Aloha in a glass from Olala

November 13, 2017

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With this stretch of rain and gray that is descending upon us this week, beat the dreariness with some Aloha from Olala infused sodas! These sodas come in three flavors: Ginseng Cola, Lemon Lime, and (award-winning!) Orange Cream. They taste just like regular soda (see the review below), and are great for sharing. Just be sure to keep out of reach of children - the packaging is irresistable!

Stop by this Friday, November 17th, when the makers of Olala will be onsite at Vela to spread some Aloha, and all Olala sodas are 20% off now through Sunday, November 19

Product: Lemon Lime Soda (10mg) from Olala

Reviewer: Nikki R., Vela Guide

Mmm this flavor is refreshing! It does taste similar to the well known lemon-lime soda Sprite, but waaaay better. I found myself drinking this before watching a movie on a Friday night and it tastes even better when you add some Disaronno Amaretto to it! The cannabis flavor is not very apparent but there is a light lemon-lime essence that is delightful. I definitely enjoy Olala sodas and would recommend any of their flavors, they’re all delicious!

How much should you drink? If you're trying these for the first time, start slowly (i.e. 10mg or less at a time), and allow at least 60 minutes before having more. Since they're a liquid, your body will likely be able to start metabolizing the THC more quickly than say, a brownie. If you're having a soda that has more than 10mg in the bottle, we suggest that you pour your starter dose into a glass, (estimating from the bottle may cause chugging since they are so darn delicious!) try to have something a little fatty in your stomach (THC works best with a little fat), and give it anywhere from about an hour to two hours before you consume more. Also, pay attention to how quickly you consume each dose: a glass consumed over 45 minutes will bring on full effects more slowly than one downed immediately. 

Rocks or Neat? If you pour your beverage over ice, the THC in the soda may stick to the ice cubes.  You're best to chill your bottle ahead of time and skip the ice, or be sure to eat the ice cubes, too!



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