The Experience of Leaph Flower

March 13, 2017

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This week’s featured vendor is Leaph, and we love our Leaph.  If you think their packaging is beautiful (check out the art gallery), the experience of their cannabis is even better (see reviews below).  We carry a full array of Leaph products including flower, ice wax, and rosin. Join us this Friday, March 17, when the makers of Leaph visit Vela from 4pm – 6pm. Specials on all Leaph products through Sunday, March 19.

Product: Oregon Silver Haze Flower

Reviewer: Jon Burke, Vela Guide

Named after our lovely neighbors to the south, is a lively sativa hybrid concocted by combining a Haze/Skunk cross with Northern Lights #5. Everything about a bag of Oregon Silver Haze is magical, from the vibrant artwork created by artist Tracy Lewis to the generously resin-coated buds. This potent bud gives off an aroma of incense and spice, delivering a strong cerebral experience of both the mind and body. As the spirit animal on the bag implies, Oregon Silver Haze is perfect for going on a hike and convening with nature, or just making the mundane lively (without the intensity of some other sativa dominant strains!)

Product: Sour Tsunami Flower; Strength: THC-A 0.8%, CBD 24.2%

Reviewer: Kirsten Barber, Manager – Vela

Experience: Sour Tsunami smells like lemony herbal deliciousness. The flowers are dense with sticky, orange hairs that tell me it was harvested at its peak. It smokes smooth and easy. I first feel it in my shoulders, like a tingling massage. The feeling migrates through my body to erase the tension of the day. I feel motivated to tackle small tasks I love but don't always feel up to after a long day at work, like a little bit of gardening.


Product: 9lb Hammer; Strength: THC-A 25.8%, CBD 0%

Reviewer: Crispian Browne, Cannabis Connoisseur – Independent Reviewer

Experience:  An understated start gradually rewards you with a tranquil, relaxing high; the buds are olive-green … topped with a generous helping of crystals - you might be expecting a freight-train but it smokes smoothly and with a gradually intensifying sense of calm. This is deep into the Hush end of the Spectrum and works well as a treat at the end of the day or to aid restful sleep. Some weed kicks the doors in like Starsky and Hutch, but this one comes on more like Columbo - polite, restrained - but with ‘just one more thing’.