The Gift of Great Sex

December 4, 2017

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Some sexual enhancement products are all hype, but when one is made by women and includes cannabis, it gets our attention. Professional dominatrix, Mistress Matisse, began using cannabis in her personal sex life a couple years ago and noticed profound pleasure-enhancing effects (read more here). Once she recognized the amazing benefits of cannabis for sex, she wanted to share it with everyone, so she decided to start a line of cannabis products specifically crafted for sex. She called it Velvet Swing, after a charming sexual euphemism from the 40s.

Cannabis has been used around the globe to enhance intimacy for thousands of years, but these traditions have slumbered in the US due to decades of illegality. Now, there is an awakening of understanding how cannabis can affect intimacy. We are fortunate in Washington to have some incredible cannabis innovations at our disposal. Velvet Swing is a condom-safe, toy-safe, pH balanced, cannabis-infused lubricant sold at Vela.

Product: Velvet Swing

Reviewer: Anoymous, Vela Guide

The Velvet Swing product was a great experience. Because it is water-based, it is much easier to use universally, and my girlfriend and I felt a warmth that definitely enhance our playtime. We did have to use a few more pumps than the suggested amount, but if you’re on the economical side, a few simple drops of water seemed to do the trick. A must-have to replace your select choice lube with an extra kick! 


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