Experience the Goodship

November 27, 2017

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As if we weren't tempted enough by Jody Hall's legendary (Cupcake Royale!) cupcakes, here is another way to satisfy our sweet teeth: Goodship edibles.  There is true joy in everything Jody produces, which you sense from the moment you lay eyes on a Goodship package.  Whether you've picked up the cookies, brownies, chocolates, pastilles, fruit chews, or (just in time for the holidays!) peppermint patties, the goodness translates to the products within. Read on for reviews of some of our personal favorites:


Product: Tart Cherry Pastilles, 2.5mg each     

Reviewer: Kirsten Barber, Store Manager

Tart Cherry Pastilles from Goodship are the easiest, most delicious way to experiment with microdosing. Find your ideal milligram dosage, or ride the creative wave on the cusp of elevation. Each pastille has 2.5mg of THC, a good place to start, because your brain starts to feel the effects of THC when you ingest that magical 2.5mg amount. 

The Tart Cherry flavor is more sweet than tart with the perfect hint of tart to make it interesting. And the texture is not too hard, not too soft... it's just right.  

Can we talk about the packaging for a second? Goodship pastilles come in a fun, colorful, embossed tin. You can reuse to store sewing supplies, business cards, or other small treasures when you've enjoyed all 40 pastilles. In case you need a dose of mental sunshine, Goodship Pastilles also come in a lemon lime flavor (tastes like key lime pie!) and peppermint.

Product: Double Fudge Brownie, 10mg CBD:10mg THC

Reviewer: Joe Craycraft, Shift Supervisor

Goodship has nailed the quintessential brownie. Has someone ever told you, “Yo, take a chill pill”? Usually being told that just heightens whatever negative emotions lead to that comment. But, if you happen to have a Goodship 1:1 double fudge brownie on hand, you could do yourself (and whoever else) a favor by just munching one of these delicious brownies instead. With equal parts THC to CBD (10 mg of each), this brownie really is the ultimate mood booster. The CBD has a way of getting the body relaxed that combats any unwelcomed discomfort you may be facing, while the THC helps get any negativity out of your mind and instead replaces it with a touch of euphoria. It’s my go-to formula to end the day on a good note! But besides just being a great antidote to a bad day, these brownies happen to be quite scrumptious as well! With just a very slight hint of marijuana that hits the back end of the palette, it’s the rich dark chocolate that takes the lead on flavor, and it should do fine by any serious chocolate lover. The texture is also perfect in that its chewy and goes down easily (no milk needed!). The world of legal edibles can be pretty hit or miss, but know with these double fudge brownies, you can’t go wrong.

Product: The Deep Dark Chocolate Bar, 10mg 

Reviewer: Laurel Cleveland, Creative Director

Have you ever been transported to a cozy dimension by a piece of perfect 70% cacao chocolate that made you want to shed tears of pure happiness? If not, pick up Goodship’s Deep Dark Chocolate Bar. Goodship uses an organic ethanol extraction that leaves very little cannabis taste and is quadruple-checked for accurate dosage. This is an edible you savor, reflect on, and appreciate for its unparalleled quality. 

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