Why is This Cat Smiling?

March 6, 2017

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Happy Cat is our featured vendor this week; haven't tried them yet?  Read on ... They lovingly grow flower using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and their CO2 only uses pure, naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide. They produce beautiful, clear concentrates for dabbing, adding to flower, ingesting with foods, using topically, or any other way you can think of. 

Product Review: Mango Haze from Happy Cat

Reviewer: John Ulrey, Vela Assistant Manager

Happy Cat was a great find for me.  This delicious oil not only comes in an easy to use applicator, but is deceivingly good.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet taste that followed my first dab.  This was mixed with an almost cherry flavor, probably from the high CBD percent.  This CO2 oil comes in at 28% THC and 22% CBD!!! It left me feeling euphoric, happy and content.  The flavor complexity made much more since when I noticed that this specific strain has almost 10% terpenes.  This was the perfect dab for meditating on a nice rainy Pacific Northwest day and then taking my dogs on a leisurely walk.  As for the packaging I really appreciated that Happy Cat puts all their percentages and the fact that they have no residual solvent right on the front of the package.  After finishing this whole gram, I immediately went back to try one of the other 4 strains!!!

Join us this week for specials on all Happy Cat products through March 12.