Nirvana Seeds Review [2023]- Should you trust this Seed Bank?

As more places legalize cannabis, the demand for accessible and high-quality seeds have also increased. In fact, it is foreseen that the growth of the market will continue even until 2021. Today, one of the popular and trusted places to shop for weed seeds is Nirvana Shop. 

Reputation and History

Nirvana shop started in the 1980s. The creator developed his knowledge and skill of the business when he was still working at a grow shop in Amsterdam. After that, he spent years of traveling, looking out for the finest strains across the globe. Then, he started combining strains to create something new through cross-breeding, experimenting, and growing hybrids. 

In 1995, the creator finally opened up his very own store. From there, he started to create hemp wine, hemp beer, hemp liqueur, and hemp ice tea. 

This is one of the many reasons why Nirvana is one of the most sought-after online marijuana seed shops and why it continues to flourish over the years. 


Company Overview

Nirvana shop was able to hybrid over more than 50 finest marijuana strains available nowadays. The shop has all kinds of marijuana seeds that you want or need—name it, and they surely have it. They have auto-flowering seeds, medical marijuana seeds, and feminized marijuana seeds. They also have the seeds for indoor and outdoor planting and regular cannabis. 

The company ensures that they provide not only the quality seeds but also excellent customer service. They do this by implementing a strict breeding regimen. Plus, every batch of their seeds undergoes tests to see if the germination rates are satisfactory and acceptable.

All of the seeds under their care are grown organically, as they deem that growing marijuana seeds organically can yield a superior product. Their seeds are also hand-picked to ensure that they are giving their best to their loyal patrons. 

Nirvana Seeds

Seed Selection and Quality

Nirvana shop is not only one of the Top Online Marijuana Seed Shop, but it is also a bank and breeder for seeds. They give out 10 free seeds for every order which will help you familiarize with seed selection. However, it is important to remember that you cannot choose which seeds you can get because this is a sort of a mystery selection. Just the fact that you get 10 seeds for every transaction you made with them is already good enough. 

One of the major reasons Nirvana shops became one of the top shops for selling marijuana is that it offers unique strains and cannabis seeds that are not found in any other seed banks or breeders. This is the first shop to develop cannabis strains sold by the name Bubblelicious, AK48, Wonder Woman, and Jock Horror. Plus, they also have other breeds such as White Widow, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, and a whole lot more. 


Website Usability

The primary way of buying products from Nirvana Shop is through their website. Upon opening it, you automatically see their latest promotions on seeds and other cannabis-related products.

Searching for products on the website is reasonably easy. You can just select a category, and the products with photos show up. When you find a product that you are interested in, you can simply click it, and it will divert you to its page. 

The beautiful thing about the product page of the Nirvana shop is that it is fully detailed. Everything that you need to know about the genetics of a seed is well laid out. Information about the effects and how long it will take to grow is included.

Overall, the website of the Nirvana Shop is excellent. It is straightforward and no fuss. 



Although Nirvana Shop already has affordable prices, they are also fond of giving discounts during special occasions. For example, during April, most of their seeds are on 25% off, thanks to the 0420 celebrations. 

Nirvana shop currently offers 25% off any order of AK-48. This means that a package with four seeds will only cost $22.50 instead of $30 giving you a savings of $7.50.


Customer Review

Customers have noted that the seeds from Nirvana shop are fairly easy to grow. Some also commented on its mellow buzz effect. Overall, it has plenty of positive reviews from hundreds of people. 


Price and Payment Option

Aside from giving the finest quality marijuana seeds, their prices are also economical. Plus, you get 10 more seeds on top of your order. If your orders summed up to 100 Euros, you will get free shipping of your items. While for bulk orders, they will give a fair discount. 

The payment options for the Nirvana shop are pretty straight forward. If you pay online, you can pay by using bank transfer, credit card, or cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. They support payments from other currencies as well like American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, or Japanese Yen. 

The Special Offers page of the Nirvana shop always has discounts of up to 30 % installed for you. So, better check it out first before choosing the seed strain you want to buy. With the high-quality seeds, fair prices, and perfect customer service, there is no wonder why the Nirvana shop is considered one of the best online marijuana shops this 2020. 

Customer Service

The team behind the Nirvana shop is extremely professional. This makes the shop stand out from the other online marijuana seed banks. Reaching their customer department team is relatively easy. You can either open a ticket through live chat or call them directly through the hotline. They also conduct live chat where they provide growing tips to help you handle your seeds properly. On top of that, they also maintain blogs filled with lots of information and are mostly used by growers worldwide. Some customers also said that the customer service representative they talked to was responsive and helpful to their queries and problems.

This is probably why they have such a positive reputation in terms of how they value their clients. 


Stealth Methods and Shipping Range

The shop can ship the finest cannabis seeds to every country in the world except Australia and Japan. They offer free shipping for orders reaching 100 Euros. Otherwise, they only charge 4 Euros for stealth shipping. 


Their stealth methods are highly sophisticated and will pass any random checks made. It will usually look like a greeting card or a regular letter in which no one will take the trouble of opening and checking it. 


In the EU countries, you should expect your order to arrive as early as one week. While shipping to other countries in the world can usually take up to a month, depending on the circumstances; but, there are some instances where it arrives much sooner than expected. 



  • They offer the finest quality seeds. 
  • Their seeds are grown organically.
  • Their prices are relatively economical. 
  • Aside from their relatively fair price, they also offer discounts to their customers. 
  • They give additional 10 seeds for every purchase done. 
  • They have excellent customer service.
  • Payments can be done through bank transfers, credit cards, and even cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.
  • The stealth methods they use are highly sophisticated and can even pass any random checks done.   
  • Live chats are conducted to give their customers an insight on how to grow their products properly. 
  • They also have blogs to give customers the latest update about growing marijuana seeds and anything related to it. 
  • They give free shipping fee to all countries across the globe for orders reaching 100 Euros.



  • A few have problems with the seeds’ viability
  • Some have encountered problems with payment and processing. 



It might sound like Nirvana Shop is too good to be true, but it really is a reality that they indeed have a great value and customer service. It’s not surprising that the Nirvana shop is considered one of the top shops for online marijuana seeds. That is more than what you could ask for from any distributors. They have a wide selection of seeds and other cannabis-related products as well, so you can definitely save money in terms of shipping if you choose to order from them. Plus, they focus on providing high-quality products at a budget-friendly price, excellent customer service, and tips for their loyal customers on how to grow their seeds best. Nirvana shop is surely on top of their game.






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