Ruby Sugar - It’s So Easy!

October 2, 2017

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Ruby Sugar is our featured vendor this week, and if you haven't experienced this little gem yet, there is no better time to stock up (Ruby is 20% off through Sunday, October 8!). Ruby's certified organic sugar infused with cannabinoid crystals are the original, flexible edible.  This trademark technology makes their sugar water (and cake batter!) soluble. 

Product: Ruby Sugar packets

Reviewer: David D, Vela Purchasing Agent

Ruby Sugar is the best connection of the two of my loves: cannabis and food! I love to cook, and I like how Ruby sugar can be added to most of my favorite recipes. Some of my go-to deserts lately have been Ruby sugar-coated strawberries and blueberries laid on top of 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Delicious! If you are not to savvy in the kitchen, I get it; living in the fast lane sometimes leaves little time for meal prepping. Ruby sugar comes in a 10-pack of 10mg packets; always ready for action! Very nice for someone who is on the go and taking in the adventures that life offers. I have been camping in the mountains under Rainier with my Ruby sugar-infused coffee and hot cocoa around the fire. My latest jam with Ruby has been my end-of-the-day tea while binge watching Netflix shows. There are many ways that Ruby sugar can sweeten your day.

Dosage: The sugar comes in 10mg packets. If you're new to edibles, just use half of the packet initially and wait at least 45 minutes before having any more.  After that, add micro-dosed amounts (e.g. 2.5mg or less at a time) until you know your body's tolerace for ingesting cannabis.

Baking tips: You can use Ruby in any recipe, just determine how many milligrams of cannabis you want in each serving first.  

  • For example, if you want about 5mg of THC in each cookie and your recipe makes two dozen cookies, you will need 120mg (or 12 packets) of Ruby Sugar (24 cookies x 5mg each = 120mg of THC).
  • When measuring out the sugar portion of your recipe, put the Ruby sugar in the measuring cup first.  Once you have the total amount of infused sugar you want, supplement the balance of the required sugar in the recipe with regular, non-infused, sugar.
  • Be sure to mix your ingredients well at every phase. This is critical to getting an even distribution of THC throughout your batter. 
  • Be sure to put these treats in a well-marked container so that you don't over-indulge.  Also, keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Enjoy!

Vela Cannabis is excited to welcome Kelly Ogilvie, the CEO and founder of DeepCell Industries, onsite this week. It is DeepCell's Crystal Fusion technology that makes Ruby Sugar possible. Join us the evening of October 5, when Kelly talks about unraveling the stigma of cannabis through his presentation, Cannabis as Democratized Medicine.