Cannabis in a soda: does it work?

January 29, 2018

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Mirth Provisions was one fo the first in Washington to debut a cannabis-infused beverage.  Innovative, delicious, and just plain fun (check out their video!), they are a pleasure to share:

Product:  Legal Sodas crafted by Mirth Provisions

Reviewer: E. Mishko

Infused beverages have been high among my preferred methods of edible cannabis consumption for many years. While I’ve always enjoyed playing with DIY cannabis drinks, Mirth Provisions’ Legal Sodas have become a favorite grab-and-go alternative.

Legal comes in variety of flavors, each specific to their effects:

  • Allow sparkling Pomegranate sativa to energize your mind and body as you share an afternoon exploring Washington’s greenery with friends.
  • Share a Rainier Cherry soda after work with your partner, and enjoy the pleasant hybrid calm elevating your spirits.
  • Experience the deep relaxation of Lemon Ginger indica melting you gently into the nearest piece of furniture.
  • For most occasions, my personal favorite is Cranberry, which delivers a 1:1 dose of both THC and CBD. A robust body high tingles away any stress I may be holding physically, as my mind enjoys the peaceful recharge of a CBD-tempered high.

How much should you drink? If you're trying these for the first time, start slowly (i.e. 10mg or less at a time), and allow at least 60 minutes before having more. Since they're a liquid, your body will likely be able to start metabolizing the THC more quickly than say, a brownie. I suggest that you pour your starter dose into a glass, (estimating from the bottle may cause chugging since they are so darn delicious!) try to have something a little fatty in your stomach (THC works best with a little fat), and give it anywhere from about an hour to two hours before you consume more. Also, pay attention to how quickly you consume each dose: a glass consumed over 45 minutes will bring on full effects more slowly than one downed immediately. I start with 10mg (see the side of each bottle for specific dosing instructions with the measuring cup), and I am usually sharing a bottle with a friend. Then, as we start to feel that first wave, we pour the rest and sip on it slowly. I find that it mixes well with sparkling water, which will slow me down even more. The time delay provides an excellent 'maintenance high'.

Rocks or Neat? If you pour your beverage over ice, the THC in the soda may stick to the ice cubes.  You're best to chill your bottle ahead of time and skip the ice, or be sure to eat the ice cubes, too!

Final thoughts: Legal’s sodas provide the freedom of a smoke-free high, with varying dosage bottles that mean you can choose to share with friends, or savor a larger dose to yourself. Their natural ingredients like agave sweetener mean you can appreciate all the soda qualities (Legal really considers them to be “tonics,” with their hearty, tangy-yet-sweet fruit flavors) while feeling good every step of the way. They also provide the perfect uplifting substitute to alcoholic beverages – so you can always have some bubbles on hand for toasting!


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