Smooth as (Vashon) Velvet

March 5, 2018

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Vashon Velvet is a cannabis producer with a beautiful story and a gorgeous product. Susan Gress founded Vashon Velvet in 2013 with her daughter, Ivy, and sister, Kay Rice. The boutique operation focuses on just four to six strains at a time and creates some of the best cannabis in Washington (try their Laughing Buddha and you'll understand why it flies off the shelves). Read more about their story in a recent feature in Seattle Met. For our first hand account, read on ...

Products Reviewed: RASCAL OG and RUDEBOI OG 

Reviewer: Christian Maggs, Vela Guide

Vashon Velvet never disappoints; all the strains I have smoked by them have been excellent. When I’m looking for more therapeutic, relaxing vibes I go for the Rascal OG. It’s by far the prettiest looking and most delicious CBD strain I have ever had the pleasure to chief on. However, if I’m planning to go for a run on the beach or hike in the forest, my go-to is the Rudeboi OG. The energetic, uplifting, and euphoric effects mixed with the terpy aromas and light green nugs makes this an inevitable choice when needing a boost to help seize your day!


Vela Cannabis is located in Seattle's SoDo neighborhood, close to Pioneer Square and the stadiums. We offer a wide array of flower (including Vashon Velvet's much lusted after Cannasutra), dabs, infused edibles and topicals, and the best selection of CBD products in Seattle. We look forward to seeing you!