Yoga at Vela with Free the Statue

Yoga at Vela

March 27th at 7:00PM

Yoga at Vela

Our friends Kelley and Kristen at Free The Statue believe that yoga should happen. Whether in your living room, in a park, or with your friends at Vela, be good to yourself and create the time and space to weave yoga into your life practice. Join us at Vela on Tuesday, March 27.

This class is free and space is limited. Please reserve your space by emailing 


Kelley Sigl is a commercial real estate broker in Seattle.  She has practiced martial arts since childhood and has earned her black belt in Judo as part of her dedication to the sport.  Kelley has coached both basketball and judo over the years and has recently taken on the challenge of earning her 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate.  She has had a yoga practice of her own since 2010 as a supplement or offset to the heavy contact sports she also practiced.  Yoga is now a key component in creating a sense of balance, calm and self-care in her life.  

Kristen Bashaw is an Adult Learning & Development Specialist with expertise in personal and professional development, as well as workshop facilitation. In an effort to stay "somewhat sane" during rapidly changing and tumultuous times, she dove head-first into her yoga practice earlier this year and earned her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. Second only to pizza and her two very senior (but very active) dogs, she credits yoga as the main thing that keeps her happy, healthy, and grounded. 

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Vela Cannabis is dedicated to education, community, and wellness. If you are curious about cannabis as part of your wellness regimen, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Convenient to West Seattle, Mercer Island and Downtown Seattle, join us here in SoDo!