KushKards Founder

Lauren Miele

New York City

Meet Lauren, one of the brains behind some of the most thoughtful gifts on the market, KushKards. Kushkards is a brand which designs and produces colorful, clever, fun and unique cards that can be used as a pre-roll kit. Read more about Lauren and how she's delivering smiles to cannabis lovers:

What inspired you to create cards for the cannabis industry?

Thinking outside the box when it came to a friend’s birthday card. With my love for cannabis and creative eye for design I created a niche market new to the industry. Clever and witty puns were about as close as it came to finding weed themed greeting cards but without the weed, how could they be funny? The moment I began to see the reaction of when one would receive a Kushkard the feeling was priceless.

What gets your creativity going?

Talking and Smoking. The more I do the two the more my creativity starts to flow.

What’s makes your job awesome?  

Creating a product that genuinely makes people happy. Hearing stories of when someone either has given or received a KushKard fills my heart with joy. One of the most recent stories heard was when I saw a message on Instagram of a women in Brooklyn NY expressing how she received her first Kushkard as a Secret Santa gift and now she is purchasing a few for her store!

What makes your job challenging? 

To keep up with designing cards people will love.

What’s excites you most about this industry?

The opportunity to be who you are and do what you love, judgement free. The people are what make this industry great. Sharing each other’s passion and partnering for growth makes it an industry of unity.

What are your favorite things right now?

My favorite things right now are my research on Wedding Stationary Sets for the Cannabis Industry. Kushkards will be a part of the Cannabis Wedding Expo this February 19th in Denver and will be launching many stationary needs for anyone who is interested in having a Weed Wedding. This new brand extension will include RSVP cards, Save The Date’s, table numbers invitations and menus, etc.

You can find pre-roll kits from KushKards in Seattle exclusively at Vela.