Forget the Blizzard; Suncliff’s Got a Real Treat

February 27, 2017

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It is such a treat to be neighbors with Suncliff and to peer into their extraction and flower processing labs. Haven't been by to visit yet?  It's a must see!  You'll learn why Suncliff Sips have such a superior vaping experience, and see all the TLC that goes into preparing their buds and prerolls.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dairy Queen Preroll from Suncliff

REVIEWER: Chloe J, Vela Guide

The Dairy Queen pre-roll from Suncliff is absolutely amazing! It's a sativa dominant hybrid whose flavor is so smooth it's almost creamy. It will leave you feeling creative & relaxed without feeling sedated. I really value a clean growing process and Suncliff gets an A with their 100% natural organic and sustainable grow. Full flower is used in these prerolls and it's sun grown and bursting with flavor. Also these prerolls are tucked on the end in order to ensure an even and slow burn! 


Suncliff is our featured vendor through March 5.  Join us for specials on all Suncliff products!