Meet the Maker: Trevor Steinthal from Suncliff

February 21, 2017

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It is such a treat to be neighbors with Suncliff and to peer into their extraction and flower processing labs. Haven't been by to visit yet?  It's a must see!  And, you'll learn why Suncliff Sips have such a superior vaping experience. Trevor Steinthal, founder of the Suncliff, sat down with us to share a little more behind what makes him (and Suncliff!) so unique.

1. What inspired you to work in the cannabis industry?

I have had a passion for Cannabis ever since I first grew the plant over 25 years ago. Growing for friends and family always gave a great sense of satisfaction, providing for those that needed the plants inherent healing properties. Recently, my discovery of the dynamic spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and their effects on our mood as well as physical being has been a driving force. Seeing individuals have the ability overcome a myriad of ailments and dis-ease never ceases to amaze.  We have yet to begin to understand this truly amazing plant. Those benefits, coupled with the prospect of being at the forefront of an emerging industry that will help unlock and discover its full potential are the sources of inspiration for creating Suncliff and our suite of wellness products.

2.  What methods of Cannabis does your company work with? 

Our family owned farm located in the fertile, sun-soaked Columbia Basin, utilizes organic and sustainable farming techniques to craft the purest natural products in Washington State. Within our greenhouses where we harness the power of the sun, our experienced team raises our cannabis in living soil, creating exquisite tasting flowers with deep flavors and rich aromas.  We take great pride in our extensive work crafting and cultivating unique strain selections for your enjoyment.

We focus on the overall experience, not cannabinoid percentages. We strive for true diversity in the cannabis we lovingly cultivate.  Those strains provide the base for our Sips line of CO2 extracted vaporizer cartridges that deliver a clean, aromatic vapor - extracting and preserving the best  parts of the flower while eliminating the negative effects of smoke inhalation.

Sips utilize our CO2 extraction followed by a proprietary distillation process allowing us to control the purity and potency while naturally enhancing the effects of cannabis in a pure, flavorful, strain specific, terpene-rich vapor. 

3.  What’s makes your job awesome? 

The people. I am continually surprised and amazed by the people that make this industry great. The compassion and energy continued to manifest itself in wonderful ways. 

4. What makes your job challenging?

I could go on and say how regulations changing or banking woes or taxation but the reality is those are inherent in an emerging industry. The real challenge is finding enough time to do all that we want to while navigating this nascent industry. 

5. What’s excites you most about as the cannabis industry develops?

For me it is the prospect of legitimizing the industry and being a part of it at this early stage. The socia-economic impact it will bring, the science being able to come out of the shadows. Applying skill sets and knowledge from other industries will be very impactful and expand and develop Cannabis legalization, product innovation, knowledge and research at a rapid rate. 

5. What’s your favorite thing right now?

Beyond my lovely wife and family that support and tolerate my passion for this industry? Not to be too self promoting but I do love our Sips vapor cartridges, the purity, potency and taste are unparalleled. 

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