This Green Ribbon Gives a Blue Ribbon Experience

March 29, 2017

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What sort of experience do you get from Washington's oldest i502 extraction company that prides itself in its in-house organically and sustainably grown soource-flower? Read on ...

Product Reviewed: Green Ribbon

Reviewer: Laurel Cleveland, Vela Creative Director

Open the glass container and inhale the sweet and clean aroma. It's piney and reminds me of sunny days in the rainforest with no cares in the world. The taste is buttery, like a creamy smooth cheese with a hint of sweet honey and pine trees. Watching the honey colored slab melt fully and perfectly on the nail couldn't have been more satisfying. The Green Ribbon Live Resin had me chilling in a silky smooth paradise of body relaxation with just a touch of stoney wonder behind the eyes. I found my thoughts were clear and any tension I was holding onto during the day melted away. If you're searching for some delicious, easy-to-work-with, quality concentrate, look no further.

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