Royal Queen Seeds Review

For growers of cannabis, having high-quality seeds with a good germination rate and high level of purity is important. Because of this, it’s vital that they choose the right seed banks to get their cannabis from. That way, they ensure they’re only receiving high-quality seeds with a higher chance of success.

However, with the numerous seed banks out there, it can be difficult to choose among them while ensuring the quality and success chance of the seeds they buy.

With that said, Royal Queen Seeds is one of the more established names in the industry of cannabis seed banks out there and with good reason. As many reviews can attest to, they offer some of the highest-quality seeds, therefore, solidifying their reputation as a high-quality seed bank.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this seed bank and what they have to offer.

Who is Royal Queen Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that is primarily based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has been in the industry of providing high-quality cannabis seeds to its clients for over 20 years. They also have a branch in Barcelona, allowing them to become more accessible to their customers all across Europe.

They are considered a household name in the industry of growing cannabis due to the quality and germination rate of their seeds, as well as the extensive range of cannabis strains they have to offer. 

All their seeds are harvested from 100% organically grown mother plants with a high level of genetic purity, therefore, guaranteeing the quality and germination success of the seeds they offer. Their seeds are also checked daily for their germinating strength, allowing them to deliver on their guarantee of high success chance of their seeds.


Royal Queen Seeds Products

As one of the bigger seed bank names in the industry, Royal Queen Seeds offers an extensive range of cannabis strains for their clients. It can be pretty difficult not to find what you’re looking for in their extensive selection of seeds.

Some of their more popular strains are:

  • Royal Dwarf
  • Northern Light Automatic
  • Amnesia Haze Automatic
  • Royal AK Automatic
  • Euphoria
  • White Widow
  • Special Kush 1
  • Jack Herer
  • Purple Pineberry

… and many more. With their meticulous way of checking and maintaining their seed strains, it’s pretty rare to have less than a hundred percent success chance when it comes to the germination of their products.

Aside from cannabis seeds, they also offer CBD products which have been gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits on one’s health. They also have starter kits, organic nutrition to help grow your plants, as well as numerous RQS merchandise such as smoking accessories, clothing, and more.

Royal Queen Seeds’ extensive range of products gives them an edge over their competitors, especially when you take into account the quality of their product lineup.


What else do they have to offer?

Aside from the quality of their products, what else does the Royal Queen Seeds seed bank have to offer? Check them out below.

  • Customer Service

It can be difficult to find information about the quality of their customer service which you can take as a good thing. When it comes to their products, Royal Queen Seeds does a superb job providing their clients with high-quality seeds that complain about them are virtually non-existent. 

However, if you’re not happy with the product you received, they also allow their customers to return the product for free. Moreover, considering how careful they are at ensuring the quality of their products, you can rely on their customer service team to handle your concerns in a swift and efficient manner.

  • Shipping and Packaging

If you’re worried about being inconspicuous, Royal Queen Seeds has you covered. They put your seeds in discreet packaging, wrapping it in a DVD case with a professional seal which makes it convincing enough not to raise any questions. It’s disguised as something completely harmless like sports DVDs or movies.

This enables their customers to receive their orders without worrying about prying eyes and nosy neighbors questioning them about their purchase. 

Moreover, if you’re ordering from beyond the Netherlands’ borders, they will first ship your package to their local distributor before finding its way to you. That way, if they are ever stopped at the border, the order won’t be traced to you.

They also offer free shipping to their clients in Europe, making it easy for them to get their seeds without paying a hefty price for shipping.


  • Laboratory Testing


To help build their clients’ trust in their brand, they provide all the test results of their products on their website for public viewing. This comes in handy, especially for first-time buyers as this allows them to know exactly what they’re getting into.

By providing the lab test results of their seeds, they allow their customers to make an informed buying decision.

  • Educational Growing Guides

Whether you’re new or a veteran to growing cannabis, it’s always handy to have additional information about how to grow them. Royal Queen Seeds satisfies this need by providing many educational growing guides on their website which anyone can view. 

From growing guides to knowing the difference between products like cannabis and hemp, you’ll likely find what you need on their site.

  • Rewards 

Perhaps what’s even greater about this seed bank is that they offer their clients several rewards for patronizing their products. For example, if you reach a certain amount, you can receive free seeds in addition to your order.

They also offer wholesale prices for clients who wish to buy their products in bulk. However, you will need to meet the minimum number to avail of these prices which is around 100.

Moreover, they also offer discount vouchers for performing certain actions such as liking their brand on Facebook or leaving a review on their official website. The vouchers, however, cannot be stacked with one another, limiting you to use one at a time.

Nevertheless, these, combined with the superior quality of their seeds, allow them to foster customer loyalty and entice them into performing repeat purchases. 


If the quality of their seeds doesn’t convince you that they’re worth it, then the aforementioned qualities might.


Prices and Available Methods of Payment

Considering the quality of their products and the high standards to which they hold themselves, it’s pretty impressive that their product lineup is available at very affordable prices.

In terms of payment methods available, they have several. They accept payment via credit cards, bank transfer, Bitcoin for online orders, and if you live within nearby their brick-and-mortar stores in Amsterdam and Barcelona, they also accept cash as a form of payment.



Royal Queen Seeds is, overall, a great brand if you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds as well as other related products. They hold themselves up to a high standard, allowing them to ensure that the quality and service they provide their customers are top-notch.

Perhaps the only downside of Royal Queen Seeds is the information overload you might experience upon visiting their site. Although their site is user-friendly and offers a lot of information about growing their products and other related concerns, it can be a bit overwhelming for those new to the industry.

Nevertheless, this, by no means, affects the quality of their products – just something you might consider when checking out their official website. Aside from this, Royal Queen Seeds is a brand that is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for high-quality organically-grown seeds and other products.






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Final Thoughts about Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the more established seed banks in the industry and they are so with good reason.

One of the major reasons is that Royal Queen Seeds hold themselves up to a meticulously high standard – something which has allowed them to solidify their reputation as one of the best providers of cannabis seeds in the market.

Not only are they sourced from organically grown mother plants, but their seeds are also checked daily – something that allows for the consistent success chance of their seeds’ germination. On top of that, they also provide excellent service for their clients, answering their concerns and feedback quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the affordability of the prices of their products, along with the aforementioned qualities, allowed them to remain competitive in the business. 

With that said, Royal Queen Seeds is a seed bank that’s worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for good quality seeds with a high germination rate.