Haute Health Review 2023 : Should You Trust This Brand?

When it comes to top-quality cannabis products, it’s crucial that you choose the right team. Fortunately, there are numerous cannabis dispensaries online that can provide high-quality cannabis products. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Haute Health brand to decide whether this could be a good option for you to consider for your next online cannabis purchase. So, without further ado – who is the Haute Health cannabis dispensary, and are they a legitimate and reliable cannabis dispensary online for you to consider?

Company History 

So, how did the Haute Health (Official Website New) cannabis dispensary actually come to be? Haute Health was founded by a team of experienced and professional cannabis enthusiasts, with the talent behind the brand including budtenders, expert growers, cannabis retailers, and creative experts.

Notably, Haute Health is more than just an online cannabis dispensary. In fact, Haute Health actually has physical stores and dispensaries, too. The team’s main aim is to provide top-quality cannabis products for their customers at some of the most affordable prices online, and this is something that the team excels in. As such, it’s absolutely worth considering Haute Health if you’re looking for great cannabis products that won’t break the bank.

Product Quality and Selection

So, what’s the quality of products like at Haute Health? Well, Haute Health offers a wide selection of different cannabis products, and this makes them one of the most popular online cannabis dispensaries around.

Their product range includes a wide variety of different options, including cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and CBD products, as well as a selection of mushrooms. They offer a wide variety of different product types of cannabis flowers, all selected based on their affordability and quality.

In terms of reviews, the quality of the cannabis buds and products sold through Haute Health is highly praised, and the strains often receive praise for their quality selection. As such, it’s fair to say that the Haute Health cannabis dispensary offers one of the largest varieties of cannabis products on the market, anywhere – making it an excellent destination for all of your cannabis needs, no matter what you’re looking for.


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For cannabis dispensaries with a massive selection of products, ensuring that website design is on point is crucial. Fortunately, website design is something that Haute Health absolutely excels in. Not only is the color scheme easy on the eye, making it pleasant to use the website, but the over UI and UX for users is relaxing, simple, and well planned.

The Haute Health website is professionally designed and easy to use; what’s more, the menu makes navigation across the website incredibly easy and simple. The product range is split across different categories, making it effortless for customers to find the right type of cannabis product for their needs. The basic categories are cannabis edibles, flowers, vapes, CBD, concentrates, pet CBD, THC products, and mushrooms. They also have sections dedicated to their newly released products and their wholesale cannabis opportunities.

Then, each of these sections (excluding new products and THC) is broken down into further subcategories. For example, for cannabis concentrates (for which the team stock 140 products) subcategories include bath bonds, caviar cannabis, distillate, hash, live resins, oils, topicals, waxes, tinctures, power, and more.

Finding out more about the company, its motivations, and its history is also easy through the well-detailed “about” section, and Haute Health also has a section dedicated to cannabis education and learning. Their blog is updated multiple times a week, giving plenty of content for avid cannabis fans to learn more and improve their own cannabis use and understanding. As such, if you ever need to know anything about using your most recent cannabis products, you’re sure to find the answers you need with the Haute Health website. 

Customer Service

When choosing an online cannabis dispensary, you should always look for a team that has excellent customer service. Indeed, in case something should go wrong with your order, you want to be sure that your chosen cannabis dispensary will have the staff on hand to help you find a resolution. Fortunately, this is something that the Haute Health online cannabis dispensary succeeds at for sure. 

Customers commonly report that, in instances where they have needed to get customer support from the Haute Health brand, the team has been friendly and supportive with their queries. Fast turnaround times for support, even during the pandemic, are often noted by customers. Of course, if something should go wrong with your cannabis order, it’s no surprise that finding a quick resolution is something that many people hope to see – so, the great customer service offered by Haute Health is definitely worth merit.

What’s more, it’s worth noting in many instances that the Haute Health online cannabis dispensary provides ample opportunities for customers to find solutions to their problems aside from just customer service. Indeed, the website offers a thorough and detailed blog that’s updated on a very regular basis as well as an in-depth FAQ section. As such, between these two resources, there’s a whole host of information that often makes it easy to find the answers you need without having to directly approach customer support. 

After all, isn’t the best measure of a company’s customer support whether you actually need to contact them? 

In summary, the Haute Health online cannabis dispensary has an excellent customer support team for its customers, should they need it. With that being said, many customers will find the answers to their questions from either the brand’s blog or FAQ section, giving immediate answers without having to wait for a reply.

The only drawback for customer support is that the team does not have a readily available contact phone number. With that being said, responses to their live chat or contact us form are rapid and helpful, so this is largely negated. Furthermore, they have numerous physical stores around Canada, so customers who prefer talking to an advisor or budtender can always pay a visit in person to find the information and help that they need.

Payment Methods

One of the main drawbacks of the Haute Health online cannabis dispensary, in comparison to many other cannabis dispensaries, is that they only accept payment by Interac e-transfer; indeed, most cannabis dispensaries will provide a selection of payment method options, but this sadly isn’t available for Haute Health. The team recommends that customers complete their Interac e-Transfer using online banking, in which case, the transaction should complete within a number of minutes. However, for customers who use the Tangerine banking app, it can take a number of days for the payment to clear through processing.

Shipping Policies

Following the completion of payment, the team at Haute Health endeavors to ship out orders the next business day for others placed by 12 pm PST. However, the company requests that their customers allow a little longer during particularly busy periods for orders to be shipped, such as during one of the company’s regular sales events or special events. In these cases, the additional shipping time is only one working day – an incredibly fast turnaround time compared to some cannabis dispensaries, further going in Haute Health’s favor.

Shipping Times

In addition, the Haute Health online cannabis dispensary is well-known and regarded for its generous and rapid shipping times, and customers can enjoy free expedited shipping on all orders, meanwhile, for orders over $200 in value, the team offers free XpressPost shipping – which delivers in as little as 3 days! Meanwhile, for customers who want their delivery guaranteed within a few working days, there is an option to upgrade to Canada Post Priority Shipping which will deliver in between 2 and 3 days, guaranteed; the prices for this vary from province to province between $20 and $50.

All orders are shipped from the team’s main Vancouver base, and the company is proud to offer a guarantee on the delivery of products. The only exception for their guarantee is for customers in Nunavut or Northern Quebec, or in instances where delivery information was input incorrectly. All orders must be signed upon receipt with photographic proof of identification showing your age; this is owed to the nature of the cannabis industry and the Canadian regulations surrounding the sale of cannabis products online. 


As an online cannabis dispensary, Haute Health takes its customers’ privacy seriously. As such, to this end, it ensures that all products are shipped with plain and discreet packaging with nondescript boxes. This ensures that customers can enjoy maximum security for their parcels and privacy. In addition to this, all products are vacuum packed before shipping to ensure their freshness is retained during the shipping process. 

Promotions and Discounts

Haute Health already offers exceptionally good value on all of its cannabis products, making them a popular destination for cannabis customers looking for excellent quality weed without having to pay extortionate prices. Indeed, the brand sells cannabis flowers for as low as $2 per gram – that’s incredibly good value for quality cannabis! Even their premium flowers still offer brilliant value, with the band splitting up its website based on the price of products, making it easy for customers to find a bargain if they so wish. Meanwhile, the free shipping offer for every order is certainly something that’s worth considering!


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Smokin’ Daily Deals

Offering great value cannabis alone wasn’t enough for Haute Health, though; to this end, the brand is also incredibly generous with its promotions and discounts, with a whole section on the website dedicated to deals of the day – their “smokin’ daily deals”. These deals can be incredibly generous in terms of their value, too, potentially offering as much as 70% off the listed price. What’s more, the Smokin’ daily deals are available on all product types, not just on cannabis flowers, so there could be a discount for every cannabis enthusiast to be found!

The only drawback with the daily deals section is that these products can – and do – run out of stock pretty quickly, owing to the generous discounts applied by the company. As such, it’s crucial for cannabis customers to get their orders completed as soon as possible to secure some of these amazing discounts!

As such, for weed enthusiasts looking for an incredible promotion on their cannabis purchase, Haute Health could be the ideal destination!

Rewards System

Secondly, Haute Health runs a rewards system for its loyal customers, providing customers with points for numerous activities including making purchases and referring new cannabis customers. In fact, they offer a generous 20 points – valued at $20 – just for new customers signing up, making the Haute Health Rewards system a worthwhile consideration.

Wholesale Cannabis

As well as offering generous price discounts for customers with their daily deals section, Haute Health also offers wholesale cannabis supply. This provides even larger discounts on cannabis products, with the price for wholesale supply starting from around $200 per order depending on the product type and quantities required.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent value-for-money on cannabis products
  • Massive product range
  • Easy to use the menu, allowing customers to find the ideal products rapidly and effortlessly
  • A well-designed website that makes navigation easy
  • Generous promotions as part of the “smokin’ daily deals” of up to 70% off
  • All orders are shipped in completely discreet packaging for buyer confidence
  • Orders are guaranteed to move Canadian provinces
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regularly updated blog
  • Free shipping is available for every order, and free express shipping for orders $200+


  • Products in the smokin’ daily deals regularly run out of stock early due to the generous discounts, so customers need to place an order quickly to be confident of getting a good bargain.
  • Only accept Interac e-transfer for payments; there aren’t other payment methods for users who would prefer to pay by another method, such as cryptocurrency
  • Orders to Nunavut or Northern Quebec are not guaranteed.

Final Thoughts 

The Haute Health cannabis dispensary is hugely popular for its massive supply of top-quality cannabis products at excellent value prices. Moreover, its excellent website design, customer support, and promotions strategy mean that customers can be sure of top-class service with the team. As such, it could be the ideal choice of cannabis dispensary for Canadian customers looking for somewhere to make their next purchase of cannabis products.

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  1. I shop with these guys on the regular. Free express shipping and two chosen gifts at $150, down from $200. This also gets you VIP status which means 7.50 wax and shatter grams. Today they had grams of shake for $.70. That’s seventy cents, just to clarify. 1.50 grams of flower on the regular, and I’ve haven’t seen a site wide discount lower than 38%. These guys are the spot.


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