The Remedy You’ve Been Craving

August 7, 2017

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WAM Oil is our featured vendor this week. A Washington original with a very personal story, we are pleased to share them with you.

Product Review: Lemon Remedy vaporizing cartridge

Reviewer: Kirsten Barber, Store Manager

Take a puff of WAM's high-CBD Lemon Remedy cartridge and the first thing you notice is that it tastes the way a sweet Meyer lemon smells. Limonene, which is the terpene responsible for lemon flavor, has been carefully curated in this special strain available only from WAM. 

Thanks to the super high CBD and low amount of THC, you will mostly feel it sink into your shoulders, as a calm sensation floats over your body like a massage. It's a great after dinner treat because of the refreshing lemon flavor and the relaxation it provides without locking you to the couch. It gives you a little carefree energy to go for an evening stroll or do the dishes, then sinks you in to deeper relaxation about an hour later to help you fall into deep sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. 

Join us at Vela this Friday, August 11, from 5pm - 7pm when our friends from WAM will be here to share their story and answer any questions you may have about their unique oils.