Goodship Edibles & Cupcake Royale Founder

Jody Hall


As if we weren't tempted enough by Jody Hall's legendary cupcakes, now we have another way to satisfy our sweet teeth: Goodship edibles.  There is true joy in everything Jody produces, which you sense from the moment you lay eyes on a Goodship package.  Whether you've picked up the cookies, chocolates, or the latest Goodship product, pastilles, the goodness translates to the products within.  What makes Ms. Hall tick?  We're glad you asked ...

What inspired you to branch out into the cannabis industry?

Throughout my career – I’ve found that I’m driven by 3 things:

  1. Being a Pioneer and helping to shape culture and chart a new path.
  2. Inspiring human connection – because I think we’re starving for that.
  3. Changing the World and making a lasting, positive impact.

I’m so excited to have a seat at the table to lead the narrative in all these areas and to create a soulful and aspirational brand along the way.  It’s a chance to really be on the ground floor of history!

What gets your creativity going?

Good Music.  Good Food.  Good Times!  Oh – and I’ve found that it really helps being “on the Goodship” to really hash out ideas and find creativity.

What’s makes your job awesome?  

I love that I get to take big ideas that inspire wonder and possibility – and bring them to life!

What makes your job challenging? 

Pot is Hard.  Regulation – crazy packaging rules that change frequently – Jeff Sessions.  ‘Nuff said.

What’s excites you most about the cannabis industry as it develops?   

I’m excited to help shape a new narrative along with amazing people in stores like Vela to create a new, trusted, respected and FUN culture around marijuana.

What are your favorite things right now?

  • Hanging with my kids and wife just playing and hanging out.
  • Music – I’m loving The Kills, Thunderpussy, Taco Cat, Charles Bradley, Beach House, War on Drugs, Courtney Barnett.
  • Restaurants/Bars: Copal; Bait Shop, Lark, Canlis bar, Upper Bar Ferdinand

Haven't taken a ride on the Goodship yet?  Get on board at Vela.