How To Choose Seeds For Growing Marijuana

When it comes to working out how to choose the best seeds for growing marijuana, there are a number of different factors that you need to consider. Cannabis seeds come in all shapes and sizes and, while some will give you a good return on investment (ROI) others will likely leave you feeling out of pocket and potentially even cheated out of your money.

So, what factors should you consider when it comes to making a decision? How can you go about choosing the best cannabis seeds for growing marijuana for your unique setup and needs?

How To Choose The Best Seeds For Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana is a risky business and there are a lot of costs associated with doing so. Arguably one of the largest costs is associated with buying the cannabis seeds in the first place, which can result in a very hefty bill—and as such, you want to know that the seeds that you are buying will be of the highest possible quality.

There are many different types of cannabis seeds, and these will largely vary in their usefulness as cannabis plants when they mature and the amount of tending and upkeep that they need.

Buy Feminized Seeds

The first tip that you should definitely consider is buying feminized seeds from your cannabis seed bank. Feminized seeds are more expensive but are (almost certainly) made up from 100% female seeds—and, when it comes to growing marijuana, the males are little more than a nuisance to be dealt with later.

Unfortunately, in nature, there is approximately a 50/50 split between male and female. As such, buying feminized seeds will help you to ensure that you get a superior return on investment, as well as saving you the time of having to sort through the plants to deal with pesky male plants in the mix.

Of course, you could still try your luck by growing a pack of regular seeds—but do you really want to take that chance?

Consider The Strain

There are many different strains available on the market these days and this can mean that buyers have a great deal of choice for their marijuana seed needs. Instead of having to settle for just one of a few varieties, you can now choose between hundreds, if not thousands, of different strains.

However, you always ought to be careful when trying to decide on the right strain for your needs. Different strains are grown by different breeders and this can mean that the quality of the seeds that you will be delivered could be variable.

Seed Quality

When buying cannabis seeds, you should always try to consider the quality of the seeds that you are buying. Good quality cannabis seeds will give a large yield with—ideally—minimal levels of input. In addition to this, quality seeds will also have a good germination rate (it is always worthwhile to check the policies of the seed bank that you are buying seeds from as some will offer a guarantee on germination percentage, while others may not do so).

Checking Seed Quality

Once you have got your seeds, you will likely want to check the quality of your purchase. But how can you check this?


The first thing that you should check when you receive your seeds is their color. Healthy seeds will usually be some sort of shade of brown, tan, or black; if your seeds are green or otherwise seem noticeably light then they may not be of the quality that you were expecting.


A good quality marijuana seed should be firm to the touch and should feel hard; if the shell seems to be soft then you might want to consider getting replacement seeds.


Different strains will have different patterns naturally occurring on their seeds. As such, if you are unsure about the strain of seeds that you have been given, you might want to spend a little time analyzing the pattern on the seed to check that they are of the strain that you would expect.

Growing Your Own

One final option available to you would be to consider growing your own cannabis seeds. This is arguably one of the few scenarios in which buying regular (non-feminized) seeds would be beneficial.

You can watch this video for further help. You can also check our top seed bank picks for 2019 here.

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