Just What the Doctor Ordered

September 18, 2017

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Doctor & Crook is our featured vendor this week.  They produce many of our top picks, which are reviewed here.  Join us for specials on all Doctor & Crook products now through Sunday, September 24! And join us this Friday, September 22, when the makers will be at Vela from 3pm-7pm to share what makes their products so irresistible. 

Product: Blue Dream cartridge from Doctor & Crook

Reviewer: Erin G.

When I discovered vaping as an alternative to day-drinking, it was a game-changer. No more getting full of liquid, no more 2pm ‘nap,’ and no more sacrificing chips & guac calories for Bud Light calories.

I like being in the Flourish part of the Vela Spectrum, and the Blue Dream cartridge from Doctor & Crook fits the bill perfectly. It has a refreshing energy to it that is great for hanging out with friends. You won’t be bothered by the fact that your backyard badminton skills are on par with that of a seven-year-old, and a spontaneous dance party just might break out.

The vapor from this cartridge is incredibly smooth; you likely won’t feel it entering your lungs, so just pace yourself. When I shared it with friends last weekend, they couldn’t keep their lips off my cart.  Get your own!  Just kidding, I don’t mind sharing.  But before next weekend, get your own ….


Product: Grape God flower from Doctor & Crook

Reviewer: Drew V.

With Grape God, Doctor & Crook have done it again! Everything from the packaging to the the quality of their flower is top notch.

Immediately I am pleased by the presence of the large window on their bags. It is so crucial to have an unobstructed view of any product when making a selection and this bag services that need perfectly. 

Once opened, it is clear the name Grape God was the ideal choice for this strain. Sticking my nose in the bag I am struck with a delicious grape, sweet, gummy candy aroma that can only be achieved by a fantastic growing and curing process.

The flower itself has clearly been well cared for through its lifespan. The buds are dense with a nice coating of trichomes. The trim work is nice and tight without having cut into the bud itself. Everything I love to see in my flower.

The high was sublime. This indica-heavy hybrid delivered a the perfect combination of relaxation and sedation. It struck first behind the eyes and lower neck, instantly removing the tension from the day. As it progressed, I felt the relief flowing down through my chest and arms engulfing me in a warm, velvety embrace. Throughout, I was able to maintain a very clear mind allowing me to enjoy every part of this wonder strain.

In all, I highly recommend Grape God to anyone looking to relax and enjoy themselves at the end of a long day.



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