WeedSeedsExpress Review 2023 : Should you trust this brand?

Finding top-quality cannabis seeds can be tricky, but it’s vital you take some time to consider your seed bank to ensure that you’ve picked the right team. One such seed bank that you might want to consider for 2023 is Weed Seeds Express (Official website), the new cannabis seed bank on the block.

But how does the service offered by Weed Seeds Express compare to some of the other seed bank options, and could Weed Seeds Express be a good team for you to consider for your next cannabis seeds purchase? Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at the brand and see whether or not they could be a good option for your next cannabis seeds purchase.


First of all, let’s take a look at the background of Weed Seeds Express. The company is based in Haarlem, a Netherlands City that’s commonly known as Little Amsterdam. Indeed, although the city isn’t quite as well known for its cannabis industry as neighboring Amsterdam, it has still developed a reputation in recent years for being a cannabis hub and has developed a rich and diverse cannabis culture as a result.

Weed Seeds Express was founded in 2005, but up until recently, most of their product range has been supplied locally through connections in both Haarlem and Amsterdam. As such, it’s fair to call them the “new kid on the block” in the world of online cannabis seed banks, although that shouldn’t necessarily rule them out immediately. Indeed, while other cannabis seed banks online have a more developed reputation, Weed Seeds Express is still worth considering for its range of cannabis seed strains.

Strain Selection

Although it might be a relative newcomer to the world of online cannabis seed sales, Weed Seeds Express offers a generous selection of different cannabis seed strains from its online seed bank. In addition to this, the brand also sells a choice of their own unique seed strains, meaning that certain cannabis seed strains will only be available through Weed Seeds Express.

Some of the bestsellers for the brand include well-known names including Gelato, Skywalker OG, Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. Some of the brand’s in-house strains are also highly popular choices, such as the Sexxpot seeds that provide a marked aphrodisiac effect while being uniquely stimulating.

The brand offers a total of over 100 different cannabis seed strains, and these are easily sorted on the website for customers to find. However, the online seed bank is relatively new, so more will likely be available in the future too.

Seed Quality

Seed quality is something that’s of the utmost importance for the Weed Seeds Express online cannabis seed bank. And so, customers can shop with confidence when choosing this seed bank for the premium quality of the seeds on offer. The brand offers a generous germination guarantee and recommends that their seeds typically achieve a germination potential of 93% – which is impressive, that’s for sure.

Of course, individual cases may vary, but you can generally be confident of high-quality seeds when you choose Weed Seeds Express. This is because the company stores its collection of cannabis seeds in a sterile, dark, and low-humidity environment. They are transferred into this storage system as soon as they arrive at the company’s headquarters. This dedicated approach to premium storage of the cannabis seeds helps to prevent deterioration before the seeds are shipped out to customers.

What’s more, the company also tests about twenty seeds at random from every new batch that arrives in order to check their fertility and germination capability, using both the soaking and paper towel methods. This passionate approach ensures that as many seeds as possible are of the highest quality – and with a 90% germination guarantee on offer, it’s important both for customers and the brand alike to ensure top quality seeds are sold.


The Weed Seeds Express website is well laid out and easy to navigate, especially when compared to many other online seed banks. This is largely due to the fact that the seed bank is relatively new, and so the website has been created with modern technology solutions and design choices.

The layout of the website is such that finding the right cannabis seeds is simple. For example, customers can search for their favorite cannabis seed strains based on numerous factors, including variety, cultivation methods, strain types and flavors, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, high CBD seeds, growing difficulty, bestselling strains, and the like.

The only drawback is that the brand doesn’t provide any specific germination instructions on its website. This is done to stay compliant with different countries’ legal requirements regarding the ownership and germination of cannabis seed. For example, in some countries, it’s legal to own cannabis seeds but not legal to germinate them into a cannabis plant. However, there are some instructions for germination on their blog, although these are only aimed at countries where germinating cannabis seeds is legal.

Customer Service

Customer service at Weed Seeds Express is available between 7 AM and 11 PM UTC every day, and the brand claim that customer service is one of their top priorities. As such, if you have any questions regarding the brand or its seeds, the customer service team should be on hand regularly to help. Unfortunately, though, we have been unable thus far to verify whether the team’s customer service is as stellar as they suggest. Moreover, a lack of customer reviews for the brand makes it hard to determine other customers’ experience with the customer service team too.

With that being said, Weed Seeds Express has achieved high reviews on online review sites, such as TrustPilot, and is actively asking its customers to leave a review of their services. What’s more, they strive to reply to reviews left by their customers and assist with any issues publicly. This indicates that the customer service team is active and working.

Payment Methods

Weed Seeds Express accepts most payment methods for their cannabis seeds, including Visa and Mastercard card payments, international and national wire transfers, cash via registered mail, and cryptocurrency options (namely Bitcoin).

The brand recommends that their customers pay by Bitcoin when possible for the security and discretion that cryptocurrency payments offer for cannabis seed purchases. What’s more, these cryptocurrency payments are also the fastest payment methods to be processed. Contrastingly, wire transfers can take up to three days to be processed – and while the company strives to ship seeds within 8 hours of receiving payment, it can take varying durations for different payment methods to be accepted and processed. So, if you want your cannabis seed order as soon as possible, a Bitcoin payment could be the fastest way to get your order.

Shipping Information

Worldwide orders and discreet shipping are available through Weed Seeds Express. Hence, this means that customers worldwide can enjoy seeds through this upcoming new seed bank.

The brand ships seeds within eight hours of your order being placed, and generally, seeds arrive within one to two weeks from the time of shipment, although some orders can arrive in as little as three days. This is impressive compared to many other seed banks, whose orders can often take in excess of two weeks to arrive.

Weed Seeds Express send their seeds by standard shipping and are packaged in a specialist protective environment that’s moisture-proof and durable. The packages are postcard-sized to improve their discretion; to this end, every package will contain up to a maximum of 25 seeds at a time. This helps to prevent the cannabis seeds from spoiling or otherwise getting damaged. Delivery packaging is also discrete and contains no information about the contents of the package.

A notable benefit of shipping through Weed Seeds Express is that shipping is always guaranteed, too. As such, if something should go wrong and the seeds you order fail to arrive, the brand will replace the seeds and send replacements with no extra fees or charge. However, the company claim that as many as 95% of their seed orders arrive without fault and on time, so chances are low that you’ll need to take them up on this guaranteed shipping offer. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome offer to have and one that many other cannabis seed banks only offer as an additional extra, as opposed to as standard.

Track and Trace shipping is also available through Weed Seeds Express, which is offered for free on orders valued at over €100 or for a €7.50 charge for orders under this minimum spend. The Track and Trace shipping solution requires that you sign for your order upon receipt. It should be noted, though, that if you live in Australia or Canada you won’t be able to apply for Tracked shipping.

Returns Policy

Instructions for returns vary per order, and it is recommended that you contact the customer service team with your unique order reference to get specific support. Returns are available within 14 days and, if there is an issue with your seeds, the brand assures that you will receive a full refund (including a refund of the shipping fees) within two working days.


Weed Seeds Express is rapidly growing in popularity, and part of this could be due to the generous promotions they offer for their customers.

As standard, they offer free shipping on orders over €100 and provide a 90% germination guarantee on their seeds. In addition, to help boost the number of seeds germinating, Weed Seeds Express throws in an additional 10% of seeds ordered to every order for free!

As well as this, Weed Seeds Express offers a wide selection of different promotions and coupons for their customers. Some common promotions include the “buy 10, get 10 free” offer which can offer substantial savings of up to 50% on the value of the seeds. Naturally, this is an incredibly popular offer for saving money on your next order of cannabis seeds. The specific strain that is offered as part of this promotion changes weekly, though. So, it’s worth checking before ordering that your chosen seed strains are included.

Finally, the brand also runs a weekly bonus competition for a newly subscribed newsletter or social media followers. This free giveaway gives out a total of 125 free sample seeds, shared across five winners weekly – that’s 25 sample seeds for each of the winners, and offer that certainly isn’t to be scoffed at!

Pros and Cons


  •       Generous promotions and discounts, including free sample giveaways
  •       Guaranteed delivery on every order
  •       Easy to navigate website with clear layout and search mechanisms
  •       Growing strain selection with over 100 big name strains and unique strains
  •       Every batch is stored in carefully controlled conditions and randomly tested for quality
  •       90% germination guarantee on all orders
  •       Discrete delivery options and tracked shipping
  •       Worldwide shipping that’s surprisingly fast compared to other seed banks
  •       Seed orders are shipped within 8 hours of payment being processed


  •        A limited number of past customer reviews, although the current reviews are high
  •       No customer service feedback
  •       Expensive shipping and high minimum order for free shipping
  •       Tracked shipping is not available for Australian and Canadian customers





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Finding a high-quality seed bank can be a bit difficult, but Weed Seeds Express could offer the premium seed solution you’ve been looking for. As a newcomer to the online cannabis seed bank industry, their past reviews are somewhat limited compared to other rival brands. However, the company has achieved a positive reputation so far and so could be a great place to source your next batch of cannabis seeds. What’s more, with guaranteed shipping, generous germination guarantees, and regular promotions, you can be confident of good value for money.


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