VELA Brings a New Light to Seattle’s Cannabis Experience

August 17, 2016

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Vela has just opened its doors in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood—bringing retail cannabis along with new information and opportunities to explore both its medical and recreational use.

Vela is here to deepen a collective understanding of cannabis, and engage the community locally and abroad in an evolving conversation. We’ve created a space our guests will love coming to, whether sampling for the first time or expanding knowledge as regular purveyors. Ideally positioned and located, Vela offers the resources to help each visitor make an informed, personal choice.

The experience we provide reflects the positive shift underway in the fabric of American culture and society. Numerous issues that were once vilified are now being openly discussed, accepted, and embraced. Cannabis is part of this emerging trend, as a natural means to achieve an altered and more positive state of mind and body. Tapping into the science and expertise of decades of study, Vela is actively shining new light on this amazing plant—dispelling taboos and revealing its many beneficial properties.

The Vela space is designed to encourage exploration and discovery. Aesthetically pleasing, contemporary, relaxed and comfortably upscale, it is also collocated with the indoor cannabis growers, Field Day, and the cannabis processors/packagers, Suncliff. Together, we provide Vela’s guests behind-the-scenes views to lush crops, an extraction/processing lab, and the fine, handcrafted finishing of flower and pre-rolls.

The Vela Spectrum™ further helps guests learn the variety of experiences that cannabis has to offer. We sort most of our products along this Spectrum to clarify the range, complexity and subtly of options. Today you might find Hush appealing; tomorrow Flourish takes your fancy. Vela gives you the chance to cultivate your knowledge and expertise in a personal way.

Friendly, expert Guides are also available at Vela to assist guests in making curated choices, whether for medical or recreational use. While perusing our select varieties, they help navigate the way to the right cannabis for your mind and body. To learn more about these talented individuals behind Vela’s featured products, visit “Meet the Makers.”

In sum, Vela is all about wellness, education and community. We invite you to elevate your day at Vela! Come see this inspiring new place for yourself and join us in creating some magic, making new friends, and learning about all the healthy experiences cannabis can bring to our lives.