The High Club Wholesale Cannabis Dispensary Review

Have you been looking for somewhere to source all of your wholesale cannabis from? Well, if so, then The High Club Wholesale Cannabis Dispensary could be the ideal choice for you. Today, we’ll be looking at who The High Club is and its product range to ensure that customers are getting the best from their cannabis purchasing needs.

Company History

The High Club is a Canadian-based cannabis dispensary that specializes in providing premium-quality cannabis products to Canadian customers. It was founded by a group of friends with a shared passion for cannabis products, and they are firm believers that everyone should be able to access premium, affordable medicinal cannabis products. To this end, they strive to provide the best value for money across all of their cannabis products, without compromising on the quality of their stock.

Product Quality and Selection

When it comes to product quality, The High Club cannabis dispensary doesn’t compromise. Indeed, all suppliers for The High Club are fully licensed by Health Canada. What’s more, as part of the team’s ongoing attempts to ensure that only the finest quality cannabis products are sold through their online store, they inspect every grower’s operation to make sure that their customers are getting only the very best in terms of Canadian cannabis products. All products are grown without PGRs or pesticides with strict nutrition and grow medium requirements. 

In addition to this, for The High Club cannabis dispensary, the best growing practices alone aren’t enough. As such, they ensure that every grower is using the best genetics with painstaking phenotype filtering efforts to provide cannabis that’s truly of the highest caliber, without compromise. This is something that’s easily seen in the quality of the final products; indeed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a genuinely negative review about the quality of The High Club cannabis dispensary’s range of cannabis products.

In short, few teams are more passionate or stringent when it comes to product quality than The High Club cannabis dispensary. Their unwavering dedication to providing the best products possible is in line with the brand’s goal to make top-quality cannabis products 


A good website can make or break a shopping experience; indeed, you don’t want to shop with a website that’s hard to navigate, time-consuming, and poorly designed. Fortunately, The High Club’s website is well-designed and reliable. While it’s not quite as easy to navigate with the menu function as some other online cannabis dispensaries, The High Club website is still a breeze to use, and finding the information you need is easy. 

The most notable drawback of The High Club cannabis dispensary’s website is actually their URL or website address. Indeed, there are numerous companies operating under the domain name of “The High Club”, and in this particular instance, we’re discussing However, some of the company’s competitor brands (for example, suffer incredibly low reviews and poor customer service. 

As such, before placing an order, it’s crucial you check that you have indeed got the right website. You want the website with the domain name, the high club, and the subdomain name .biz. This is imperative, or you could end up getting a far less favorable cannabis buying experience than you expected!

As a further concern regarding the design of the website, it’s notable that The High Club cannabis dispensary’s website does not appear to have a functional FAQs page at present, meaning that customers may need to get in touch with the customer support team if they have any queries as opposed to resolving these alone. What’s more, although the team has got a blog, this is only occasionally updated and the last few years have seen just a handful of posts.

Customer Service

All support from the customer service team is prompt and friendly, making it easy for customers to get the support they need for their cannabis order. The customer support team can be contacted by email and the team strives to reply to all inquiries within a period of 12 hours where possible, although outside of business hours there may be a slightly longer delay. Nonetheless, the team is passionate about helping their customers find the ideal solutions as quickly as possible.

Shipping Policies

Orders placed through The High Club cannabis dispensary are shipped by Canada Post and typically arrive rapidly within a matter of days, provided that the order is placed before 9AM EST.

All orders are shipped discreetly, and the envelopes used do not have any noticeable smell. All products are individually packaged and sealed for freshness. The only drawback is that the products are not shipped in boxes and this doesn’t provide any protection for the contents of the package; as such, some people have experienced their orders arriving in a slightly flattened state, although not to the level that this would damage the actual experience. 

Promotions and Discounts

The High Club cannabis dispensary offers a selection of different promotions and discounts which are worth mentioning as part of this review. Because the team specializes in supplying wholesale cannabis, their small-order prices can be a little higher than some other cannabis dispensaries. With that being said, they do offer a generous selection of promotions and discounts, with a whole section dedicated to the products that are currently on sale. 

New Customer Special Offer

To begin with, The High Club offers an immediate discount for new customers with the code WELCOME15, which can be used to get a 15% discount for all orders over $50, although this cannot be redeemed for certain products and with mix-and-match discounts.

Sales Page

The High Club offers a sales page where they list their currently discounted products. The only concern we would have with the promotions and sales for The High Club is that they don’t directly mention the percentage reduction, which can make discounts seem deceptively generous. As standard, discounts typically seem to fall between 5 and 15% from the listed price, which may be a little low; however, larger discounts are available on bulk orders. 

With that being said, while some products are out of stock from the sales set, the majority of products remain in stock. This gives customers plenty of opportunities to save money on the next order.

Rewards Program

The High Club cannabis dispensary also offers gift cards and a rewards program for customers, with three different ways to earn points. 1 point is provided for every dollar spent, and 50 points are equivalent to $1 off your next order. Meanwhile, the team also provides a 250 points bonus for customers who leave a product review. The only notable point here is that the rewards point system is not applicable alongside sales products.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally high-quality product selection derived from the best genetics and strains globally, and all products are meticulously scrutinized before sale
  • Product quality is ensured by working closely with growers and producers so that all cannabis is grown to the team’s exceptionally high standards without compromise
  • Wide variety of different cannabis products including CBD, concentrates, edibles, flowers, and more
  • Wide selection of products available on sale, and these are mostly in stock
  • Rewards system in place for loyal customers, offering one point per dollar spent (among other earning opportunities such as leaving a review)
  • More generous discounts provided for larger bulk cannabis orders
  • Gift cards are available


  • Some competitor brands with a far lower reputation have a similar website address, and customers can get confused when trying to order – the legitimate website is, but competitors such as are easy to mistake for this dispensary but do not offer the same standard of service
  • Sales products are somewhat limited in their generosity and often appear more generous than they actually are since no percentage discount is given
  • No live chat solution is available for the website, meaning customers’ only option is to get in touch by email
  • Points are not offered with sales products

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a top-quality cannabis dispensary that places a lot of emphasis on ensuring the quality of its products is second to none, then The High Club cannabis dispensary could be the ideal choice for you. The team settles for nothing but the best and is highly praised for its excellent customer service and product quality. 

However, make sure you’re following the right website – – as some rival companies with a lesser reputation and poor-quality products have a similar domain name and can be easy to mistake for the real deal.

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