We’ve opened our store to deepen our collective understanding of cannabis and engage in the social conversation around its positive effects. We designed it to be a space we all love coming to, whether you’re a first time explorer or a regular purveyor. Our store and site are full of resources to help each person make a safe, individual choice.

There are positive shifts afoot in the social fabric of our culture. Things that had been vilified or wrongly deemed taboo are becoming openly talked about, accepted, embraced. Cannabis is making that shift. It’s a natural way to achieve an altered state. And with the science and expertise of decades of study, we are so excited to be an active participant in moving the needle of understanding forward. When you come shop or pull up a chair to one of our Vela Gatherings, you’ll experience this too.

Our Guides speak fluent cannabis and have the expertise to help you make a curated choice for whatever you seek. Better rest? Improve your physical wellbeing? A spark for an adventure or a bubbly night in with friends? Yes, yes and yes.