Concentrate Experts

Concentrate Panel Discussion

May 25th at 7:00PM

Panel Discussion

Are you curious about what makes shatter different than honeycomb? Do you want to learn the difference between BHO, CO2, solventless, and distillate? What questions should you be asking before purchasing a cannabis extract? Meet a few industry experts from top brands like Happy Cat, Oleum, and Suncliff. Let's geek out about concentrates together. This promises to be much more exciting than that Chemistry class you took in high school. 

Panelists include:

Alison Draisin - Cannabis activist, educator, writer, and the founder/CEO of Ettalew’s Edibles, which has won multiple national awards for their gourmet edibles. Alison travels nationally and internationally judging non-solvent hash for High Times Magazine Cannabis Cups. She is the judges’ coordinator for the 3rd annual Terpestival on July 15th in Seattle. Alison is passionate about empowering women in the cannabis industry as well as educating the world about the beauty of the cannabis plant and cannabis safety. 

Anthony Dalton - Lab Manager for the Suncliff extraction lab. Anthony began his journey in Austin, TX where he worked for the contract research organization Pharmaceutical Product Development performing clinical laboratory analysis for drug trials. He moved to the Pacific Northwest specifically to research cannabis via gas and then liquid chromatography. In short order, he was distilling essential oils and venturing into extraction solubility studies. His trade title is technologist (a scientist who is focused on the application and integration of technologies in laboratory work). When he's feeling whimsical (which is often!) he calls himself an Alchemist.

Stuart Scott - Member of the founding Oleum Extracts team. Stuart has been a medical Marijuana patient since 2011 and has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2013. Oleum Extracts stays true to the original cannabis roots while exploring the newest techniques in cannabis cultivation and processing. Through organic growth and the application of these ideals, Oleum offers a pure and potent concentrate experience. 

Jerry Mead - Happy Cat. They lovingly grow flower using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and their CO2 only uses pure, naturally occurring carbon dioxide. They produce beautiful, clear concentrates for dabbing, adding to flower, ingesting with foods, using topically, or any other way you can think of. For a recent review of Happy Cat, click here.