TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light Review

TaoTronics 240W LED Grow Light Review

Everybody wants the best possible growing conditions for their marijuana plants, especially since, with modern technology, we no longer have to rely on the weather. If you are new to growing marijuana plants or have been growing for a while, you will no doubt have been searching for the best possible indoor light source for your plants. While water and soil are easy to come across, finding a truly efficient and cost effective indoor light source for growing your marijuana plants can be very difficult. Different light wavelengths have different effects on the plants, so it is important to find the right type of light that will help the plant grow and flower fully and healthily in the shortest amount of time possible. This is where TaoTronics 240W LED grow lights come in.


The TaoTronics 240W LED grow light contains 12 powerful LEDs in a small bulb made from aircraft grade aluminum, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The energy output of this bulb is only about 153kWh per year when used for 12 hours each day. It is available in three models: TT-GL20 (12w), TT-GL22 (24w), TT-GL23(36w), and is designed to fit a standard E26 socket. No special lamp is required – you could even use an old desk lamp – making it easy to set up and use. These lights usually sell for about 17-30USD (not including shipping) and often come with a 12-month warranty. This is a great price for what you are getting, especially if you are just starting out or are only planning on growing a couple of indoor plants.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Regular bulbs don’t work when attempting to grow marijuana plants because they don’t provide all the different light wavelengths that the plants need in order to grow. TaoTronics 240W grow lights have a full 6-band spectrum, including red light with wavelengths between 630nm and 660nm, ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 380nm, infrared light with a wavelength of 730nm, and white light containing all wavelengths of visible light between 390nm and 700nm. Three of the TaoTronics 240W LED grow light’s twelve LEDs are blue, which is good for the growth of vegetation, and the remaining nine LEDs are red, which boosts chlorophyll A and B production, providing the plant with its food. This is especially important for flowering plants such as marijuana, as it needs this food in order to produce its flowers.

With all these different light wavelengths being emitted, the TaoTronics 240W LED grow light is capable of aiding the growth of your marijuana plants through both the vegetative and the flowering stages of growth. This grow light also creates a PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) value equal to that emitted by the sun, so the light rays will penetrate the top layers of your canopy to make sure that plants at all levels are getting the rays they need to photosynthesize correctly. These LED lights really are the next best thing from sunlight!

Energy Saving

Unlike other light bulbs, LEDs are hugely efficient because all the electrical energy they require goes straight into providing light for your plants, and is not wasted in heat or noise. They are up to 90% more energy efficient than other bulbs on the market, saving you time and money on your marijuana growing journey. This means that they are also more environmentally friendly, as they don’t require as much energy as other, less effective bulbs. Providing high-quality light for your plants, with none of the energy going to waste, hugely reduces the environmental impact of these bulbs. They are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly – win-win!

Built-in Cooling Fans

When a bulb produces light it also produces heat, which can be highly dangerous if not properly dealt with. When using TaoTronics 240W LED grow lights, this potential problem is solved with its three built-in cooling fans. Whenever this device is switched on, the cooling fans work to extract the heat from the bulbs to prevent malfunctions and ensure safety for you and your plants. You can use these bulbs for hours and hours without having to worry about the build-up of heat and the potential fire hazard this could cause.


With all these different light wavelengths being emitted from this device, there is one question that springs to mind – is it safe? The TaoTronics 240W LED grow light is perfect for growing indoor marijuana plants but is it safe for humans? The answer is yes. This device has been tested by the appropriate authorities and is 100% safe for use around humans on consumable plants, so there is no need to worry.


One TeoTronics 240W LED grow light covers up to six square feet of the growth area, which is pretty decent for only one lamp, especially if you are just growing one strain of cannabis in that area. Every inch of ground within this 6-foot area will get an equal amount of light radiation, so there is no need to rotate the light source to get even growth. This will also prevent any crowding issues, as even the plants on the edge of the six square feet will get the same amount of light as those closest to the light source.


The TeoTronics 240W LED grow light is cheap and efficient, and very beginner friendly. The 6 band spectrum means that you don’t have to remember to flick a switch to change the type of light being emitted, and the 6-foot equal coverage means you don’t have to worry about rotating your light source or arranging your plants in any particular way. It is completely safe with its three built-in cooling fans working non-stop to reduce the build-up of potentially dangerous heat.

This bulb is very environmentally friendly, energy efficient and an all-round good buy. It is cheap to buy and cheap to run, with a great energy output for a small number of plants, making it great for first-time growers. It is easy to see why TeoTronics is currently the best seller on Amazon for LED grow lights!