How to Grow Weed in a Closet

When we think about growing cannabis, we often think about a tent or a carefully controlled cannabis growing room – however, would you have considered that growing cannabis in a closet is also a good possibility? Indeed, many professional cannabis growers wouldn’t even consider this method, let alone recommend it – however, if you want to grow your own weed but don’t have a setup to do so, growing cannabis in a closet could be just the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Now, before you get started with growing cannabis in a closet, it’s important that you consider our top tips to have the best success. However, growing weed in a closet is not only simple, but it can also be an efficient and effective way of growing your own weed! As such, we’ve made this short guide to help you learn how to grow your own weed in your closet and the pros and cons associated with doing so.

Is Growing Cannabis in a Closet Even Possible?

We all know that cannabis needs highly specific, controlled environmental conditions to grow and thrive – heck, even if you have never grown cannabis before or looked into it, you probably know something about cannabis growing from all the news features about the topic. However, if you don’t want to set up a whole growing room or tent for your cannabis then growing it in a closet is not only possible but also an effective growing method!

Now, it’s important to consider here that most states which allow cannabis cultivation only do so on a personal scale – that means that you should only be growing a few cannabis plants for your own use. As such, with only a small space requirement, a closet could be the ideal makeshift grow room!

Before we get started, we will point out that growing cannabis is something of an art form. Indeed, you might not get the best results right away on your first go, especially if you are using your closet as cannabis grow room; however, with practice and plenty of TLC for your cannabis seedlings,

So, is growing cannabis in a closet possible? Yes! Is it a good solution? Well, if you do things right, yes, it can be a great solution if you don’t have another location for growing your cannabis plants.

How to Make a Closet into a Cannabis Growing Unit?

If you want to make your closet into a cannabis growing unit then it’s vital that you remember a few key things – the most notable of these being that, let’s be real, a closet isn’t the ideal solution for growing cannabis. Therefore, if you’re planning on growing weed in your closet, you may need to think a little outside of the box to get the cannabis growing well.

So, when it comes to making your closet into cannabis grow room – what do you need to do? Well, there are a few different things that you’ll need in order to create a grow room from a closet, and we’ve outlined these considerations as follows.

Features Your Grow Closet Will Need

Not just any closet will be suitable for growing weed. Indeed, your closet will need to have a few different features if it is to be a suitable weed growing unit! These features include plenty of space in order keep the plants themselves (as well as enough height); effective airflow solutions (cannabis can’t be grown without enough airflow to keep the plants healthy!); hangers or fixtures from which a grow light can be positioned; and enough space for you to be able to access and tend to the plants, as well.

If your closet doesn’t have all of these features (or can’t be modified to have all of these features) then it might be best for you to give up on growing cannabis plants in the closet – in short, it probably won’t work! However, if your closet is complete with these features then you might be able to make it work as makeshift cannabis grow room.

Things You’ll Need to Transform Your Old Closet!

So, you think that your closet has the right features to make a grow room from it – but now, you’ll need to think about the equipment that you need to transform it. Indeed, you can’t just hope to stick some cannabis seeds in some soil at the bottom of your closet and wait for them to grow; cannabis needs highly specific conditions in order to thrive and provide you with a good yield, so you’ll need to take some time to make sure your closet is transformed correctly.

So, what will you need to grow cannabis in your old closet? Well, first of all, you’ll need hangers or fixtures for grow lights to be hung from; these might already be installed in the closet, or otherwise, you can modify the closet to add these in.

Next, you’ll obviously need containers for the plants themselves, ideally, these should be elevated containers for the best results. There are many different containers in which you could grow your cannabis seeds. As well as this, you’ll need a medium to grow the cannabis seeds in such as soil, Rockwool, or coco – these are all good options for growing cannabis seeds.

You’ll also need to invest in a carbon filter for the grow room.

In addition to these necessities, you might also want to invest in other parts to make your closet into a grow room such as canes for spacing out branches, a pH test kit, a thermometer which can measure the temperature and humidity of your closet grow room, and white paint.

Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own Closet Grow Room

So, you’ve got the items that you need to transform your closet and you’re now ready to convert the closet into cannabis grow room. But how do you go about this? Below are the steps you should be following to make your very own makeshift cannabis growing closet.

  1. Clean out the closet. This is important, because invariably unless your closet is brand new then it will have some debris and junk around it, even if you have already removed all of the clothes and the like from the closet. If you need to, give the closet a deep clean and make sure that it is fully cleaned out before you start converting it.
  2. Next, you’ll need to make the walls of the closet white, which is important for making sure that the light inside the closet is reflected within and maintained in the system, in turn helping to ensure that the plants grow effectively.
  3. Arrange your lighting systems from the hanging fixtures, making sure that the light will be able to reach all areas in your grow closet.
  4. Setup your growing containers, ideally in an elevated position so that you don’t have to bend down to tend to the seedlings once they begin growing. Fill the grow containers with your chosen medium prior to commencing with growing the cannabis seeds.

Now, this is a very simple explanation for how to grow your cannabis seeds in your closet, so you might be wondering at this point about the more specific aspects of growing cannabis seeds. We’ll try to cover some of these points in more detail now to help you learn how to grow your cannabis seeds; otherwise, refer to some of our other articles specifically designed for growing cannabis seeds, as these will give you the knowledge that you need to grow your seeds successfully.

Choosing the Right Grow Lights

It’s one of the most basic things that we are taught as kids when we attend our first science classes: plants need light to grow. And your cannabis plants, unsurprisingly, are no exception to this rule. Cannabis plants obtain their energy from light through a series of complex chemical pathways and reactions, however, you don’t need to understand this; all you need to know is that, for the plants to germinate and grow successfully, a source of consistent and reliable light is needed to replicate sunlight.

Grow lights are one of the most important investments that you will make for your cannabis growing operation. Good quality lights are integral as they will provide you with the coverage needed for your plants to grow effectively, efficiently and healthily; in turn, this will provide you with a good yield from your plants.

LED grow light indoor
LED grow light indoor

The best grow lights are ones that balance affordability, energy efficiency, and coverage. Often, LED lights are the most recommended grow lights for cannabis plants as they are highly efficient and are thus cheap to run, while also giving out only a very limited amount of waste heat energy; this helps to keep the temperature of your growing room consistent. LEDs are also easy to use and install.

Growing Mediums

There are a huge number of different growing mediums that you could choose for your cannabis plants, and getting this decision right is important for making sure that your seeds grow into healthy and productive cannabis plants. A common option for many small-scale growers is to invest in a simple hydroponics system that is not only easy to maintain but is also simple to clean. Alternatively, if you would prefer growing your seeds in the soil, choosing a good organic soil is a good way to make sure that nutrients are released slowly and made available for your plants when they need it.

Growing in closet
Growing weed in closet

Choosing the Right Strains of Plant

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different seed strains which you could choose between, and as a result of this, it is important that you choose a strain which is suitable for your needs. There are many different things that you should consider, therefore. Some of the things to think about when choosing a strain include:

  • Type of plant – some strains of cannabis seeds are best suited for recreational purposes (high THC content), and others are better for medicinal purposes (low THC content). Moreover, some strains balance both of these. You should thus choose a strain that provides you with the benefits that you require from your strain.
  • Height of plant – when growing cannabis plants in a closet, space is absolutely in limited supply, which is why you should consider the final height of the plant when picking a strain to make sure that it will fit! As well as this, make sure you consider the distance between the mature plants and your grow lights; you wouldn’t want the plants getting singed by the grow lights because they’ve grown too close! Oftentimes, an Indica strain of plant (or an Indica X Sativa strain) can be better for this goal as they tend to grow wider, flatter plants than Sativa only strains, which are generally taller and lankier.
  • Flowering time – different strains will take different amounts of time to flower, so this should be considered carefully if you want to get a harvest sooner. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess about with lighting and the like, auto-flowering strains are easier to manage.
  • Feminized? – feminized strains are incredibly popular thanks to the fact that (almost) all of the seeds will be female, meaning that you will get more plants that are capable of flowering. After all, male seeds won’t’ flower and so it would be a waste of time to grow them if you are hoping for a harvest. And, with such limited amounts of space in a closet, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re making the most of every inch of space you have.

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Thinking About Ventilation

Getting the ventilation for your plants right is essential. If you can, opening the door to the closet could be a means for getting airflow, however, this is far from an ideal solution. Ideally, you should invest in a small oscillating fan to promote airflow at least, although a desk fan might also be suitable if you have a small closet for growing your plants.

Ventilation doesn’t need to be complex, but it’s important for maintaining airflow over the leaves of the plant as well as for maintaining a suitable growing temperature within the closet.

Maintenance for your Plants

Growing cannabis in a closet can be awkward, potentially, so we recommend that you have a method in place for tending to and maintaining the plants. If you can, having the plants elevated may be suitable for helping to make it easier to look after them; ideally, you should be able to easily access and check each individual plant daily too.

Final Thoughts

Growing weed in a closet might not be an obvious choice, but if you are thinking about taking advantage of the new laws which allow (in certain states!) you to grow a small number of cannabis plants for personal use then a closet could be a good, makeshift growing room option. However, it is essential that you make the right preparations before getting your cannabis plants and setup your grow room properly so that you are able to easily access each plant.

So, what’s the final verdict? Well, it might not be mainstream, but your closet could be the ideal DIY cannabis grow room once you’ve made a few tweaks! Best of all, you can grow as many plants in your DIY grow room as you can fit in there, so long as you choose a strain which won’t grow too tall!