Go with the Flow

January 15, 2018

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Fairwinds makes several outstanding products, including a wide array of cannabis tinctures and EmergenCBD, a ready-to-mix wellness booster. One of our staff favorites (and a favorite among many 65+ visitors) is their Flow Gel.  Try it.  You'll see why.

Reviewer: Kirsten Barber, Store Manager

Whether you're looking for an easy entry point into cannabis that won't get you high, or you're an experienced cannasseur looking for a topical that really works, Flow Gel is a fantastic option.

The experience starts with opening the jar. It's a glass jar, like a facial cream jar. It has a clean, almost minty-refreshing, forest-after-the-rain smell. Massage it in where you want your body to relax. It looks like and feels like honey, without the sticky mess. It rubs into skin with a smooth, satiny finish.

Flow is unique because it has a very high amount of CBD and a very small amount of THC (CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis that attaches to receptors in your body and relaxes you, whereas THC attaches to receptors in your brain and elevates you). 

I like to rub Flow on my feet at night, it makes them tingle and relax after a day of hiking the beach with my Mom. I also use Flow to loosen up knots in my neck and shoulders after a long day at work. Flow wakes up and refreshes your skin and muscles. It almost feels like cayenne pepper tastes, tingly and exciting, that's the CBD doing its thing! 

Flow gives you powerful effects where you apply it, but only where you apply it. You are in complete control of where you feel it. I recommend Flow to anyone looking for this type of localized, body relaxation, and I recommend it to my family and friends who are interested in experiencing the non-psychoactive benefits of cannabis.


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