New Twist on the Infused Brownie

February 13, 2017

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Zoots was one of the first to bring edibles to the scene when recreational cannabis became legal in Washington. Discreet and delicious, we’re excited to share Zoots as our featured vendor this week.

Edibles can be a great alternative to smoking cannabis, but consuming edibles requires some caution.  When you ingest cannabis, THC will process through your digestive system, which takes longer (and will last longer) than when THC enters your bloodstream via smoking or sublingual applications. Our best advice?

  • Start with small portions (i.e. 5mg of THC or less) until you know what amount of milligrams is ideal for you. This means you might need to cut your brownie in half ... and fight the urge to eat it all at once!
  • Go slow. Wait at least an hour before deciding you “haven’t had enough.” Sometimes the full effects of an edible can take over an hour to kick in. And don’t be fooled by your height, weight, or BMI.  These are not necessarily correlated to your THC tolerance.

Also, THC likes to attach to fat as it’s going through your digestive system.  As a result, an edible consumed on an empty stomach may not start to take effect until there is some fat for the THC to interact with.  Brownies (along with cookies, chocolates, and the like) are inherently good carriers because of the fat content already present in the edible.

Product: ZootBites Caramel Espresso Browie

Reviewer: Zack Kramer, Vela Shift Supervisor

In a market with an overwhelming selection of edibles, it’s easy to see why ZootBites stand out to me. ZootBites Caramel Espresso Brownies are blended with 10mg of exclusive THC Cypress Extract and high quality ingredients to assure a consistent, controlled and pleasantly elevated experience while consuming and for hours after. ZootBites also come in a package containing multiple servings, great for small and large doses, novice and experienced users, an amazing bang for your buck! Zoots knocked it out of the park with this anytime treat great for daytime hikes or relaxing on the couch. Overall I can’t think of a better, more well-rounded edible, it tops the charts for everything I look for in an amazing cannabis experience.


All Zoot products are 20% off through February 19th.