Seed Banks that Accept Paypal [2024] -Tips & Tricks

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Most of the popular vendors do NOT accept Paypal directly*(in 2023) due to the legal and high commission structure of Paypal. But, you can use your Paypal account to fund the Bitcoin account (on the platform such as Paxful or LocalBitcoins) and then use that to buy seeds from top-rated seed banks. Top-rated seedbanks such as Seedsmand and ILGM even provide exclusive up to 25% discount if you pay via Bitcoin (which you can buy using Paypal). if you want to directly buy using Paypal(not Paypal>> Bitcoin), ask Crop King seeds in their Live chat.





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With online purchases being the norm these days, it is important that you consider the ways in which you can pay for your seed purchases. Indeed, with cash transactions being out of the picture, there are a number of other alternatives that can be used for online shopping and making payments. One of the most popular options for people looking to pay for their purchases online is Paypal, an online payment platform.

When it comes to buying your cannabis seeds, having a variety of different payment options can be incredibly important. One such option that people usually like to be able to pay for their purchases with is Paypal, which makes paying for products exceptionally easy. However, finding a seed bank that accepts Paypal for seed sales can seem quite tricky, so we’ve created a guide for the best seed banks through which you can pay for your seeds by Paypal.

The Benefits of Paypal

Paying for your online purchases through Paypal instead of choosing other options can offer a plethora of different benefits for people. Indeed, Paypal is one of the most common options for people looking to partake in online shopping, and the same is the case for people hoping to pay for their cannabis seed order through Paypal too. Some of the key reasons that people love using Paypal for their online orders are shown below:

  1. A key reason that people love Paypal is the fact that it allows people to make payments quickly and easily from any of their bank accounts or cards, without having to necessarily faff with using specific cards all of the time. These transactions will also appear on the bank statement, making management easy.
  2. Paypal users can also pay for purchases from their own Paypal account balance, which will not show on your bank statement—depending on your preferences, this may help you to keep your purchases quiet, an important part of buying gifts and also something that is of concern to many cannabis seed buyers.
  3. All account information is stored on your Paypal account and not shared with the seller of your products, meaning that paying through the service is a financially secure and safe way to make payments. In short, Paypal makes a payment and then charges your card for that payment, protecting your banking details as much as possible when shopping online, and helping to prevent your details from being used by other people.
  4. Paypal provides a dispute resolution service for products that are either not delivered in the standard that was assured by the seller or otherwise not delivered, as well as protection for the seller in the event that the buyer makes a fraudulent payment.


Clearly, then, there are numerous different ways in which paying for your online shopping through Paypal can be beneficial. Paypal is a popular payment system for the above reasons, and likely for many more reasons as well, and this means that many people buying cannabis seeds also want to be able to make the payment for their seeds through Paypal. But which seed banks accept Paypal?

Are There Seed Banks Which Accept Paypal?

If you are a fan of Paypal then it is likely that you’ll want to make payment for your seed order by using Paypal, too. Unfortunately, though, it can be hard—if not impossible—to find a seed bank that accepts Paypal payment. This surely raises the question, then, of: are there are seed banks that accept Paypal as a payment option for seed orders?

Oddly enough, the answer to this question isn’t quite as clear-cut as it might seem at first. Indeed, the answer to whether seed banks accept Paypal is a little more complicated than it would initially seem. In fact, the vast majority of seed banks accept Paypal—but not in a straightforward manner that you would expect with normal Paypal transactions.

Why Seed Banks Rarely Accept Paypal

There are a number of different reasons as to why seed banks, even those which used to accept it, no longer allow their customers to make a payment through Paypal. The most obvious of reasons is due to the fact that Paypal has strict rules in place regarding the sale of products that fall into the category/categories of narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia. Now, officially, cannabis seeds are not actually a controlled substance—but Paypal classes cannabis seeds as such all the same, and this means that seed banks are not allowed officially to use Paypal to accept payments.

And, even if a seed bank wanted to take the risk of accepting Paypal payments from their customers and ignoring the User Agreement—which itself could cause major problems—there is also the steep selling commission that needs to be considered by buyers. These days, commission for sales is just shy of 3% per transaction, plus an additional set fee of $0.30. Clearly, these excessive commission prices mean that sellers would be losing a lot of revenue by accepting payments through Paypal, so either way, Paypal doesn’t really work for the sellers of cannabis seeds.


But does this mean you cannot pay for cannabis seeds with Paypal? Surprisingly, no—you actually can still use your Paypal account, indirectly, to pay for your cannabis seeds.

Why Paypal is not such a good idea?

Most people seek comfort in Paypal’s buyer protection policy to get a refund in case they are not satisfied. But, since marijuana seeds come under forbidden items, Paypal might ban both buyer and seller in case you raise a dispute regarding the transaction. Also, since most reputed seed banks do not accept Paypal, you might up end up with inferior quality seeds if you buy on little-known seed banks.

Buying with Paypal is Still Possible!

So, we’ve already established then that making a purchase through Paypal for cannabis seeds isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, but some of the benefits associated with Paypal—such as seller protection—aren’t applicable anyway. That aside, Paypal accounts can still be used to make a purchase of cannabis seeds; namely, Paypal can be used to purchase Bitcoin, which in turn can be used to make a payment for cannabis seeds from a reputable online seller.


Indeed, if anything, you should hesitate when you find a seed bank that accepts Paypal payment; recently, Crop King Seeds became the most recent seed bank to drop Paypal for transactions, and this raises the question of, are seed banks which accept cannabis seeds actually reputable sellers, or are they fraudsters?


In order to buy cannabis seeds through Paypal, you’ll want to use your Paypal account to purchase Bitcoin. This really couldn’t be easier; simply find a reputable online bitcoin sales website, open up a bitcoin wallet, purchase bitcoins with the funds in your Paypal account, and there you have it—you’re good to go!


In Summary

If you’ve been thinking about buying your next batch of cannabis seeds through Paypal, then you may instead need to first purchase bitcoins from your Paypal account and instead use those Bitcoins to make the transaction. However, this is easy to do and is a good way of making a payment for your next cannabis seed purchase from your favorite reputable local seed bank.