Flower Worth Crowing, or um, Raven about ...

October 23, 2017

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Sometimes our favorite strains come and go, but the strains from Raven Grass are so consistently great (these two in particular!) they remain at the top of the list. 

Product: ACDC by Raven Grass

Reviewer: Kirsten B., Store Manager

Raven's carefully designed jars look like something you'd discover at a Brooklyn boutique. They even take time to make each jar UV resistant to protect it from light degradation. Raven's ACDC flower has close to 3% total terpenes, which blend together for a piney, lemony, refreshing experience. Their ACDC is also some of the highest CBD flower you can find in Washington. With just a hint of THC, you will not feel any psychoactive effects, instead, you'll find yourself feeling content, mellow, and calm. It feels a bit like a warm hug, or being wrapped in a cozy blanket. It's perfect for relaxing in front of a fire on a blustery Autumn evening with a cup of tea before bed. 

Product: Frida, by Raven Grass

Reviewer: Adam P.

THE PACKAGE: You can tell a lot of love went into creating Raven Grass. For starters, the higher weights of flower are packaged in UV protected glass jars, and the single grams come in a plastic packaging that keeps the buds from getting squished and the trichomes on the flower. To top it off, Raven Grass displays the terpene profile on the front of the package, so the experienced cannasseur can get an idea of how the flower is going to smell and taste before they even buy it!

THE EXPERIENCE: The Frida flower smelled of fresh hops and unripe fruit and tasted like a beer that was brewed for the summer time. Sometimes referred to as “The Heroine of Pain,” it produced a feeling that felt more relieving than relaxing. I was calm and able to focus, and I could see this being particularly useful for two reasons:

  • Firstly, this would be a great flower to use in a situation where you needed to feel some relief and be alert.
  • Secondly, this would be a fantastic strain to offer someone that was curious about trying cannabis for the first time but had questions around dosage.

Being a CBD strain that stays around 2 to 1, Frida has a low level of THC that is mellowed out even further by the CBD. This all leads to a very relaxing experience that has only a mild psychoactive effect, if any at all. For a friend that is curious about trying cannabis, offering them a well-grown CBD strain, like Frida, can be a kind gesture that helps them find their feet in the world of cannabis.


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