You Can Literally Bathe Yourself in Cannabis

January 30, 2017

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Cannabis is making its way into products of all varieties.  Ethos operates with the tagline "there is more to this plant," and we couldn't agree more.  Ethos has an array of innovative products, allowing many new ways to engage with cannabis and appreciate its healing benefits. From tinctures to topicals to serums, there is a whole new world to explore.  Ethos will be in store on Friday, February 3, to share more of their innovation wtih us.  Join us!

Product: Body Buzz from Ethos

Reviewer: Kirsten Barber, Store Manager

My favorite way to warm up in winter is with a hot bath. I tried adding Ethos Extracts Body Buzz to a bath after a long morning of exploring the Oregon Coast in January — being a Northwest girl, a little winter can't scare me away from hunting agates. I drew a bath, and poured about half of the Epsom-salt textured Body Buzz into my hand and held it under the faucet. It dissolved easily in the running water, giving the water a soft, soothing feel and a very slight clean scent. I like the simple scent, but if you want more of a fragrance, you can add your favorite essential oil or light a scented candle. I felt immediate relaxation. The Body Buzz soothed my sore muscles and loosened the tension all the way to my forehead. I lost track of time, but stayed in the tub for about 20 minutes. 

A word to the wise: Be careful when getting out of the tub; you may be a little more relaxed than you realize! After getting out and wrapping up in a big cozy robe, I hopped into bed and had the hands-down best afternoon nap of my life. My partner woke me up a couple hours later to go grab dinner. Walking to the restaurant, I realized the Body Buzz had helped me feel more rested than I had in a very long time.