creators of sculptural smoking vessels

Hollow Pipes

Austin, Texas

Vela is proud to share the great people from the cannabis industry we proudly feature and offer at the store. 

We sat down to learn more from our makers at Hollow Pipes, Britta and Dustin to learn more about their creative process behind their elegant and artful smoking pipes. 

What inspired you to work in the cannabis industry?

I guess it started when I was looking for something I imagined and wanted: an elegant, aesthetically pleasing, modern pipe.  I wasn’t able to find quite the right piece online or in stores.  So… the obvious next step was to make it myself.  Once the forms in my head took shape in reality, it seemed like other people may want the same thing.  Dustin suggested we make this a business.  We both feel a much wider community than those who embody the stereotypical “stoner” style embraces cannabis.  We are excited to be part of the movement that is expanding way the cannabis industry, and cannabis users are perceived. 

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

When I first described the look of the pipes I was imagining, I mentioned Japanese wabi-sabi pottery and Scandinavian furniture.  Once the clay was in-hand, it became more tactile than intellectual.  I worked the clay slowly, using my fingertips to form smooth curves, and carving tools to create facets that then get smoothed with fingertips.  Overtime, the surface becomes burnished and smooth.  We have many ideas for future collections, such as a line inspired by natural objects like vertebra and seashells. 

What’s makes your job awesome?

Starting from scratch and creating something new that we are passionate about.  It has also been really fun traveling for sales calls to Washington, California, Colorado, Oregon… more destinations to come. 


What makes your job challenging?    

Starting from scratch.

What’s excites you most about as the cannabis industry develops?

Transparency, access, responsible/ sustainable business and production, and the new aesthetic of cannabis.  We enjoy the experience of selecting cannabis from a knowledgeable professional offering a wide variety of options to meet specific needs… it eliminates the sketch-factor.

What are your favorite things right now?

Vintage Italian olive oil, swimming holes, catching crabs, scooping avocado onto Have a Corn Chips, sparkling wine, and bookbinding.



Instagram: @shophollow