Brighten your weekend: Suncliff flower for $7.50/gram

January 20, 2017

deals,  suncliff

Experience all of Suncliff's flower with this great bundle!  Sample each of Suncliff's offerings (2g each): 8g for $60.  You won't find deals like this every day. Happy weekend.

We love our neighbors down the hall.  They may not always remember to put the toilet seat down, but they do grow some tasty flower. Suncliff is a family-owned farm located in the fertile, sun-soaked Columbia Basin and they utilize organic and sustainable farming techniques to craft the purest natural products in Washington State. They take great pride in creating and cultivating unique strain selections for your enjoyment. Whether you want to feel calm, creative, social, or engergetic, Suncliff has the flower to take you there.