Blaze Your Own (blueberry) Trail

November 2, 2016

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Pioneer Nuggets is this week's featured vendor.  Their small-batch approach to growing generates delectable, reliable flower that we are proud to share with the Vela faithful.  Our latest favorite is Blueberry Silvertip, but if you haven't tried their Afgoo or Snoop's Dream yet, we highly (ha!) recommend.  Visit this Friday, November 4, to meet the makers from Pioneer from 4pm - 6pm.  Specials on all Pioneer products through Sunday, November 6.

Product: Blueberry Silvertip Flower;  Strength: THC-A 21.3%

Reviewer: Crispsian Browne, Cananbis Connoisseur - Independent Reviewer

This strain from Pioneer Nuggets has crystal so dense it fell like like waxy snow as I rolled my first joint; tight, pale green buds the size of a thumbnail give a moderately smooth smoke and a rapidly building high that might overwhelm the unwary, but quickly gives way to a mellow and long-lasting high. My favorite aspect of this strain was an afterglow persisting into the following morning which left me relaxed and well-disposed towards the world in general - making this an especially good choice for a weekend treat.