20 Best Landrace Cannabis Strains Seeds

Before marijuana came into popularity, landrace cannabis strains are already a thing since time immemorial. They are natively growing in popular places like Jamaican Fields, Thai jungles, and the Himalayas. In fact, they still exist in those wild places until today. 

But what exactly are landrace cannabis strains? Landrace cannabis is a type of cannabis that has natively grown over centuries in a particular environment. Simply put, all of the cannabis strains that we see today came from landrace strains. 

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the top 20 landrace cannabis strains you can grow either at home or in the wild pretty easily. They’re as follows:

  1. Lamb’s Bread 

Bob Marley is usually seen on posters smoking a joint, but did you know what he was smoking? Well, it’s none other than Lamb’s Bread, likewise known as Lamb’s Breath. This particular strain originated from Jamaica which, as you can guess, also happens to be Bob Marley’s hometown. 

Here’s another fun fact: the Jamaican flag and Bob Marley are the two most popular symbols among the cannabis community.

Lamb’s Bread is a potent Sativa strain that is popular among Jamaican singers. This strain is usually used during gigs and festivals to boost their jamming experience as it’s known to give good vibes while enjoying the reggae performances. It’s able to achieve this by making you feel like “there’s no more trouble”. 

Considering its popularity, this strain can be quite very expensive, hence making it good to breed to grow as you can also sell it at a high price.



  1. Acapulco Gold

Out of all the landrace strains around the world, Acapulco Gold has been proven as the most popular. The reason behind this is that it is the first heavy cannabis imported in the US. This cannabis was a huge hit from the 1960s to 1980s that even actors and politicians are so in love with it.

Until today, people are still hooked with Acapulco Gold because of the uplifting effects it offers to its users. This strain is easy to cultivate and can flourish easily. Besides its satisfying effect, Acapulco Gold is also loved because of its resinous look and toffee flavor.




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  1. Aceh

Looking for a cannabis strain with a rare effect? Well, Aceh is exactly what you need. Originating from the tropical islands of Indonesia, this strain is known not to uplift your mood like other Sativa and also bring surges of creativity.

While other strains can give you extreme energy, Aceh can offer that good focus that is truly perfect for writers, artists, singers, and explorers. Interestingly, the Aceh has a low THC content which makes it ideal for novice smokers. 

Finding its seeds is hard though, so when you actually find those, don’t hesitate to buy them right away.



  1. Durban Poison

This cannabis strain originated from South Africa, particularly in Durban which is the country’s port city. While there are lots of cannabis strains you can think of in South Africa, this one is actually famous due to the ultimate good mood it brings. Anyone who wishes to uplift their vibe will certainly get along with Durban Poison. 

Of all landrace varieties, there’s nothing that can deliver the same hilarity, positivity, and exhilarating energy that the Durban Poison can. Moreover, a lot of cultivators are in love with the amount of sugar they can get from their harvested buds. If you are looking for massive sugar content in a cannabis plant, then this one is for you.



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  1. Thai Stick

Did your Dad share with you his experience in smoking weed? If so, maybe that happened back in the 70s in a bar or during the time he was in the Vietnamese village during the war. If he did, then it’s likely that what he smoked was the Thai Stick. 

Thai Stick, simply known as Thai, is a famous Sativa strain, especially during the 70s. This strain is connected genetically with equally famous strains such as Northern Lights, Blueberry, and Trainwreck. This influential hybrid is relied on for its exotic terpene profiles, smooth energy, and the ability to offer its users a relaxed and focus state.



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  1. Afghani

As the name implies, this particular strain came from Afghanistan. Afghani, also popularly known as Afghani Kush, represents a cannabis strain that is pure, stable, and incredibly potent. 

When smoked, Afghani is a bit harsh yet smooth and mellow. It has effects like no other such as mood-boosting euphoria and enhanced mental clarity. Fortunately, growing Afghani is easier than any other cannabis strains. This is because it is pretty accessible and can grow big even in compact spaces.

Besides, there are no feeding schedules and nutritional requirements as it can grow on its own.


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  1. Alien Technology

Another famous landrace strain from Afghanistan is Alien Technology. Its qualities are extremely awesome and its effects are just superb. Alien Technology has been produced worldwide, thanks to the US soldier who was assigned in Afghanistan who collected the seeds and gave them to his famous breeder friend. 

Alien Technology is a top-tier cannabis strain. Those who are looking for meditative body stone and hashy buds would absolutely love this strain. 

Here’s an interesting fact related to this strain: Obsoul33t, the famous cannabis breeder, was once a champion in a cannabis cup competition. Hence, anyone who will encounter Obsoul33t’s genetics like Alien Technology should include such plants in their garden.


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  1. Nepal Highland

Nepal Highland should be the top option for cultivators who are looking for autoflowering strains. The germination process of this cannabis strain is very easy and fast, so growers won’t have a hard time growing it. Its seeds can grow to a maximum length of 120 centimeters in just 85 days! 

Aside from that, Nepal Highland has a sweet and citrusy scent. When used, it will give you an uplifting and euphoric effect apart from the corporal and physical effects it has on the entire body. Interestingly, this cannabis plant can grow almost anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors.



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  1. Wild Thailand

Wild Thailand is a genetic Sativa strain component that offers a full physical body effect. It has an initial cerebral effect which will give you a sedative feeling before you sleep at night. This cannabis plant is a result of cross-breeding Pure Thailand and Blueberry strains.

Wild Thailand is a native strain for all growers and breeders in some Asian countries. It has an extremely strong rate in terms of germination. It seeds between 80-85 days and grows up to 120 centimeters in height. 




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  1. Colombian Gold

Originated in the southeastern side of Columbia, Colombian Gold grows faster during long dry summer and mild winter. It is one of the fastest-growing seeds, taking only around 56-63 days to fully grow. It is also known as the most versatile marijuana strain out there.

Columbian Gold can help improve your focus and uplift your mood, among other active effects. It does not induce anxiety and paranoia effects unlike that of heavy landrace cannabis. For this reason, it is a good choice for novice users or for those who just want to be productive, especially while undergoing medication.






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  1. Nothern Lights

Northern Lights is an Indica strain that is a result of cross-breeding the famous Thai and Afghani landrace strains. It can easily grow anywhere but is famous as an indoor plant. 

Northern Lights have a 21% THC content. It features an earthy flavor and produces a musky hush aroma. After using it, you can expect to have a sudden cerebral rush. However, there’s no need to panic as it will subside after a short while. Shortly thereafter, you’ll feel a lot calmer, more relaxed, and focused. This will make you want to stay in bed and enjoy the night by binge-watching Netflix.





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  1. Pakistan Chitral Kush

The Pakistan Chitral Kush is one of those fastest-growing Indica strains of just 63 days. The seeds can weigh up to 300 grams and the plant can grow up to a length of 35 inches. It contains 20% THC, hence you can expect its full bodily effect. 

This strain features a fruity aroma and smells like a sweet mango or melon at times. Since the seeds are also feminized, this cannabis plant is a lot easier to grow. It can produce berry seeds on its own and does not even need any pollinizer. 

However, once you try cross-pollination, it can lead to better production results. This cannabis plant is popular among US-based cultivators and breeders.






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  1. Malana Cream

The Malana Cream strain came from the famous Blueberry DJ and Chem dog strains. This strain is easy to cultivate because of its feminized seeds that can grow from 18 to 35 inches. Its growing time can take up to 70 days. However, it will depend on enough soil to survive. Therefore, the right amount of soil is vital for its growth.

Once you take the Malana Cream, you will feel energized with a bit of a cerebral effect. This is perfect when you got a long day to be productive. With a 10-25% THC level, this strain is used to threaten conditions such as depression, chronic stress, migraines, chronic fatigue, and headache.





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  1. Sinai

Sinai, also known as red sea marijuana, is another landrace strain that originated from the high mountains of the Bedouin tribes in Egypt. This plant grows healthily in the summer with strong heat. As an outdoor cannabis strain, it can grow like a Christmas tree or a vine reaching around 2-5 inches tall. Its harvest time is usually during late September and early October.

The effects of the Sinai strain include being blissful and euphoric. It also comes with a number of other therapeutic benefits. This is one of the most unique and beloved strains due to the medicinal effect it gives. 

Lastly, this strain is perfect as a pain reliever and for treating conditions such as lack of appetite, depression, and anxiety. 





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  1. Balkhi

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that can survive both indoor and outdoor environments, then you should consider the Balkhi. This cannabis strain is collected in northern Afghanistan. It features harsh and narrow leaves that can grow from 3-10 feet tall. Meanwhile, it can produce 5 to 12 seeds and usually blossoms in October.

Balkhi, once taken, will give you a relaxing effect, making it best to take during the night when you’ve had a long day and need a long rest. This strain is famous among patients who just underwent a medical operation or chemotherapy session as it can reduce pain and nausea and increase appetite at the same time.






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  1. Maui Wowie 

Are you busy at work and can’t have a day off to travel toward your dream destination? If so, then Mauwi will help you mentally teleport to a tropical paradise because of its fruity and exotic aroma. This landrace Sativa strain came from Hawaii and was first discovered by the natives. It was cultivated in the early 1960s, and as of today, the strain is cultivated by a lot of growers.

Anyone who wishes to experience a sudden mood boost, happiness, and euphoria should get this strain. Moreover, the Maui Wawi is said to be legendary because it did not leave Hawaii since it was discovered. It only grows in a similar environment and will not thrive in places that have a colder climate.



  1. Syrian

While the Maui Wawi strain won’t thrive in a colder environment, Syrian, on the other hand, will flourish in both hot and cold climates. This particular strain shares similarities with Lebanese landrace strains that came from the Beka Valley, also located in Syria. This strain normally flowers around September and October, and it can stay between 3 and 5 feet tall, making it easier to cultivate both indoors and outdoors.

Apart from that, the plant can also grow perfectly during the dry season. Therefore, breeders who desire to cultivate this plant should take advantage of the summer season. This plant features harsh buds and produces shiny crystals that offer both a relaxing and inspiring high. 






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  1. Manipuri

Manipuri is a strong landrace strain that has a long flowering time which is usually around mid-December to mid-January. It is first cultivated in Manipur located in the Eastern portion of India. This plant originated from the Meitei people in India as part of their long tradition. 

For those who want to cure their diabetes, they will surely benefit a lot by taking Manipuri. Such a plant is usually imported as a medicinal treatment for such conditions. This strain is also good for those who desire to have a balanced diet. 

Moreover, because of its low side effects, this is also recommended by a number of physicians to their patients.




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  1. Swazi Gold

Swazi Gold, also commonly known as Nguni, is a dominant landrace strain that is also one of the most in-demand strains in the market. This strain hailed all the way from the mountainous places of Africa. 

It produces a mango-like aroma with a THC level as high as 18 to 27%. Due to its high THC level, it is often used as a treatment for various conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other deficit disorders.

Luckily, Swazi Gold is not hard to cultivate. It can thrive easily anywhere and can withstand even the harshest conditions as it came from a mountainous environment. It will grow calmly and with resilience, but breeders or cultivators should wait a little bit longer until the plant finishes its flowering time. Usually, the flowering time will take somewhere between 55 and 85 days.

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  1. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is famous for its native name “elephant stomper”. It originated from the Kilimanjaro mountain and is cultivated as part of religious traditions and ceremonies. This cannabis strain is heavily coated and comes with resinous thorns. It also grows very tall but slender, allowing it to occupy only a tiny space when planted indoors.

Kilimanjaro has a THC content of 18%. Anyone who wants to try this strain will have a sudden euphoric and energized effect. For this reason, this strain is not recommended for use during night time as it will make you stay up all night due to its adrenaline-boosting effects.



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The Bottom Line

Cultivating landrace strains is vital for obtaining a better understanding of these plants. It is quite easy to be amused by their name and popularity, but you should also consider the hardship in growing each of them. 

Moreover, most landrace cannabis strains are considered endangered nowadays because of the lack of breeders and cultivators. As such, these endangered plants can be expensive at times. However, by simply continuing their cultivation, you can prevent their original heirloom genetics from disappearing due to climate change, hybridization, over-selection, and a few other factors.

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