easier for cannabis growers to get their high-quality seed strains.