SeedSupreme Review 2023: Can you trust this Seed Bank Brand?

Have you been looking for a supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds? When it comes to finding cannabis seeds, especially in the UK, you might face quite the challenge. Fortunately, though, there are numerous different cannabis seed banks you could consider – and one such seed bank that might be a good option is Seed Supreme.

But who are SeedSupreme, and are they a trustworthy cannabis seed bank? Or should you choose a different seed bank for all of your cannabis seed needs? Today, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons behind this seed bank to help you decide on whether they could be a good choice of seed bank for your cannabis seed shopping.

Company History

So, to start with, who are the team behind the Seed Supreme seed bank? Seed Supreme is based in the United Kingdom (which is unusual for most seed banks) and was founded in 2013. Its primary goal at the time was to become a “one-stop-shop” for all cannabis seed orders. As such, it has actively worked to increase its range of cannabis seeds at all turns.

However, it should be noted that the Seed Supreme seed bank has faced some difficulties during its 8 years of trading and things haven’t necessarily gone smoothly. As such, while the seed bank has managed to retain a fair reputation among customers, it’s worth considering that other seed banks potentially have a higher reputation for delivering what they promise.

Seed Quality

One of the biggest concerns regarding the Seed Supreme seed bank is that of the quality of cannabis seeds sold. Indeed, the team’s goal was to become a one-stop-shop. This has implications for the quality of the seeds sold through the brand, and while the vast majority of seeds sold are of a high quality, there are some quality concerns.

Most notably, the seed bank has numerous past customer reviews speaking of low germination rates or seeds failing to germinate, assumed to be due to improper storage conditions. A few customers have also reported that the team has sent out the wrong type of seeds in error; this is most likely a mistake on the part of the packing team. Nonetheless, if you choose to order cannabis seeds through Seed Supreme, it should be considered that you might not get quite what you bargained for.

Unfortunately, the seed bank does not provide any germination guarantees on its seeds, either. Indeed, all seeds sold through Seed Supreme are sold as souvenirs and collectibles and are not sold as seeds for germinating. As such, if you attempt to germinate seeds from Seed Supreme and they fail to do so, there is no opportunity for any sort of refund or replacement.

Strain Selection

One of SeedSupreme’s true strong points is its extensive selection of different cannabis seed strains. In fact, it’s fair to say that the team’s massive cannabis seed collection is one of the biggest to be found anywhere in the world. Indeed, Seed Supreme sells over 4000 different cannabis strains in their seed bank, including a wide variety of different types. These include high CBD, high THC, feminized, auto-flowering, high yield, and more.

So, for many customers, the potential complications associated with ordering through Seed Supreme are offset by the huge selection of cannabis seeds on offer. As such, if you’ve been on the hunt for a seed bank that sells a generous range of different cannabis seeds, Seed Supreme could be a great choice for you to try!


A benefit of the SeedSupreme cannabis seed bank is that its website is well designed by professional web designers. As such, navigating the website is easy, with a helpful menu that easily separates the range of cannabis seeds into easily accessible categories. For example, some of the categories available for customers to navigate include feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medicinal seeds, regular seeds, and more.

The website also has a selection of featured cannabis seeds if you’re not sure where to start your search, staff picks to help you find the right one, and a selection of high CBD and high THC strains to choose from. A notable benefit of the Seed Supreme website is that there is also a section dedicated to the legality of buying cannabis seeds in different countries, which can be helpful for new customers who aren’t sure where their country’s laws stand regarding cannabis.

Navigation is even easier when you look at the footer of the site, with the website being clearly laid out with links to types of cannabis seeds, popular strains, popular seed banks, shipping information, and more. As such, it’s safe to say that the Seed Supreme website is well-designed, easy to navigate, and generally provides an enjoyable shopping experience.

Customer Service

Customer service for the Seed Supreme seed bank is available by email, however, the responses that customers get from the seed bank tend to be inconsistent at best. Indeed, while some customers get a rapid response from the team, others can be left waiting weeks potentially for a reply to their query. Meanwhile, many customers have reported that they weren’t fully satisfied with the support provided by the seed bank. Furthermore, since Seed Supreme don’t provide any germination guarantees, people often report that they are dissatisfied with the support offered regarding seeds that fail to germinate.

Payment Methods

Seed Supreme only accepts two forms of payment method, which is a major drawback for some customers: cryptocurrency and cash. The reason provided for this decision is that it ensures all transactions are fully anonymous and cannot be traced. However, for people who don’t use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and who don’t like the ideal of mailed cash payments (it can be risky, after all), there aren’t any other options.

Indeed, most cannabis seed banks will also accept payment for seeds through methods such as bank transfer, credit and debit card, and the like; as such, the limited payment methods is definitely a drawback for the seedbank.

Shipping Policies

Seed Supreme is based in the United Kingdom, and so it stands to reason that it has a shipping hub located there. In addition to this, they also have a shipping hub in California, USA, making it viable for the company to ship seeds globally.

A benefit of the seed bank is that it sends all seeds by first class Royal Mail or rapid UPS delivery. All orders also come with tracking as standard, which is something that many seed banks don’t offer as part of the basic shipping package; as such, for people who like being able to see how their order is progressing, this is evidently a beneficial aspect of the seed bank. Moreover, the seed bank has the capability to provide extremely fast shipping for some customers, with orders arriving in as little as a few days in some cases. However, there is inconsistency in the delivery times. So, while your order might arrive very quickly, there is also the potential for turnaround times to be slow, and you could end up waiting a long time for the order to be dispatched.

Guaranteed Shipping Options

In addition to providing customers with complementary tracking on all orders, the seed bank provides a guaranteed shipping option at a cost of $10. In the event that your order should be lost or seized at customs, the seed bank will reship your order at no cost to you. However, there are a few important points to note regarding this offer. For one thing, if your seeds are being delivered by Royal Mail but your country does not accept Royal Mail deliveries, you will not be eligible for free reshipping (even if you have paid for guaranteed shipping). Hence, it’s absolutely vital you check this to start with. Always make sure your country is eligible for Royal Mail deliveries to be in with the best chance of receiving your seeds. Furthermore, you’ll need to provide plenty of paperwork as proof if your seeds should fail to arrive. Customers who have been in this situation before have reported that the process for applying for reshipping is tedious and difficult.

Stealth Shipping

An aspect of SeedSupreme’s shipping policy that shines is their stealth shipping approach, which is almost unrivaled in the cannabis seed industry. Indeed, it’s generally common practice for seed banks to ship their cannabis seeds alongside a corporate gift (for example, a pen). However, Seed Supreme takes this one step further.

The company prides itself on concealing cannabis seeds as discreetly as possible, and this is good news for people who want to make sure their seeds arrive on time and without raising any eyebrows. Moreover, all seeds are shipping in industry-standard, plain unmarked packaging. What’s more, all seeds are repackaged in labeled zip-lock. As such, there is no information on the packaging about the breeder or the seeds’ nature. However, this has raised concerns over the authenticity of seeds and seed quality in the past.

In fact, some might even argue that the seed bank is too good at concealing the seeds, with customers sometimes struggling to work out where the seeds have been hidden. This is good news for making sure the order turns up – but you may have a bit of a headache to find the seeds!

So, if you order from Seed Supreme and can’t find your cannabis seeds originally, think outside the box a little about where they may have concealed the seeds. You may need to completely disassemble that shiny new pen to find where the seeds have been hidden!

Promotions and Discounts

A notable benefit of choosing SeedSupreme when looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds is the number of discounts and promotions that are on offer. Indeed, as a reseller of cannabis seeds, the firm benefits from getting many promotions, discounts, and free seeds from its breeders. In turn, these discounts are then passed onto the customer, with numerous bonuses being available.

To begin with, we should mention SeedSupreme’s generous free seeds policy. Indeed, while this is nothing new in the cannabis seed world, the brand are quite generous with the number of free seeds that they offer. Indeed, customers can enjoy anywhere between two and ten free cannabis seeds when shopping through Seed Supreme. Moreover, the brand sends out a large selection of promotions, coupon codes, sales offers and more to its mailing list subscribers. As such, if you’ve been considering buying cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme, signing up to the mailing list is absolutely advisable.

It’s currently unclear about the state of Seed Supreme’s loyalty rewards program, Kush Money. Kush Money was previously awarded with every order, and orders that failed to arrive without a shipping guarantee previously were given a small amount of Kush Money as compensation. However, the Kush Money program has recently been stopped, and no information has been provided about when, if at all, it will be continued. This is understandably concerning for many loyal Seed Supreme customers who have Kush Money accrued that they cannot spend. Furthermore, it’s a drawback from a promotional perspective, as most seed banks offer some form of points system.

Pros and Cons


  •       Massive collection of over 4000 cannabis seeds
  •       First-class shipping can deliver seeds in a few days, for some customers
  •       Guaranteed shipping option available
  •       Numerous promotions, discount codes, and free seeds offers available
  •       Excellent stealth shipping protocols (to the point of being too good)


  •       Kush Money reward system is currently down, and no information about when it will return
  •       Shipping is not consistent and can take weeks in some cases
  •       Guaranteed shipping not available for non-Royal Mail countries
  •       Regular reports of seeds not germinating (no germination policy available)
  •       Customer service is inconsistent at times
  •       Limited payment methods

Final Thoughts

SeedSupreme has faced its share of challenges, but with such a massive collection of cannabis seed strains, customers continue to flock to it for their seed orders. If you choose to order through Seed Supreme, be aware that you might not get exactly what you ordered.





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